10 Home Office Makeover ideas

Home offices are often overlooked. Many people think that a home office can be
placed anywhere in their home without a thoughtful design. Just set a desk and an extra chair, and you’re
good to go. Well, that’s not true. Working on a monthly report or pulling an
all nighter is quite stressful. You deserve a more comfortable home office
to perform your tasks better. For example, check out these 10 home office
makeover ideas that can probably boost your mood and alleviate your stress when doing
your job at home. As always, this list is brought to you by
simphome.com 10. Add a Wall Art A piece of wall art can mean the world for
your home office. It can help you overcome the stress by beefing
the stark wall up. More importantly, it can provide an unimpeded
idea that make you finish your job faster. You can choose any wall art you like, from
a large painting or photograph to some pressed plants for a mid-century modern or vintage
style. You can also opt for this woven wall art if
bohemian style is your thing. Any wall art will do. The most important thing is it has to add
a personality boost to your own personal home office. 9. Bohemian Office Home Style Set your crazy ideas free with this bohemian
home office style. There is no strict rule about this style,
which is what makes it wonderful. You can concoct any colour and pattern you
want because more is more. This is not just a place that provides a comfortable
workspace, but also a place where you can be as crazy as you want. Lay a colourful rug on the wooden floor to
keep your feet warm when pulling an all nightery. Don’t forget to mix some patterns and materials
like a leather armchair for a comfortable seat and wooden stools that do double duty
as additional storage solutions and seats. Lastly, you can also add some plants to jazz
it up more. 8. Refresh Your Eyes with Outdoor views When you still have a veritable mountain of
paperwork to do, you deserve a few minutes to take a break. Grab your tea or coffee and please your eyes
with the spectacular view. For this reason, the location of your home
office plays a crucial role. Try to place the desk by the window or glass
door. It will allow you to give yourself a view
when you think you need to escape from the pressure for a little while. Besides, placing the desk by the window also
allows you to get sufficient natural light and fresh air that good for your mood. 7. Home Office Idea for Limited Space Apartment dwellers know how it feels to get
by with limited space. They don’t have enough space for a comfortable
bedroom, let alone a perfect home office where they can do their job comfortably. If that’s your case too, merge your empty
corner with your bedroom by investing in a loft bed. The loft bed allows you to have an extra room
under the bed. And this space is perfect for a private home
office. After you construct your bunkbed. You just need to place a desk and chair in
it. it would be better if the desk has some shelves
to store your files and books. Lastly, Caution: Low Ceiling: Watch your head. 6. Hang a Chalkboard One of the must-have items of an office home
is a memo. But, instead of hanging a corkboard that reminds
you to do several things, you can try this multipurpose chalkboard idea. This chalkboard enables you to jot down any
important thing that you don’t want miss or forget. Just make sure the chalk is within your reach. Another fantastic thing about this chalkboard
is it features some small shelves that you can use to store important letters, bills,
and notes. If you are into DIY project, this one is for
you because it is DIY friendly. 5. Incorporate your Storage Space Storage space is very important in a home
office. You don’t want your paperwork to scatter
on your desk, do you? If carpentry isn’t your thing, at least,
you can have a custom desk made. This desk provides all you need to do your
job comfortably. It features ample storage space that you can
use to store your books and stationery without gobbling up a lot of space. These four small buckets do not come with
this desk. They are just additional storage that host
your pens and pencils. You just need to attach a rod on the wall,
add four S hooks, make a hole in each bucket, then hang the buckets. 4. Hang Motivational Quotes Some people may think that motivational quotes
are not more than decorative but empty sentences. However, nothing could be further from the
truth. For the people with positive minds, motivational
quotes are part of mental transformation and attitude. Therefore, hanging motivational quotes in
your home office is such a worth-trying idea. You can write down any motivational quotes
you have heard from your friends or parents, or you can also search them on the internet. You can print and attach them on the wall
along with some decorative elements. These quotes will act as a mood booster that
always remind you about your ultimate goal. 3. Enliven It with Plants Natural elements like plants have never failed
to enhance the good vibes in any room including your home office. Try investing in some indoor plants like snake
plants, spider plants, and devil’s ivy for your home office. They will not only add a lively lift to it,
but also purify the air. 2. Hang Some Photos There are many things that encourage people
to perform better in their job. It can be their family or dream. And memories are sometimes brilliant way to
level up anyone mood. If this idea attracts your attention to try,
some strings and clothespins are all you need. If you want to keep your memories private,
hang some photos of any place you are going to visit or dream to visit. It is a simple idea that can be effective
motivation booster for you. To make it more appealing, arrange some jute
threads at the bottom of each photo, and attach them using coloured tape to get a BOHO style. And lastly number 1, Decorate Your Filing
Cabinet An ordinary filing cabinet usually features
metal finish which is a dime a dozen. Why do you have to stick to that mundane look
if you can have a more attractive filing cabinet for your personal office? To get this look, you just need to apply two
coats of primer onto your cabinet, then add two coats of country chic chalk paint. Place the stencil on the surface of the cabinet
and begin to press the end of foam roller down right onto the stencil. For the finishing touch, apply clear acrylic
sealer. So, you know that working at home is not just
about getting your job done, but also seeking the ultimate comfort that you can’t get
from the office. I hope some of these ideas will be part of
your dream realization and until that time stick with channel for more inspiring videos.

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