first Threat and at the same time the new hero of the month, there were literally just seconds before the hero appeared you know we’ll update and so telluria only in March the hero of the month Now we will see what kind of hero this is in the end I will make my call with you let’s see it means we have five stats on the market she is very oily I can say that it is fatter chorus goal fatter I do not know how it is in general very high rate of armor and of life it immediately hints to us that character defense u him class knight it means that he also without hanging up his talent on him so resistance to elimination minions this shield is strange how useful it is in general characters who eat minions until they are very rare and still few who pump them, and even those who pump do not always take them to the attack so-so even the same kingsta yes protection against burning brings such normal bonus, that is, he is not afraid of any the gravedigger is not azlan not mariyana, after all, all this is Harry so let’s look further at the mana speed of his average deals 130 percent damage to all enemies is calling again familiar for all allies have 18 percent health in the minion and 13 percent of the same received from the hero not bad, not bad, this means that the hero raises the vitality of the team all allies restore 411 health points for three turns that is, it is a periodic hill hangs with us on the allies a little hill she had a little more recovery health if I’m not mistaken there are about 500 and for 4 moves here it is for three moves well anyway, all the same, not bad, all the same, not bad, anyway all enemies get -34 mana regeneration for three turns well this is this ability she’s cool she’s cool as you know i used to dream about john which would was a five-star hero and here but consider the possibility of John only in the version of the five with an average speed with Anna good good abilities this is a top ability so on we have poems given to them by a nature hero ten percent on the probability of a critical hit for 6 moves good ability too the only thing but if you go mono on the attack then yes it will be a plus but on the defensive it is clear that the character is designed for defense more yes to such support to teams survivability plan this ability certainly will not work because because we usually put a rainbow in defense this is the best option for defense is it possible to center of course she can be in the center on the defensive whether she can be taken on the attack yes her brothers can be attacked in general, she’ll go well and in fact, if I pull it out, I’ll definitely pump it because now I’m downloading the chorus of the goal, but this is a great replacement even a perfect replacement organ may not be necessary for him I will be very glad to swing yours character sharpened by survivability survivability of your teams it’s very cool i like it i I would like such a character all the more with an average set of mana come on now i will make my call about the only thing that valhalla can’t do is call because I have 350 crystals, I have 300 I will make the call of an epic hero hold crosses for me theory come to me druid to sinking heart well enveloped well, at least four okay I tried my luck you too write to me how can you catch turiya there the character in my opinion he is awesome from green fives yes how much I know there haven’t been such characters yet, he won’t be superfluous, so download all good luck to everyone in the appeals


  1. А по мне так есть обычные персы зелёные лучше чем эта теория…

  2. Отличный вариант для центра в команде обороны
    + Хороший для прохождения квестов и карты
    А то что убавили количество здоровья в целом и сделали востоновление здоровья в 3 хода я считаю это больше плюс чем минус,

  3. бонусом выпала Теллурия в призыве Атлантида ,яхууу

  4. тоже вытащил из Атлантиды. вместе с недоразумением Амионой

  5. Сегодня поймал с призыва Атлантиды….,с первого раза…,а потом тройки пошли(

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