10 Secrets Taco Bell Employees Will Never Tell You

What is it about Taco Bell that keeps people
coming back? It could be the fact that unlike other places that sell fast food, Taco Bell
is endlessly innovating and always coming up with new ideas. It could also be that people
really are living by Taco Bell’s old slogan and thinking outside the bun. They want something
other than the same old burgers they keep getting everywhere else. They want something
new and exciting. They want a taco shell made out of Dorito! So let’s bite into the top
ten secrets Taco Bell employees will never tell you. Dip everything at Taco Bell in nacho cheese Nacho cheese is the kind of magical thing
that everyone loves (well, as long as they’re not lactose intolerant). It’s gooey, cheesy
goodness that perfectly drapes over everything like edible velvet. That is doubly true for
the nacho cheese that you can get with your meal at Taco Bell. Sure, it may come in a
bag that gets poured into the dispenser by the employees, but look past the fact that
this cheese is probably very artificial and focus on the fact that it tastes delicious.
As it turns out, one of the greatest things people discovered about this sauce is that
you can and should dip absolutely everything in it. Yeah, that’s right. Dip anything from
Taco Bell in that nacho cheese sauce, and bam! You’ve got yourself a whole new treat
on your hands. Burrito? Dip it in cheese. Taco? Dip it in cheese. Quesadilla? You best
believe you should be dipping that thing in cheese. If you’re not coating everything you
get from Taco Bell in nacho cheese, then you are really not living your best life. It is
the secret to a great meal for cheap. On top of that, you can just get the cheese sauce
and pour it on something else, like McDonald’s fries. Cheese fries, anyone? Boom! Now you’re
living the dream, the Taco Bell nacho cheese dream. Taco Bell cinnamon twists Taco Bell might not exactly be known for its
signature desserts, but rest assured, like any other good fast food restaurant, you can
certainly satisfy your sweet tooth there. Sure, you might not be able to get a waffle
taco anymore, but you can still get the cinnamon twists. If you’ve never had them, then let
us describe them to you. They are little, crunchy twists that are tossed with cinnamon
and sugar, and they are completely delicious. You might think that making something so good
would be a whole complicated process, but you would be wrong. That’s because the secret
to the cinnamon twists is that they are just rotini pasta that has been deep fried. That’s
right, the dessert that everyone goes crazy for after they’ve finished their encharito (we’ll
get to that in a moment) is simply deep fried pasta tossed with cinnamon and sugar. Does
that mean you could make the cinnamon twists yourself at home? Absolutely it does! Of course,
it might just be better to trust the professionals at Taco Bell to do it for you. After all,
deep frying in your home can be messy and time-consuming. Plus, you can always grab
some of your other favorites while you’re at it. Order the Taco Bell Enchirito Every fast food place has a secret menu. Sure,
there is the front-facing menu that everyone is used to, that has all the familiar favorites
on it, but lurking just beneath that menu is an entire world of new possibilities for
customers to try. There are plenty of places that will be happy to make secret menu items,
and Taco Bell is one of them. However, the most famous of these secret menu items might
just be the enchirito. If you’ve never heard of this secret menu item, then allow us to
shed some light on it for you. The enchirito, as its name suggests, is a combination of
a burrito and an enchilada. As most Taco Bell fans know, the restaurant does not feature
a classic enchilada on its menu, so this is basically like having one made for you with
all of the ingredients the staff have available to them. It’s a beef, beans, and cheese burrito
smothered in that signature Taco Bell red sauce and cheese. Yes, you have to eat it
with a fork (although some ambitious individuals might go for it with their hands), but it
is definitely worth it. Make any order vegetarian at Taco Bell Fast food hasn’t always been great to vegetarians.
Some places have caught on and started offering veggie burgers (there is now also the major
trend of burgers that are “plant-based” but greatly resemble actual beef). Taco Bell was
way ahead of the curve on this front, though. For years, people have been able to get the
Taco Bell food they know and love but with beans substituted for the beef. That means
that pretty much anything available at Taco Bell can be made into a vegetarian option.
You can get a regular taco filled with beans instead of beef. And if you’re really hungry
for carbs, you can ask for potatoes as a substitute for beef. Basically, anything at Taco Bell
can satisfy a vegetarian who doesn’t want to give up on tacos, burritos, or quesadillas. That’s
sort of the beauty of Taco Bell. The food might not always be pretty, and it certainly
received a lot of flack in the past for certain ingredients, but the truth is that Taco Bell,
more than any other fast food institution, is trying to serve everyone, and if that is
not a major display of food democracy, then we don’t know what is! The Taco Bell spicy ranch is the same as Baja
sauce At any fast food restaurant, there are fan
favorites that come and go. McDonald’s has its McRib, Wendy’s has its bacon mushroom
melt, and now even the KFC Double Down has been added to the list of constantly disappearing
and re-appearing fast food. Of course, some fan favorites stay gone forever. When that
happens, it’s like a tragedy. It leaves a hole in your life that cannot be filled.
It’s the kind of thing that can supremely ruin your day (or, at the very least, your
lunch hour). However, sometimes your favorite things will make their way back into your
life, even if you don’t realize it. For example, Taco Bell fans must remember the famous Baja
sauce: a creamy yet spicy topping that was absolutely perfect on almost anything. And
yet, if you try to find it at any Taco Bell now, you will be truly disappointed, as it
has been taken off of the menu. Fear not, though! For Baja sauce never really left.
Instead, it became what is now known as spicy ranch! That’s right, the Baja sauce you loved
all along was really just ranch with a little bit of hot sauce mixed into it, and the spicy
ranch that is now available at Taco Bell is exactly the same. As they say, a Baja sauce
by any other name is just as sweet. Ask for a specific amount of Taco Bell sauces As we may have revealed with our point about
Baja sauce, it’s the sauces that make everything at Taco Bell extra special. Look, we know
the food itself is pretty great, but without those little packets of heaven, nothing tastes
quite as good. So what have you got to choose from in the sauce department, anyway? Well,
you have the mild and hot sauces, which are obviously great choices on their own. The
mild delivers a hint of heat with that signature tanginess, while the hot really amps things
up by increasing the spice. Then, you can go even further with the fire sauce, which
is so spicy that not many people can handle it. Beyond that, you’re dealing with Diablo
sauce, the spiciest packet they offer. Of course, if you’re really an individual, you
can go with something more flavorful like the salsa verde or the breakfast salsa, both
of which offer unique flavor without burning off your precious taste buds. Of course, when
asking for these sauces with your meal, it can be a little disappointing when you don’t
end up with enough. So what do you do? Well, instead of asking for “a lot” of sauce of
packets, ask for a specific number. Say you want 10, or 15, or 30, and the staff at Taco
Bell will be more than happy to cram a whole handful of sauces into your to-go bag. That’s
how you get the flavor you’re looking for! Exact weight at Taco Bell Have you ever looked at the tacos you got
from Taco Bell and wondered how every single one comes out the exact same as all the others?
Well, there’s a very simple reason for that. Even though it seems like Taco Bell is a fun,
loose, do what you want kind of atmosphere, the truth is actually far different. As it
turns out, every item at Taco Bell is made on a scale, with each ingredient needing to
be weighed out in exact measurements. That means that every taco, quesadilla, and burrito,
is built according to very strict weight guidelines. The staff is rigorously trained in how to
do this. According to a former manager from Taco Bell, if a food item is off by more than
.3 ounces, it has to be thrown away and rebuilt. This means that all of the ingredients must
be added in exact increments. So the next time you think to yourself that working at
Taco Bell must be so easy, just remember that the staff members go through a lot to get
every item on the menu exactly right for their customers. This means that they have to make
a lot of mistakes and really learn the technique before they’re able to do it without thinking. Substitute Doritos in your Taco Bell nachos As we all know, Doritos are basically the
best snack food that money can buy. They are crunchy, coated in flavor powder, and are
pretty much the perfect chip for any occasion. So how can anyone possibly make Doritos better?
Well, let’s first talk about the flawed logic of that question. You see, You don’t make
Doritos better, Doritos make everything else better. This is doubly true for one of the
signature dishes at Taco Bell: their nachos. There’s a secret to making them better that
is so obvious you might kick yourself if you haven’t thought of it yet. You can substitute
Doritos for the regular corn chips in your Taco Bell nachos. Yes, it’s true. You can
take out the plain, old tortilla chips that normally get smothered in cheese and other
toppings and instead have the staff fill your dish with nacho cheese Doritos. Some places
have actually already done this (there’s even a name for this particular type of culinary
mix-up: “Dorachos”), but at Taco Bell, it’s up to you, the customer, to make sure the
staff knows that this is what you want. And trust us, it is definitely something that
you will want to try. Taco Bell staff make their own crazy items While Taco Bell customers certainly enjoy
eating the food, it’s really the staff who get the most out of the standard ingredients
found behind the counter of any location. Sure, when they go on their lunch break, they
could go somewhere else for a change of pace. After all, how many tacos could you possibly
want to eat after making them all day? However, the staff have figured out something that
only a handful of customers have come to realize: there is so much that you can do with Taco
Bell ingredients. According to a former Taco Bell manager, when the staff members make
themselves something to eat on their break, it is pretty much never something that is
a regular menu item. The staff will take a ton of liberties with what the ingredients
are meant for. They might make a Mexican pizza on a flatbread so that it resembles an actual
pizza. Or, they might take some Doritos Locos shells, crush them up, and make a delicious
nacho/burrito bowl with them. They might even just start layering a bunch of shells on top
of one another. The point is that with taco ingredients and an endless supply of imagination,
anything can be possible. The staff members have proven this time and time again by coming
up with some truly insane ideas. Some of them are so good, they should be on the menu for
real! Of course, you don’t even need them to be menu items, because… Customize anything and everything at Taco
Bell Burger King may tell it’s customers to have
it their way, and Subway may let people convince themselves that they are making their sandwich
themselves, but out of all of the fast food restaurants, Taco Bell is the king of customization.
It may not seem like it, but Taco Bell is the kind of place that encourages its customers
to get creative. There are plenty of secret menu items that have sprung forth from the
creativity of Taco Bell patrons, but even if something isn’t on the secret menu, it
can still be yours to have. All you have to do is imagine it. According to a former Taco
Bell manager, the restaurant is one of those places where the customers really do feel
free to mix and match all kinds of things on the menu, and due to the unique point of
sale system, it’s really easy for Taco Bell employees to figure out what is going on every
item and how much to charge. Yes, you do get up-charged sometimes, but at the end of the
day, isn’t paying a little more to get exactly what you want always worth it? After all,
you’ll walk out of there with a smile on your face and a bag full of delicious goodness
that will fill your stomach and your soul. We’ve got more great videos for you to fill
up with. All you need to do is point and click. And if you want to become an official BabbleTopper,
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