ИМПЕРИЯ ПАЗЛОВ: ВОЙНА 8 МАРТА | Empires and Puzzles Как побеждать на войне?

I haven’t said such a thing on the channel yet
all the time I want to hear Sylvanas call what kind of team are you until the end of the war?
2 hours with an avalanche the leader called says decisive in my slippers here
I wonder how much we have 6 oh blin while I have 630 left this
interesting let’s see who you are to us probably better to drink here
to finish now we learn the leader how better so ilyusha allowed to take any on
I think it’s better to act wisely and take the weak to finish a couple for example
this can be crushed but now let’s go, it’s our center 1 2 3 So another one up to someone strong take from them
basically here let’s go violent let’s say violet
tel but without alberich i want lion on the great let’s go purple on
great so 4 i’m in a hurry it’s bad 8 March, all the girls ran in
congratulate the stones to us but
how beautiful with raise so we said goodbye to vika
a rock all the time I want to hear Sylvanas call
enter and finish off since she already spent and finish it try at least yes all this
Mandu slow down cripple makes no sense under these sometimes they stone so an hour after the arrows we probably
heal oh oh oh just don’t lie garda oh what a brigade Well, in any case, we should not lose there will also be quite a disgrace
me but here the score is good but it was easy in
principle against yellow center purple otherwise not
should have been like this next let’s who do we have slower choose someone now
let’s say blue teams against whom we go basically all the same
strong enough and slow not here I do not lead from the edge so that someone is slow
stood for excitement, for example, and if green teams against whom can eagles be here but ariel she at least nothing to us
does no damage the blue team I have dispatchers
splitting damage let’s go here blue team magnesium don’t let the magnes protect Cyril dormouse from the army or not better to
magnesium defended the army and Sanka died won’t die how to grow on Jeanne you can see in
I really hope he does not decide the outcome of this battle The 6th century is being treated, but we haven’t managed it yet
under wound well it’s time to recruit already manu will achieve the vi century or not will achieve so a good target chosen by chiron
have time to heal let’s now Jeanne try to finish off under the minus about it take out what
71 he has left the finished volume now while I’m not afraid of anything but there will already be a shock for sure we are in time
heal with the help and hera we’ll remove all the protection of these comrades
kyrion from was first and is our new, I think we’ll finish the magnesium and
now already quietly uncover the fion coverage and still did not want to die very
interesting no you have no chance see the second
once reborn issues like this can be very decisive in battle
reborn magnesium especially charged magnesium so 2 pics 4 slipper left so
red slipper on whom would we go red-green next to no blue and
used green sneaker up green vs carel
can I have green enough a slow pane will suck all the mana
can be against great but great here in suit, which means that we have it there
cuts armor as far as I remember the green ones I can’t take off this buff
she doesn’t do domino protection well for whom we would not decide
let’s go to different sneaker on this comrade celsius
red we fast so maybe recharge faster than timber like this like that and I haven’t, but I have this command
tenacious enough to wait for another matter how much you have to wait let it probably cut us off later
I will charge so now
start charging slowly it may be a pebble will drop here and it will drop
let’s try to finish it off so now we have a free center we can
we can look for pebbles damn it now we have ultanet richard quietly die select mkiv about
richard thank you we just all live on some
grains of ah now we knock someone out varieties on the stone do not look anywhere fang and
I do not want to charge ah-ah-ah-ah you survived the fang
charge anyone’s opinion and I’m treated, of course, but a little bit
pop out so fang can’t manage Richard while we live on helly winters kef and just
stupidly now you can catch the stone on the right if you’re lucky, either make it like this
way to finish allen won’t survive yes well let’s run
already to college us too reborn maybe something he did not reborn so it was
would be nice all three slippers let’s go here by whom we can still yellow to yellow and here
we have about you here is frail and justice is slowly charging
let’s go yellow in the hope that quickly grow clim it is here all fast and except leonidas good alignment only as if it were so
lucky cat fold let’s put in cyril jackal finish kirill tell me finish well justice managed to charge us
didn’t secure themselves from her now we will miss hard
but here everything is decided by speed and random Of course, on misses, that’s the wrong goal
let’s try scarlett kill under nobody missed joom joom
missed well now let me come finished off well so now i think maybe
be two years still left let’s tolerate try to tolerate a little bit I do not want
miss Leonid himself and now urgently need to parade and decide the charge
justice or charge yourself let’s charge ourselves
try to do something else fairness
interesting john and u would finish it would not bad excellent
so if we cut a little mana and about you and I want to finish off with stones and I have it
will turn out apparently so now you have to kill or she jackal alive
does that mean we can cut them armor against the yellow juna and not reached
it was difficult for everyone, but it was difficult done
Well, now I think that we will finish or or let’s go anyway
green team for the whole or to finish off here to go
green, in theory I can still dial the purple command and if I
type purple for example against whom I I can eat purple she is not so frail let’s
purple here let’s go once she’s pretty take her such a not very strong goal
which can be fast enough to tear down yes so on mitsui also basically
here is a good set with a stone everything is bad but justice
must die I haven’t said such a thing on the channel yet
Now he must quickly roll us up otherwise, otherwise oh oh sorry
reading apparently finally relaxed and became herself Yes, I was even confused as he is now
charge us he but we have a chance to kill domitia even
if they and yu yu yu and how hard he hit just
very much we can’t finish him off, I’m afraid at all
all very sad comrades all very sadly have a green team go here not
I wanted but it will be reasonable yes I gave Cyril
heal but a little he and from healed so well let’s see who give more
to probably pick up these glasses will be 37 here 35 here too 35 and here there is even less where 37 well
so we can’t lose just maybe chorus of a goal take for fun let’s
take Kharkal well, at least somehow diversify this misunderstanding bodies are glad the misunderstanding is true so
where will i stop over chorus goals mock and the team is green
and here we have it piccadilly in what went here tell me who first
beat ova 1 let’s dillian try so now you look for pebbles
and I and everything explodes around straight well the pebbles beneath it became steel and all
finished learning and they are crit or probably after grisha I didn’t think that they
they’ll finish, in general, everyone won and won that 0 slippers with us and them
twenty one slippers 21 we are so pretty standing there is still
whom to finish is interesting what’s the matter I will end something in this war did not penetrate
Well, I’m at least in tenth place you can beat and finish small ones all the time
it will be necessary to think about it all right let’s
until the end of the war so our war ended
we defeated us practically 400 points even bigger here is the chest of war
almost filled a little bit left so look they pokotsali us at the end
you cannot say pretty well that they are straight sneakers poured normally so repulsed but
chances they no longer had a cookie Alexei our leader in the first place
congratulations Lesha I stayed on twelfth but this time I’m happy
its result in general, these are the things we all see

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