🤑BIG FAT DEALS on LARGE FAMILY GROCERIES | ALDI, Sharp Shopper (and Walmart Goodies!!)

– So friends, we are out and about today. We just went to a barber shop and got haircuts for five boys. We have dance recital for
five kids practice tonight. Anyway, I have maybe 15 minutes. I can go through Sharp Shopper, and then I might have 20
or 30 minutes in an Aldi. So, I’ve gotta use fast,
quick and in a hurry shopping, but let’s see what I can find. Now, we’ve got some Collector’s
Edition Star Wars drinks. I might get these for a treat
while we’re in the van today. Okay, so yogurt deals are going well. And then, teen requests while I shop. Always need broccoli. Here we are going to check out. Limited myself to one cart of deals. We are at Aldi now. We had lots of fun at Sharp Shopper. Good. Push it in. Good. And now, yep, pull it. Oh, pull, pull, pull, yay! Good job. – Can I please put Baby Marshall– – [Jamerrill] Put Baby Marshall in there. Oh, Baby Marshall. – [Daniel] Can I sit here? – [Jamerrill] Oh, you’re so big. Here, can we get Baby Marshall? Baby Marshall can’t sit down there. Get up here. You gotta listen, Baby Marshall. Okay, awesome deal for the grapes, so we’re gonna load up on green grapes. I’d say, look for, get five, yes, five. Put ’em on in. Oh, you’re so strong. Good job, put it in. – [Daniel] These ones? – [Jamerrill] Yes, put one of those in. You can do it. Yes. Oh man, we don’t always do this, but when we do it, it’s fun, huh Daniel? So Daniel, I know you’ve been wanting to make cupcakes, haven’t ya? Pick if you want a vanilla
cake, a chocolate cake or a white cake. Pick what color cake you want. – I’m gonna get this one.
– A classic white, okay. Oh, and yellow. You know what you could do, and get a chocolate too. We’ll just do all three. So, we are back. 15 minutes in Sharp Shopper. I was able to go into Walmart
for probably 20 minutes to get that dress recital stuff, but we got some extra goodies there. And then Aldi had all
kinds of beautiful goodness go down in Aldi. Probably spent about 30
minutes or so in Aldi. So this table is Sharp Shopper,
Aldi and Walmart goodness. It’s not too mixed up. All the kids brought everything in. And Zion is our grocery
hall table organizer, and so he’s organized
it for us, like meats and fruits and veggies
and yogurt and junk. So he’s got a good system down. So anyway, I’ll just break
down the prices on each item, how much I spent at each store, and I’ll just let you know,
hey, this is from Sharp Shopper. This is from Aldi. This is from Walmart. So how about I just do that now? We’ll just start down here. Well something new I got today at Aldi. Many of you ask about how I
transport my foods and such, and because you’re gonna see,
we have some fish going down. It’s still cold. I did get an insulated bag for the meats, and I put other frozen items in here, because we were just out
and about doing our things and it’s summer. Other times during the year, I don’t worry about this so much. But today in particular, because I knew all that was happening, I also added this insulated bag. I think this was 6.99 or 8.99. That’s not helpful. My receipt’s down there. We’ll grab it and I’ll let you know. So we’ve got some new sheet
pan dinners coming out. Oh boy. So this salmon, it was 7.69 a pound. This is 2.78 pounds, $21 total. It is the family pack. We’re gonna be doing a
salmon sheet pan dinner. I got two packs of ground turkey. This is 4 1/2 pounds total. We’re gonna be doing a ground
turkey sheet pan dinner. Very exciting. We got some tilapia. I got four of these. They are 5.79 a pound, $4.11 each. And I got three, I got four of those. Now, I know these meat
prices are sounding high. They sound high to me already. Just wait, because you’re
gonna love my Aldi total. Look at this. Cucumbers must be in season. We got mammoth cucumbers,
and these were 55 cents each. So I got six of ’em, because yeah, I’ll do all kinds of good cucumber things. The tomatoes, oh tomatoes. See, silly, strawberries
were $1.19 a pack. So I got a whole case of eight. These pineapple were $1.29 each still, so we got five. Also, thank you. I picked up my YouTube mail today. Talking hand is excited. Picked up my YouTube mail. Someone sent me a pineapple slicer. Now, I got one a few weeks ago at Aldi, but with so many helpers, yay, now we have two pineapple slicers. So thank you for that. I’m gonna show you,
stick around to the end, I’m gonna show you some cute
YouTube mail stuff I got today. You’ll love it. Got one box of spring mix. This was like 3.99,
but it’s so easy for me to just throw green stuff on the plate. We got two watermelons,
seedless watermelons. They are 3.29 each. I have one on the counter. In the summer, we go through like two or three watermelons a week. Super convenient for either a breakfast or for an entire meal or to take to the lake
with other snacks and such. These are some of the cold items. Now, these I got at Sharp
Shopper for 99 cents. Then, I got cauliflower rice. These were $1.89 each. This was from Aldi. This was from Sharp Shopper, okay, okay. Then, also at Sharp Shopper
I got two things of squash, two things of zucchini. I got two bags of red potatoes. Apple-wise, we’ve got 12 pounds of apples. These Granny Smiths were more expensive. These were like 4.19. The Red Delicious were 3.29, and then these Gala apples that you saw Daniel put in
the cart, they were like 3.19. Then I got four packs of
these Brussels sprouts, two heads of cauliflower. Can you see a theme? I like cauliflower in all its forms. So I’m trying to do,
I guess I’m doing most of the Aldi haul here for you up front. I got one thing of these
portabella mushrooms. I’ve seen several recipes lately. I’ve been doing all kinds
of interesting things with my little low-carb attempt pizzas. So I wanted to try portabella
mushroom cap pizzas, okay. Two things of blueberries. These survived the trip home. Two little packs of blackberries. That insulated bag was 6.99. This is saying the portabella
mushrooms were only $1.59. I thought it said on
the sticker there, 2.59. I almost got two packs of ’em, but I thought, “Well for almost $3, “I’m just gonna try it first.” That’s how my minds works. So blackberries were $1.89. Blueberries were $3.99, but
these grapes, fantastic deal. They were 89 cents a pound. So we got about eight
pounds or so of grapes here. It’s Friday when I’m filming this. I can guarantee you by Monday morning, there will be no grapes. (laughs) Sharp Shopper, I also got four
containers of heavy cream, two containers of half and half. You’re gonna find out why here soon. Spice-wise, these are the
different spices that I picked up. Needed some more of and
then some shaky cheese. Now Daniel’s been saying
the last couple days, “Can we make cupcakes? “Mommy, how do you make cupcakes?” So, the poor boy’s saying,
“Mommy, make me some cupcakes.” So Daniel, we are going
to make some cupcakes. It is Father’s Day weekend
when I’m filming this. So there you go. We’ll slap that on it too. So he picked out the classic white. We’ve got a devil’s food
cake mix, classic yellow. And then Gabriel, to have
his little part in picking, he picked out chocolate chips, butterscotch morsels
and white baking chips. Just to go, I kind of at
the tail end there thought, “Since Daniel picked
out the cupcake stuff, “Gabriel could pick out the topping.” Lots of fun. Also at Sharp Shopper, the
tuna was 69 cents a can. One pack of just regular paper plates, two packs of freezer bags,
because I’m out of those. So, total at Aldi, I spent $226, looking at my receipt, and 93 cents. I just thought that was
pretty good to get out of Aldi with big cart overflowing with food. I did get some more expensive meat. Lots of fun stuff coming up from that. Oh, I totally forgot. Now, I’ll get in trouble
for these though, okay. ‘Cause they’re like processed. Jamerrill, you’re a horrible monster. Two packs of these hard salami. They’re just nice little snacky things. Kinda can do homemade
Lunchables with those. I started shopping at Sharp Shopper back when dinosaurs roamed the earth when I was in nursing school. Zion was a brand new baby, and Jadin was three years old. So he’s about to be 19. So yeah, that’s almost two decades. We’re getting close. About 16 years of
shopping at Sharp Shopper. And in those 16 years, they
have never done me wrong in their yogurt deals. The only time they do me
wrong is if I somehow hit it. Once in a while I’ll hit
it where there’s no yogurt. I’m like, “Sharp Shopper,
how could you do that to me?” So Sharp Shopper is a
wonderful grocery outlet chain that’s in Virginia and Pennsylvania. All that to say, yogurt
they did well today. Okay, I was paying full price
for this stuff a few weeks ago when I had one kiddo on antibiotics. So $3.57 each for 18 cups. Look at that. So I got five of ’em. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, I sure did. Then this, when I get to
the other side of the table, that yogurt was four for a dollar, and I’m pretty sure that has like the little toppings on the cups. The kids will roll through it super quick. We’ll open that case up in a minute when I get over there. Just wanna show you some other stuff while I’m standing here. So that’s from Sharp Shopper. Then I got this Ice Mountain
Sparkling Spring Water. I don’t know if I’ll love it. I don’t know if I’ll
be able to tolerate it. I just don’t know how
this is gonna go down. But for 99 cents, it was worth a try, and I got one of each flavor. I got pomegranate lemonade, black cherry, lemon lime and orange. We’ll see. Will it feel like a treat to me? I can’t guarantee it, but
if I don’t care for it, maybe one of my girlfriends
out there will care for it. Maybe when kids are desperate
one day they’ll be like, “Okay, well I guess we’ll
drink mom’s old water.” So (laughs) we’ll see, we’ll see. You know how that goes. Then, because we are in
dance recital weekend, we had dress rehearsals today, and I didn’t know they ended
up having snacks there. But you just don’t always know. Like Forrest Gump says, “Life
is like a box of chocolates. “You don’t know what you’re gonna get.” So I got these little
portable protein snacks. These were two for a dollar. You know that’s an amazing mark down. Lunchables, 79 cents each. Yeah, there’s nine of ’em. I had 10. Zion already had one, which is fine. So we got nine left. And just one pack of the
Minute Maid juice for $1.99. Their little juicy deals
aren’t always super. Sometimes they’re comparable
with prices at Walmart, but it’s more of a convenience thing. And you all asked me about dates. This is dated, I’m reading upside down, August 12th, 19, so 2019. So it’s still well within the dates. So all that to say, this
will still get torn through. I got it for snacks if we needed it. We didn’t need it. Hello kids, have some dinner tonight, ’cause momma’s done. They’ll have some Lunchables, bunch of fruit, bunch of yogurt,
juice and call it a treat. Okay, so then while I was at Sharp Shopper I got their broccoli for 2.99. Let’s see, I already
showed you the cauliflower. This was from Aldi. This was like $2.87, and
I was joking with Daniel and Gabriel while we were in there. Because there I am with like 2/3 of a cart full of fruits and
vegetables and lean meats, and then I’m also getting stuff for cupcakes and funnel cake. But look at this. It’s so cute. Funnel Cakes, makes eight to
10 cakes, pitcher and mix. And I’m thinking, you all tell me, I’m thinking I could just use
when I run out of this mix just regular pancake, or I guess I could’ve looked in there huh? Regular pancake or waffle mix. Tell me funnel cake experts. But I thought if we had the little pitcher we could remake it. You know by some of my
videos I’ve got a ton of confectioners’ sugar
left from Christmas baking. And if I can make funnel cakes at home, I mean, that would just be,
how much fun would that be? It might be too much fun. Okay, big box of Cheez-Its for 99, and then, now granola bars, they will get in times where they have amazing
granola bar deals too. So name brand, $1.29. I got two cases of those. Let me just set this out. Another, $1.29. So many lake days and
other fun things coming up. And then these are so good, and this is $1.99 for a 12 pack. You know they would be
more at another store. So for these yogurts, I paid 2.99 a case. So now I’m gonna open ’em
up and show you the case. There you go. This is coconut chocolate
crumble Greek yogurt. Great little toppings. Kids’ll probably have
this for some breakfast and some snacks, but yay. And so I got four cases of this. And then last but not
least at Sharp Shopper, I got a case of their tomato
sauce, was three for a dollar. Petite diced tomatoes 99 cents. Just I use tomatoes in
all kinds of things, so I like to have a stash. Total for the Sharp Shopper haul was $123. I know, it’s just so good. My goal today going in was
Jamerrill keep it to one cart. Keep it around $100. Keep it to one cart. So we did that. Now, I’m gonna show
you my Walmart goodies. We’re already in mid-June, and I have been eyeballing
this ice cream maker and this snow cone machine, I don’t know, since April or so. And Naomi was like, “You
look at that every time.” Like, “What are you doing, woman?” So I thought, “We’re gonna get it.” So I got us an ice cream
maker and a snow cone maker and the stuff to go around with it. So I’m just saying this is
like high internet drama. Making cupcakes, funnel cakes, ice cream and snow cones. You heard it here first,
my house is the place to come to for a party. I felt like Walmart had
two ice cream machines to choose from for awhile. This was the only one there today. I think this was the biggest one I saw when they had the two. I don’t know. Four quart gallon, old
fashioned ice cream maker experience made easy. It says it makes fresh ice
cream in 30 minutes or less. Easy to use, because it’s electric. Easy clean up. We can read the label. But how fun is this? I also got some salt. I don’t know if this is
enough for like a year of ice cream making or if this is enough for one gallon of ice cream. I don’t know. We’re gonna learn all this. Then, here is the
electric snow cone maker. How fun is that? We obviously will have to get
some reusable snow cone cups and spoons, but I got two little things, so 20 total of little
snow cone cups and spoons. And we’re gonna go over and spend a day at one of my good friend’s house soon, and I just thought,
“Well now you know what? “We could take our snow
cone maker with it.” And then to start, we got cherry syrup. We’ve cotton candy syrup, and we got some blueberry syrup. And then back for the ice cream maker, I got two packs to do the chocolate. But I’ve already been talking to friends and hearing recipes
for homemade ice cream. But again, I don’t know
what I’m doing yet. We’re gonna figure this out. And there’s for the vanilla ice cream. If you would like to see a video just on setting up this ice cream maker and using it, let me know. I don’t know. I haven’t even searched on YouTube to see if people look for that. I guess I’m gonna look for a video on it. Let me know, and I could
video what I learned about it. And yeah, you could get
this ice cream maker too. It could be a thing. So these were like my family
investment summer treats. Total for the ice cream
maker, these little packs, and if you do the math on it, it seems like going this route, it costs as much to make
a gallon of ice cream as it does to buy a gallon of ice cream. So these were like 2.98 each. And I would need two of
’em to make a gallon, so that’s an expensive
gallon of ice cream. But kids have great enjoyment when they get to make it at home. Amelia, I see you. Are you gonna have great enjoyment making ice cream at home? – Blueberries. – [Jamerrill] Blue babe,
those are blackberries. Are you excited about ’em? We could make probably not this go around, ’cause momma needs to, we could probably make
some blackberry ice cream at some point. Make ice cream. We’d have to get more. – I just got a good idea. – [Jamerrill] You could just eat these. – What if some day, not
today or the next day– – Right, we’re busy today.
– Someday, – Someday.
– We need to make blackberry pie, blackberry,
these and red berry pie. – Red berry pie, mm.
– And strawberry pie. – That’s my kind of plan, sister. Okay, so, anyway for all my goodies, if I didn’t say it already, it was about $85 and some change, but that’s $85 of family fun. Real quick, let me show
you these YouTube goodies that we got, that some
other viewers sent us. So a viewer named Kay sent
me this cute roasting pan. Now it does hold, I know it’s little, but it holds up to 10 pounds. And there’s all kinds of things that can be done with this. She says she does all kinds of meals, and she uses this all the time. So I’m sure we could use
that in the oven, Amelia, like with baked beans or green beans. This is our second pineapple peeler, which we are excited about, because the first thing
that the kids said were, “Oh boy, now we can do two pineapples. “Someone else can do one. “We can do two at a time.” How fun is that? And this will just be a
relief to you all to know. A momma from Bakersfield,
California, thank you. God bless you. She sent me a meat chopper. How fun is this? And then this is a book that one of our viewers sent. I obviously haven’t read
it, ’cause I just opened it. But it looks like it
is about homeschooling. Because whenever I looked
at this table of contents, yes, so there’s her name and the site. There’s the name of her book. It says people pleasing, marriage, children, faith, leaving the nest, and I’m glad she sent it to me. We will be looking at that. And then look at this. Okay, you all know what this is. How cute is this? Naomi was like, “Someone crocheted
that and sent it to you?” Yes, this is our very own egg apron. How cute. And so, she said you can
put your vlogging camera or cell phone in here. And then it has room to hold 19 eggs. I’m gonna put it on and show it you. So look, so here’s where
like phone, camera can go. And then you put each
little egg when you gather. But isn’t that gorgeous? She said she found the
pattern on Pinterest. So if you are interested in making this, it’s not her pattern, but she
said she went on Pinterest and searched egg gathering apron. But isn’t that sweet? Thank you for hanging out with me and watching my Walmart and Aldi and Sharp Shopper grocery
hauls on this Friday when I’m filming as we fly into recital and Father’s Day weekend
and all the things going on. So if you enjoyed this grocery haul, there’s a whole bunch more you can watch. You can click here. You can see some of my
most popular, bestest, most favorite, large family
grocery shopping hauls. I will talk with you in
those comments below. I will see you with
another video real soon. Goodbye.

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