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because before March I was a losing player and I only want to show you my winning stretch one of the most common questions I receive is hey Ben what are you spending on a monthly basis and one of the profits you usually have on a Sunday and in this video I want to quickly give you some insights about what I’m spending on a usually Sunday grind and also give you a little bit of an idea one where the profits over the last couple of months then I’m gonna take this sheet as as some sort of orientation because I have my shots got blocked for several reasons I have my you can’t really access your old PartyPoker profits anymore so it’s all mixed up and I have this sheet with a friend of mine who I’m letting or who I’m giving some shares because it gives me the incentive so here’s the thing I believe if you give a little bit away of your profits to someone that you know you have a good connection with you have a good relationship with and he’s one of my best friends and he helps me do the accounting I feel like I have some extra motivation because I know there’s someone involved in my success so if it’s great to celebrate together about victories I know he raids me it’s just a thing we have I charge a small markup and I think these markups are very very reasonable and yeah so we have this sheet he puts in all the numbers so we can keep track of the amount of money I owe him so let’s have a look and use this cheat sheet sheet s as an orientation what I’m spending on a usual Sunday and we start here in March because before March I was a losing player and I only want to show you my winning stretch so let’s have a look and see from wait where’s March here we go so you can see that if we take great this role we have thirty three thousand so on this Sunday I spent thirty three thousand in dollars and I scored four seventy five thousand so roughly 40,000 in in profit the next Sunday grind it was also thirty two thirty two thousand and we only scored four nine thousand one hundred so that wasn’t a good Sunday grind this Sunday again thirty one thousand and it of course it depends and here I had two big scores one for thirty thousand ones for seventeen thousand so it’s always very important to put everything in perspective that’s why I’m not such a big fan of all these all time money lists and I mean it’s it’s nice but it falsifies the pictures a lot so now if we would post two screenshots on social media where I had one Sunday at $31,000 score and if $17,000 for people would think wow oh my god he makes forty fifty thousand every month but actually as you can see it was only seventeen thousand and I lost twenty thousand for Sunday before and and that’s something where it can be very heavily misleading so let’s take a closer look on the next months again here was 40,000 here was probably rebuy CB again at work by CBS but we can we can be back in the tournament with 25k chips again and we scored four actually eighty-five thousand so let’s go further down this should be scooped here very soon somewhere also 48,000 yeah Hyuna three bullets another High Roller two bullets were too yeah it took a lot of reverse here I know it’s called for 60,000 so this goes on and on and for certain for certain months on w coupe and scoop some days it goes easily up to fifty sixty cells in imbalance but an average for the usually Sunday grind it’s around thirty thousand for W coupe s cook right it’s can be between fifty and sixty thousand per day and let’s go down until today so now this was roughly it’s roughly for four months March April May June July August six months actually and in total my buy-ins here are around 800,000 and I cashed for around 1 million so my profit in those five six months is around two hundred grade two hundred K and I’m only paying on Sundays and I also sometimes skip it sunny and totally we’re talking about 550 tournaments so I’m definitely very happy however it’s it’s super easy to to lose the big picture I mean how many people we know that they have caches over million or two million or three million and actually if you deduct all the expense especially by N’s there isn’t so much so much more left because I feel like I mean I receive all the messages on social media and I definitely wanted to bring you some light behind how much you can make you can see you can make quite a lot of money I’m not saying I don’t I don’t make a lot of money and I think 200,000 in in five months for just playing Sundays is actually is actually quite a lot but and this is something where I think people have a complete Factor picture because I received messages like yeah you probably make a million a year with all your scores and and then I’m thinking like how do you come up with those numbers and of course we we post all these screenshots when I or Brijesh members have huge scores but at the end of the day there is huge amount of bias that needs to be paid in order to have all these caches by the way this numbers is only for bounties and this is just the the normal price pool so it’s always it’s always important to understand and then the next thing is if you have someone that they maybe just place mistakes and has only 500k in caches and fornicated caches over a year you can be very sure that a lot of these parents have 200-300 k43 and 50k in and buy in some have more some have less so yeah it can be very misleading and especially when you when you buy action when you when you want to stake someone I highly recommend always asking – hey like what were you roughly or you your binds over the last couple of months or last couple of years and try to gain some Intel about whether someone is actually profitable or not because it’s all about cashes in these days who has reached the 50 million online cash limit and that’s I’m also what I think first it was ten million now everyone is going for the 50 million but I’m more curious okay one of the is what is actually the real profit and this is a benchmark I’m missing that would be really nice to see and yeah I hope you guys now understand how much money you are basically paying especially also when you are about to try to move up to high stakes how much you’re spending if you grind the full schedule I’m actually quite retarded when it comes to schedule and in getting more table selection because I rebuy everything I register everything I want to have as much action as I can I want to have I want to play as many tables as I as I can so I think I could even do better if I would be a little bit more smarter about it but I join it and it feels like you really grind to me even though it might not be the most rational explanation but I think it’s very important to understand that it’s not only about the buttons it’s more about the profits

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  1. Hey Ben, I know its a bit unrelated, but I came across a difficult spot today. I raise AKo UTG, caller in the cut-off, everyone else folds. The flop comes 245 two clubs, and he piles it in for his stack (40bb, 1/2 cash). What should I do in this spot? I would really appreciate some guidance from such as experienced and successful player as yourself. THanks in advance.

  2. It’s shit like this that makes me wonder is the whole poker industry just a scam… dude has his own poker training site pulls up an unofficial graph of profits out his ass and basically try’s to say look how much money I making who knows how accurate that graph is. This video just an ad to sell his training site

  3. Hey Ben – thanks for sharing this! What's your opinion on minimum # of BBs you would re-buy into assuming a tough field (any of the high rollers will smaller fields) and a softer field (Sunday Million)? Obviously we should re-buy as long as we believe that we're +EV over the field with the starting stack but this probably leads to lower ROI (but likely a higher hourly). Thanks – a RYE expert member 🙂

  4. I just love this cute 11$ buy-in among a bunch of 4-figure buyins 😅 Winning Sunday Storm is on your bucket list Ben? 😄

  5. Hey ben thanks for sharing this but one question don't you think cash games it's much metter for profits???you don't play cash games at all???

  6. I have been grinding MTTs for just over 2 years daily now, trying to come up from $100-$50 starting rolls. i have over $95 grand in total cashes in around 17k games with avg buyin of $5.50 in around 850 days of playing on WPN. I had an accident at my old job BACK IN 2011 where I blew out the cartilage in my knee and have had 2 surgeries and am waiting on a 3rd but the place I worked for never gave me work comp and I could never get any justice threw lawyers and the legal system. Its a long story, i'm not trying to complain but I really love poker. I have played since I was 6 years old . My grandfather used to come over every Sunday for breakfast and we would sit and play 5 card stud till the food was ready. Then I started playing online around 2006 rec,on and off. anyways because i cant make money doing labor jobs that I have experience in, I have been trying to grind up a living playing MTTs which I love. I win all the time but I always lose the money back in the long run. Its frustrating but I know I have to improve on a lot of levels. Not only in the game of poker but in the game of life. I have learned so much from you and your content, it has really helped me to keep pushing and always get back up and fighting because I know I can always improve. I'am pretty sure my biggest flaws are BRM and I play to much and never take days off, I reenter to much when I have a decent roll, I get carried away. Would love to be able to speak with you. its cool if you cant I understand but I figured id try cause i'm fed up and I don't want to give up. I keep telling myself when I build up a decent bankroll again i'm going to start taking days off and using strict BRM and proper game selection and study more on my days off but I just cant seem to get back to the high point I have gotten to. i keep treating it like race but its really a marathon.

  7. Or you could just unblock ss, do the one second search, screenshot and block it again

  8. im honestly not surprised by the profits if someone asked me to estimate a number i would of said between 150k-250k

  9. In Greece you daily get taxed 15% for 100$ daily profit and up and 20% for higher than 500$ daily profit. It's impossible to get to higher stakes with this tax system and so demotivating, what are your guys laws in your countries? are they so bad aswell?

  10. When seeing this it looks like fine margins above break even. So what decides a huge winning year? WCOOP or and 1 big tournament or a huge amount of smal winnings?

  11. Thanks for being open about it, yes rebuying late must be -ev sometimes. I wish you many more big cashes in the future!

  12. But you have like 100 million in cashes playing Sit&go's! Where is that money go?

  13. I see BenCB has been attending the Doug Polk school of comedy and trolls. Very nice!

  14. I might be in the minority here but….. Please don't cut music over bens voice. I could listen to this guy talk about applesauce

  15. Hey Ben, great video as usual. Thanks for peeling back the curtain and giving us the information on your buy-ins. Also give your editor a raise lol he killed it with this one.


  16. would be nice if you could switch your computer settings over to English. I dont know what daten, format, einfugen etc etc mean. thanks

  17. Thanks for the video Ben you're legit! Liking you even more after you decided to show up on camera! Holly Molly 31k of buy ins on a regular Sunday 🔥🚀 🎉

  18. Hello Ben , i don't really understand why you give importance to this haters. You are such a hard working person! You are such a crusher, you created RYE, you mantain RYE, you have a family, etc etc I understand you are a public figure , but from the bottom of my heart don't mind these people! Huge hug from Madeira island 👊

  19. Kinda like a 2m yearly rev biz on 20% margins. That's fantastic!

    Until when I start thinking about taxes though..

  20. Hello
    Is it possible to tell about excel sheets, how you follow how much bounties and rebuys you had?
    Thank you

  21. Good video players need to look at this more and realise the hard work, keep up the good work

  22. I agree, who cares about the cashes, profit is the only benchmark and only important thing in the end. The guys who are playing SHR are having huge cashes, but a lot of them are berley making ends meat, or they are in debts everywhere.

  23. Ben, why do you only play on Sunday? Are there reason not to play on Tuesday and Thursday?

  24. 798k buyin 876k wins. That's just under 80k profit. Not 200k. Am I missing something? So about 10% return. Literally that's what a minimum margin business expects to return. Not amazing. Not hating. Think bencb is brilliant, but a bit underwhelming too for the results

  25. You have a lot of balls buying in that much every Sunday how many training sites have a owner that actually continually crushes as well as teach also if u didn’t have losing sessions I would be getting you checked by a technician to see if your a bot

  26. Incoming Brag post… Naaaa just kidding! Volume is important, You can't win every tournament varience is a huge factor… Your banter is funny Ben! Love these videos, I will be buying the tournament masterclass in the next month or so, I can't wait to see it! Just split with my girlfriend after buying a house together and I'm going to save a lot of money living by myself, And I will have the time to play much more often now.. And I can't wait to take on board your masterclass so I can crush! 👌😊

  27. My question isn't how much you profit. But more, what the ratio is between how much of the profit you put back into your bankroll, and how much you keep to support your lifestyle(whatever that maybe)

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