100 thoughts on “10 times Trump downplayed the coronavirus

  1. He's making the same mistakes of the italian government. Here's really a mess and right now only the richest parts of the country (those with the best hospitals) have been involved, as soon as the virus will hit the south it will be a tragedy in terms of number of deaths. Do NOT underestimate this thing, it's not a joke.

  2. You're all blind
    This is not political. This is a serious virus much like influenza. Its comming on fast and we need to do our best to get it under control. This is a global problem all these countries should have met months ago instead of acting like microbes won't spread. It's going to get worse and then better. We just need to keep casualties down.

  3. all of those were lies by fake news media. I am Intellectual Trumpster and I can refute every stupid thing that liberals say.

  4. Trump is an uneducated classless migrant offspring moron he's no grasp of the situation in hand

  5. and his supporters will say he went with what he knew to be correct at the time

  6. I think the coronavirus will become a real deal/crisis if he catches it (not that I want him to lol, I dont want anyone to contract such a disease)

  7. 1:17 – We can clearly see you made a cut there that takes it entirely out of context. This is scummy of WP. (not a trump supporter)

  8. According to the ones in charge and the Washington Post Articles we should:

    1. Sing "happy birthday" while washing our hands.
    2. Don't think about boosting our immune system with herbal or natural things, eat fiber and fruit alone…nothing else.
    3. Send our children to school.
    4. Flights, cruises still available.

    All the while in the middle of a global pandemic with no vaccine or cure. And if you try to help others with tips outside of what THEY tell you, you'll be shadow banned on wordpress, silenced on Twitter and YouTube. While people online wait for orders like sheep to be lead to the slaughter and won't even consider helping one another spread the word to GIVE THEMSELVES and LOVED ONES A FIGHTING CHANCE.

    GOT IT!

    Godspeed 🦠🦠🦠🌍🇺🇸😷

  9. Thousands of tissues will be lost if someone doesn't start taking this seriously!!!!!!!!!!!! A runny nose is nothing to take lightly!!!

  10. Evident President Hunch and VP Ummm are the greatest stable Geniuses. It’s Hoax and its gonna cost $$$$$ for test kits. Forget about the millions of Americans that lost their health insurance. Pharmaceutical Companies gotta earn.

  11. How cam anyone support this man. He can't even do a speech. He doesn't finish sentences bc he doesn't know what he is even talking about so when he realizes this he just stops and says something else. A very incompetent man.

  12. Isn't it funny. Trump's recent statements have been made because of criticism and false reporting by the MSM who take these statements, cook them down, and try to use them against him.

  13. We no longer live in an era where the government can lie about a virus to "keep people calm". He should have been up front and honest about this outbreak. How blind are you, his supporters, to not realize that he has lied about the severity of this virus? I mean, its no marburg or Ebola with a 90% fatality rate, its at 3.4% currently. The flu is around .1%. Still way deadlier than the flu. And extremely contagious. We have so few cases because trump wont allow mass scale testing and also because he cut millions from the cdc who is meant for this. But yeah sure. Keep believing he has your best interest in mind. You can't hide A contagious virus from the population. So he is only trying to discredit and sow doubt which is dangerous when trying to contain a virus. The risk of it spreading becomes dangerously high with that type of ignorance.

  14. ladies and gentlemen, 45:
    "Who know health care could be so complicated!"
    "The Mexicans will pay for the wall."
    "Who knew hurricane's could be so wet?!"
    "Everyone, look up at the beautiful solar eclipse!"

  15. Kem Senou Pavel Daryl, a 21-year-old Cameroon national studying in China, became ill after contracting coronavirus and was hospitalized. His recovery was the result of a superior immune system possessed by people hailing from African countries.

    As BBC News reported, Senou recovered after being placed in isolation for 13 days. “The CT scan showed no trace of the illness. He became the first African person known to be infected with the deadly coronavirus and the first to recover. His medical care was covered by the Chinese state.”

  16. Not surprising… the shite for brains Trump thinks the kidneys are located in the heart. Yep… he's that stupid. Look it up. Trump supporters, do all us intelligent people a favor and burn your voter registration card. You're too stupid to be trusted with a vote.

  17. Is anybody really surprised with his bluster and incompetence?

  18. A bullshit artist trying to bullshit something that's cant be bullshitted

  19. "We're ordering alot of different elements of medical". SMH. God help us all.

  20. Trump is more concerned about how all this affects him politically than any concern for the American public. Elect a sociopath and that's what you get. If Trump or someone in his family gets this disease you can bet they'll be a more serious reaction.

  21. Next time you want an update on the Coronavirus, ask a First Grader.

  22. That dislike ratio says it all! I think it's fair to say that you aren't giving your viewers what they want! If only YouTube could be an echo chamber like you want it to be! Hahahaha

  23. Everyone needs to just relax & take it easy. Our great very transparent ""HONEST"" president is a self admitted like really smart stable genius is in the oval office right this minute developing a cure for this Democratic hoax of a virus.

  24. 12,469 Americans died from the Swine Flu while Obama was the President. NOBODY, including Republicans, blamed Obama. To date, 12 Americans have died from the Coronavirus and Democrats and the mainstream media are working overtime to blame Trump. Reasonable, informed Americans will not forget this, come November.

  25. Yes, Washington POST FAKE news, the mainstream media is using Corona virus and spreading panic to crash the economy and to impact the next election, how about just educate people about prevention and detection, more people in the U.S died from the regular FLU in 2020 alone , than people that died from contracting Corona Virus in the entire world, FACT CHECK THAT.

  26. Hasta la vista, Velveeta Vesuvius….and take Moscow Mitch and Kavanaugh Susan with you !

  27. It should be downgraded this whole coronavirus bullshit is absolutely crazy! Statistically the coronavirus is basically a zero compared to other viruses that death can occur with.

  28. Lol! Hey libtards – call me when 18,000, 000 are dead as was the case with the Spanish flu. This is already turning into a big nothing burger.

  29. Meanwhile, back in the land of the real news: 5,000 people died today from the common flu.

  30. Still only 720,000 testing kits in the country being allocated to whom and how fast to the day can we expect the testing kits for the entire nation? It can safely be said Trump, the whimsical inept leader is laughable if not so pathetic, the country knows our clown in chief at the helm is mentally impaired. "It's going to disappear one day like a miracle" disappear one day like a miracle? The salesman preacher comes out hitting back picking out several for scapegoating, to take the  blame and now spouting a democrat conspiracy and other lies all without a shred of evidence. As for his epidemiological knowledge he claims to be on the level of the scientists, his gift for this field of science coming to him naturally as a gift from God. Can we believe him to lead us during a national coronavirus pandemic, can his words as a leader be trusted, can his words and be taken in good faith as meant to protect the American people. The public waits for progressive leadership keeping their faith and belief in an unhinged mind… we're playing catch up far behind the curve, only time will tell. Possibly, an inveterate liar's words and coronavirus progress will convert to focusing on the nation, the people, the testing kits and tripling plans for testing now not months from now. Yes, Trump is right in that its going to need a miracle

  31. Everyone one of you in the comments that look up the the government to protect you is the problem with this world.. I dont care who you support. They promise the world and deliver NOTHING.. Trump cant and wont save you, neither will Hillary.

  32. Coronavirus México tiene la cura un mexicano se acaba de dar cuenta que descubrió la fórmula para una vacuna contra el Coronavirus

  33. Mexicano que descubre la cura para esta enfermedad y otras más está mañana se dió cuenta de la fórmula después de muchos ensayos con su propio cuerpo pero ay un problema es indocumentado no puede renovar su tarjeta verde porque es una carga pública y será deportado en los siguientes días y se llevará con el la fórmula para su país México la fórmula del Coronavirus y quizás no vuelva jamás a este país

  34. The way he is handling this is dangerous. We should have been ready for this. The US government watched this virus for weeks and did not prepare. This does fall on the Trump administration. He clearly doesn’t know how to handle this situation.

  35. He got it at CPAC from his sycophants licking his hand……….Typhoid Larry.

  36. What was he supposed to do running around tell you the skys falling. He's just trying to keep everybody calm.when he banned all Chinese flights he caught so much hell for doing that he was called prejudice and everything else you can't have it both ways

  37. This Corona Virus is PURE BS! It's a desperate last ditch attempt at hurting our brilliant President.The Russian HOAX didn't work, All of the Dem schemes backfired uuugely. Hundreds of thousands of people die from pneumonia, bronchitis,asthma and other lung related problems every year! WHY is this not a PANDEMIC? Why is Fake News media not shoving this down our throats? Politicizing and intentionally causes world wide panic is going to back fire in the Deep State EVIL globalists faces! SHAME!

  38. Proportionally this is not a huge pandemic. YOU the media are causing the panic you idiots!!!

  39. "I think treatment might be even more exciting"

    Exciting? What a word to use… He's never played with a full deck.

  40. You idiots still support this guy? Are you serious? Blind leading the blind

  41. Good thing we have self interested politicians to curb all the disinformation being spread by trained medical scientists.

  42. This is a hoax perpetuated by rich people to manipulate the stock market. Always look for the money when hysteria is present.

  43. Such a fool honest this man has nooo idea just his ego in the room is all he wants for once let the experts do what thry do

  44. This is all the Moron Trump supporters fault. He has no right to be President and their stupidity put him here and now when faced with something like this we’re being led by a man who has no business running a lemonade stand let alone a country of 400 million people. God help us. Forgive them father for they no not what they have done. Dumbasses

  45. 5g the plan to cull the population of the world then a cashless society centralised banking and eventually a world army based in palestine wait and see….its all coming israel with control the world and is already doing so.

  46. Everybody did. Not a single leader except Kim Jong Un did something before it got crazy.

  47. And the WAPO is a left winged everything. Stop taking comments out of context

  48. It will disappear….
    From our shores it could get worse before it gets better or it could go away…
    Nobody really knows what will happen… ALL IN THE SAME SENTENCE @ :44

  49. I love how the easily offended right wingers are disliking this video and disliking facts. We can never trust right wingers again.

  50. I guess China didnt like the Trade deals…
    Everyone is so focused on Trump, He doesnt know more than anyone else and why should he?
    Which other politician would know more about a Virus that started 3 months ago?
    Military Leaders dont Panic the troops, they calm them down. Yeah he is not smooth…we all know that? Im gonna focus on Family, you all should too. Be safe

  51. Lot of people??? Thinks it goes away in April.. who's a lot of people? It's like a miracle ? WTF wrong with him

  52. It's all overhyped BS to get people freaking out about healthcare, and scare them into voting for Sanders and his garbage policies.

  53. “Fake Newz. Coronavirus is just another lib hoax. Like evolution, the solar system, or dietary fiber.”

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