Нефтяная сделка ОПЕК+ дала серьёзную пробоину

OPEC+ oil deal involving
oil restriction to restore prices
after three years of existence gave a serious hole. OPEC + Alliance was called up
restore prices so necessary for oil addicts
countries but eventually allowed Non-participating US
significantly increase prey and, having jumped over the leaders,
– Russia and Saudi Arabia – go to first place. Apparently, Russia decided
that I’m no longer ready to concede his sworn rival
– at least in the oil market. And even a serious fall
oil prices due to epidemic coronavirus did not deter
Russia in an agreement that already started to seem like something
routine: argue, quarrel, but still agree. The position finally won
the largest Russian a company that has long ceased
hide your negative attitude to the deal. Friendship between Russia and Saudi
Arabia, which originally had the closest ties
with USA, major importer oil began to tie
with a common misfortune. The states surprised the whole world
learning how to get oil from shale rocks, and ceased
depend on supplying countries oil, in particular, from Saudi
Arabia As a result of oil prices
collapsed from levels above $ 100 to $ 27 per barrel. Countries sitting “on the oil
needle “, among which you can include Russia, scored
alarm and decided to unite under one umbrella, creating
corrective coalition oil production volumes. In December 2016, it was solemnly
Declaration of cooperation, according to which
OPEC and several countries non-cartel (including
Russia), since January 2017 agreed to reduce oil production. The official goal was
remove surplus commercial oil reserves but ultimately
the result – increase prices her. Saudi Arabia high
oil prices, except layout budget needed for
successful placement of shares state-owned companies Saudi Aramco, and Russia
tried to develop cooperation with the countries of the Middle East. And I was ready for a new
partnerships for certain victims, about which practically
spoke plain text President Vladimir Putin
when correlated position Saudi Arabia and Prospects
IPO Saudi Aramco. For three years this deal
worked gradually reducing surplus stocks. But in parallel, the US also
enjoyed high priced: mining mechanism
shale oil suggests continuous well drilling
which requires stable the flow of money. Moreover, the president of the USA
Donald Trump sometimes let give yourself OPEC + countries
recommendations for further posting actions
on twitter. He once called upon countries
OPEC + increase oil production, going to limit her
in Iran by introducing sanctions – American
the president doesn’t need too much high oil prices because
that the US is its largest consumer, and appreciation
raw materials leads to growth domestic gas prices. OPEC + Coalition reimbursed
withdrawal of Iranian oil from the market, “opening the tap” for three
months, and trump suddenly issued temporary exemptions
from sanctions to some consumer countries Iranian oil. Therefore, after three months
OPEC + again had to reduce prey. In February, the US imposed sanctions
against subsidiary Rosneft – Rosneft Trading for
trade with Venezuela. President of the largest Russian
oil company Igor Sechin has always been an adversary
OPEC + agreements (and long time is almost the only
in a public field), relentlessly repeating that Russia by limiting
its oil production, inferior market share to other countries. Russia back in December last
years without much hunting agreed decision to deepen cuts
mining for the first quarter 2020 year. Then Vladimir Putin with
understanding treated partners from saudi arabia embarking on
to the placement of shares oil “pearls” – Saudi
Aramco. “They have their current
interests and we should relate – and we do so – to this
with respect, “said the Russian the president. Russia took part
in new abbreviations, though not fully performed
their obligations, and Saudi Arabia took over
also voluntary reductions 400 thousand barrels per day
(b / s). Already in less than a month
Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said the deal
OPEC + “not eternal”, and “once you have to get out of it. ” The statement seems to be neither
which is not binding, so as in the world it doesn’t last forever at all
nothing but careful the rhetoric of the Russian minister
then clearly a certain turn. Distribution situation
coronavirus in January-February caused quite substantial
drop in oil demand – according to various analysts,
from 0.3 to 2 million bps. Saudi Arabia immediately
went on the offensive, calling to new restrictions. Russia thought it was
another time factor which you shouldn’t react to
proposing to extend the current second quarter restrictions
2020 year. Saudi arabia has secured
support from OPEC countries, decided to renew
a deal for the whole of 2020, yes further deepen contractions
at 1.5 million bps. To Russia and Saudi
Arabia in the case of proportional load sharing
would have approximately 375 thousand b / s. In this case, according to sources
Interfax, decisions on that saudi arabia
will continue voluntary reduction of 400 thousand b / s,
taken over during the current transaction was not accepted. So it turned out
what saudi arabia will “legalize” their voluntary reductions,
taken at a time when conducted by IPO Saudi Aramco, and
all other countries will take additional
volumes. Russia did not accept this
plan. After the OPEC countries
at their conference approved abbreviation recommendation
1.5 million b / s in the evening at the hotel, where does the minister stop
energy saudi Arab prince abdulaziz
Ben Salman, gathered several OPEC ministers. According to the results of their meeting
OPEC issued a press release, what cartel ministers accepted
new recommendation – increase 1.5 million bps reduction
and extend them to the whole of 2020, although the estimate
falling oil demand was lowered by OPEC only
500 thousand bps. Arrived next
day to meet OPEC + Russian the delegation insisted
its – extension only by second quarter on current
conditions. Saudi Arabia also
did not budge. As explained later by the general
OPEC Secretary Mohammed Barkindo, “at today’s
intensive consultation and therefore we could not collect
this is a meeting during the day, ministers contacted their capitals,
consulted to understand the instructions. At the end of the day, the main thing came out,
painful decision to disconnect stop the meeting. But the consultations will continue. We agreed to continue,
we have some complicated questions, “said Barkindo,
emphasizing that OPEC will try to achieve unanimity. According to the Secretary General of OPEC,
“today several ministers were in contact not only
with their leaders countries but also with ministers
finance, and with representatives central banks. ” Head of the Russian Ministry of Finance
Anton Siluanov his consultation gave back the previous day
and did it publicly, direct text informing in student
audience that Russia lack arrangements and subsequent
drop in oil prices is not scary – for financing
budget liabilities can use accumulated
reserves. At the same time Siluanov “advised”
and Saudi colleagues, recalling not without inner satisfaction,
what for balancing the budget needs an average annual
the price is not $ 42.4, but almost $ 80 for barrel. As a result, OPEC + countries dispersed
with nothing. On the faces of some delegates
there was undisguised sadness and somewhere even confusion. Almost no one gave comments
waiting all day for them to reporters. But Mr. Barkindo tried
convince the press, and perhaps and himself that is not yet
all is lost and despite that the meeting ended
the collapse of the transaction, you can still return the “quarreling
spouses “at the negotiating table. He even mentioned the evening
informal meeting but none of the potential
negotiators did not know about her. “We had discussions with
Russia and they are committed declarations of cooperation
and they want to continue, ” said Barkindo, answering
to the question whether OPEC can unilaterally
reduce oil production. “We are still confident
that they will return to this “Noah’s ark,” said the secretary general
OPEC. Adoption
Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, leaving the OPEC building,
contrary to expectations, nevertheless stopped near reporters
and quite calmly reported that “since April 1, no one has
reduction commitments oil production. ” He noted that according to the results
OPEC + meeting was signed continuation document
interactions within Charter of cooperation
oil producing countries. The charter is much more free
document versus declaration of cooperation
which has clearly defined oil production quotas. At the same time, the minister does not
specified whether Russia will build up since April
oil production. “It will depend on the plans
companies in the first place. It will be necessary with companies
to chat. Let’s just say not discussed
such an option, “” said he. At the OPEC + decision, or rather,
no decision on reductions, oil price fell 7-8%
– and went below $ 46 per barrel, below mid-July
2017 year. Now the current price is
break-even American shale mining
oil, and it is possible that will be soon
forecasts lowered again its production. Overboard may also be
oil production in Canada and deep sea mining that,
in turn can support oil prices. If Trump doesn’t offer
other mechanisms for her increase.

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