10 Fast Food Items Employees Told You To Avoid

Fast food restaurants are pretty much found
in every corner of the world, and with that comes certain things that the employees warn
you against eating. Every employee has a reason for not recommending
certain products and some of them are rather valid – like the possibility that someone
could fall ill due to the issues at hand in the kitchen. So let’s peek behind the curtain and look
at 10 fast food items employees told you to avoid. McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sometimes that square shaped fish with a steamed
bun and half a slice of cheese from McDonald’s isn’t that safe to eat. You see, while it’s been said that the fish
is supposed to be put in the fryer and then served within a timeframe of about thirty
minutes since it’s been cooked, that is not always the case. This is especially true at some of the twenty-four-hour
restaurants, since some employees may leave the fish sitting in the heating tray for several
hours. Not only is it going to sit there and get
increasingly nasty, but some employees decide, “eh, good enough” and will serve that
hours-old filet-o-fish to you anyway. They’ve got a lot of work on their hands
– throwing out food just to have to cook you up a fresh one isn’t always high on the
priority list. The reason behind this tough to swallow reality
is that this item isn’t as popular as say a traditional Big Mac or McWrap. That’s not all though – since it’s not
a common item, it’s made significantly less, which can lead to the issue of old fish being
served. This means that a few things happen when it’s
ordered. It’s either being made fresh since the employees
are not stretched for time, as they sometimes are during a graveyard shift, or it’s being
tossed onto the bun due to the fast-paced environment that puts pressure and, in some
cases, even timers on the length of the order creation. Ice in your soda Ice in your drink may seem rather normal since
the purpose is to actually cool it off, and keep it that way – but there’s some hidden
information in that ice. While the intended purpose does happen, there
seems to be two secrets behind it. The first being that if you’re not the person
pouring the ice yourself, chances are that you’re losing out on a fair bit of soda
due to the increased amount of ice. On top of that, it was found by a twelve-year-old
Florida student that in at least five of the tested fast-food restaurants, the ice was
actually dirtier than the restaurant’s toilet water 70% of the time. This means that the bacterial content was
significantly higher than that of the toilet’s flushing liquid. In fact, she discovered the results by ordering
cups of ice and then putting them in sterile beakers. She then went ahead and decided to go to the
bathroom, flush the toilets once and collect some samples. She didn’t mention which restaurants she
performed the study with specifically, but the conclusion seems obvious: the bathrooms
might be cleaned more often than the ice dispenser. You see, most people don’t think of germs
when putting ice into their drink, but they most certainly do when going to the bathroom. Despite that, the incident certainly makes
you want to remind the cashier that you’d like the drink with no ice in it, just to
be on the safe side. Steak and beans from Taco Bell Steak and beans, it sounds fairly simple and
shouldn’t be messed up in any real way right? Well, you’d be wrong to believe that. According to one employee, the steak, after
sitting around for a while, turns into a consistency similar to that of hair gel. I don’t know about you, but that’s not
really the texture I’m looking for in a steak. As for the beans aspect, they’re made from
a rehydrated bundle of ingredients. This isn’t particularly good as many people
should expect Taco Bell’s food to be fresh and at least somewhat healthy. However, it’s fairly safe to assume that
even the possibility of eating steak that’s been sitting there for a while and that has
a thicker than normal form to it, might not be the best motivator for a customer to drop
their hard earned cash on a burrito. Unfortunately, this might also hint to a few
more issues. The food doesn’t appear to be in its purest
form. What this means is that the company might
not be getting the best of the best quality for their consumers, despite the general want
for that in restaurants. Ultimately, it can lead to issues like people
simply not coming back to the taco food chain since even employees are warning people against
consuming certain foods. Wendy’s Chili If there’s one type of fast food that you
know is tasty and can actually warm you up on a cold autumn evening, it’s chili from
Wendy’s. From the chunks of meat to the optional cheese
and hot sauce, you can always ensure that you’re getting a chili that tastes similar
to what your mother used to make. That would all be true, except for the allegation
that those chunks of meat are actually leftovers from the grill that got collected into a container
and were slapped into the batch of chili once there was enough. But wait there’s more! You also get to consume some good old fashioned
rehydrated beans along with the grilled meat. This may not be the next thing you order when
going to a local Wendy’s for a few reasons. You see, the meat seems to be from the grill
and that would mean that it wasn’t collected into the container right away. In short, it’s possibly been covered in
grease from the other meats on the grill and has been sitting in a nasty container which
likely only gets washed every hour at best. Alongside that, the meat is being used as
a cost-saving and money making opportunity. This translates to the company having to not
buy new meat by reusing already cooked and useless meat. However, on the other hand, this does lead
to less food waste, which restaurants are notoriously guilty of. So as long the meat hasn’t been sitting
for too long, it’s technically not that bad. Well. We’ll let you decide. Barbecue Sandwiches By KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t exactly known
for their barbecue sandwiches but is rather popular due to their fried chicken, as their
name suggests. This might be a good thing too since its supposedly
been said by one of their employees that the chicken in this particular bbq sandwich is
stale and dipped in barbecue sauce, after which it is left in a heater for a month. While this is a pretty wild sandwich if that’s
the case, it’s certainly not something that you’re going to want to consume by any means
since it’s been sitting around for such a long time. In reality, the employee even went as far
to mention that the chicken was so stale that it could not even be given to homeless shelters. This is actually a serious issue when you
think about the important aspect of serving food fresh. There’s a good reason behind people freaking
out when they don’t find fresh food in a restaurant and that’s simply due to two
reasons. The first being that it tastes better and
the second, and most important, is food safety. Nasty meat drenched in barbecue sauce to mask
how nasty it is, and then tossed in the heater, does not exactly sound up to code. However, this entire fiasco is likely due
to the classic cost-saving measures that come off as a normal occurrence for fast food joints. The Quesorito from Chipotle While this item is rather unique due to the
ability to have to a burrito with a quesadilla shell, it’s something that will anger both
the employees and customers at the Chipotle restaurant. The simple fact is that it’s going to take
a fair bit of time to actually cook it since the item is less popular, this means that
it’ll not only take longer to prepare for you during a rush, it might also have some
older ingredients in it. You see, if the store is being rushed, you
might find yourself eating some meat or other ingredients that have been sitting outside
the fridge for a rather long time. If this is the case, which it may or not be
since it really depends on the person in the kitchen and the level of care they have for
the customer, you’ll probably find yourself consuming some nasty meat, cheese, and even
vegetables. Despite all of that, you do have one advantage
on your side of the counter. Just ask for it completely fresh each time
your order it. This means that you’ve made a special request
and are aware that it’s going to take some time to make, but at least you know the people
in the kitchen are basically being ordered to cook it up like a new batch. Hopefully, they oblige. The BLT from Steak n Shake Bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, a classic meal
in many restaurants and homes but perhaps not the best thing to have punched into the
order system at your city’s Steak n Shake. Once again an employee described the cost-cutting
monster that everyone is becoming all too familiar with these days. The problem with the sandwich, in this case,
is that it doesn’t actually come with enough ingredients in it. For example, you might find yourself being
cheated out of your four strips of bacon by only getting two. This doesn’t even make the rest of the meal
cheaper for you either, it still remains at around six dollars or so. The simple fact is that some people are paying
for something that they’re not getting. And it’s not like a BLT is that hard to
find elsewhere. Steak n Shake’s handling of the sandwich
is deceptive and will leave the restaurant with a bad reputation in the long run. If people pay for something and their needs
simply aren’t being met, they’ll go somewhere else and spread the bad word about the local
shop that was cheating them of two strips of bacon. That’s half of your promised bacon! It’s practically blasphemy. Tuna sandwiches from Subway Subway is a pretty good sandwich shop, most
people enjoy their foods but according to a few employees, you should probably steer
clear of anything that involves tuna. Their warning stems from experiences and knowledge,
alongside their apparent brand-specific distrust for the substance. In one case, the individual claimed that they
would walk on shift and then simply toss the tuna out by looking at it. What this means is that it was at best several
days old and obviously not something a customer should be served. As for the makeup of the tuna spread, it appears
to be loaded with around eighty percent mayonnaise, which is far from good for our arteries and
something that many people might overlook when eating something believed to be healthier
than a burger. Couple the two together and you’ve basically
got rotten mayonnaise and some bread slapped together. Clearly, the food is far from safe to consume,
and that means anyone who did, either managed to get lucky or suffered the hidden consequences
of their choice. Roast beef from Arby’s There’s a hidden fact over at Arby’s regarding
their roast beef, which many people would not ever believe to arrive in the form of
a meat paste, which apparently solidifies after three hours in an oven. That’s not all though, you might still end
up with some day old roast beef if you manage to show up when the place just opens. Although, in that case, it was simply held
in the heating oven all night. The only thing that might really concern a
customer who’s aware of the roast beef starting state would be why it arrives like that. It might not be fresh since it needs to sit
in the oven for hours on end simply to become entirely edible. As to why it’s arriving in the state that
even supermarket roast beef doesn’t come in, can be tossed up to one possible reason. Simply put, it’s being ordered from a company
that might be sending it in that form to reduce costs. However, there doesn’t appear to be any
huge issue with this for many people as even the employee admitted that the food tasted
good. This translates to the meat being of decent
quality or being handled with care as opposed to being the cheapest of the cheap. Still, food showing up in a form it’s not
normally found in is a little disconcerting. Perkins scrambled eggs Eggs are pretty important but that doesn’t
mean that they’re always safe to consume. When handled incorrectly, it can certainly
cause someone to spend time on the painful side of the bed. In this case, it’s not really how they’re
handled but rather the manner by which they arrived and are left in that can really disgust
someone. Perkins scrambled eggs are said to first sit
in the hot kitchen all day in a five-gallon bucket. Which if that isn’t enough to cause some concern,
the bucket isn’t always emptied; sometimes more eggs are just thrown on top to fill it
up for the coming day. Then there’s the fact that the bucket can
be cleaned out but apparently only when ordered so by the kitchen manager, who seems to operate
on the system of smell to determine if the bucket needs washing. The issue with that system being used is that
it’s not always correct. You see, the egg mixture might smell fine
but still be riddled with bacteria that isn’t visible to the human eye. Following your nose instead of food safety
regulations just doesn’t pass the sniff-test. Stay right here and tap on another one of
our great videos. And for new viewers, don’t forget to swat
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  2. My brother worked at steak n’ shake and he said it is mandatory to put 4 strips of bacon on the blt

  3. The subway tuna was not at the subway I worked at we made it fresh every day

  4. The perkins eggs is not correct I've been at Perkins 11 years and we do not use liquid eggs in the kitchen we have to hand crack each egg to order Every time in a bowl that is iced Every 30 min or more and ice on the eggs in the container we use to make omelettes I've been the kitchen manager 8 years and we are very strict on food safety we don't want to end up like chipotle! IHOP I can tell you uses liquid eggs with pancake batter mixed into the eggs! Supposed to make the eggs fluffy I managed there as well but the difference is IHOP does not take food safety seriously so avoid IHOP at all costs.

  5. at wendys you should avoid the chilly. i was a cook and i personally think is the dirtiest food there. everything else is fresh.

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  7. The Wendy's chili shit is true. The meat is old hamburger meat that can't be sold anymore as burgers. They get reboiled and then dumped into the chili. Enjoy.

    Though, if you're lucky, on days where burgers are flying the Chili has to be made by grilling up fresh burgers and dumping those into the chili instead. Sooo, if you really like the chili then get it on busy days?

  8. I’m a Former McDonald’s employee, The first one is absolutely true also when it’s super busy and someone orders fresh fish and they know it’s been setting in the trays for like 2 plus hours they will take that same fish put it back down in the oil for like one minute to reheat it and pretend it’s fresh (it only takes 3-4 minutes to cook the fish anyways) same with fries when they are busy all they think about is the times and fish is not a big seller unless it’s 2 for $5.00…. also on the ice deal that’s true also they don’t clean it like they are supposed to we have a pop Machine that makes the pop by a computer (as soon as we store your order)so when you order your getting almost a full cup of ice even when you ask for lite ice it still gives you the same amount and most employees are to lazy or busy to pause it and dump some ice out and put it back to fill it up, so in reality your getting a small cup full of pop when you order a large pop because the large is all ice plus that pop machine never works half the time just like the ice cream machine because they are to cheap to buy their employees good working and updated machines! ***didnt mean to put WE when referring to McDonald’s bc I no longer work for that prison***👩🏼‍🍳🤷‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

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  24. used to work at fast food joints like KFC/MCD/Burgerking in Singapore… when a burger is made or fries/chickens are cooked they're left at the heating counters for like 15-25mins tops… if no one buys… we will throw them on the spot…..but some staffs… (during slow days) will keep eating them in secret to avoid food wastage….

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