100 Layers Challenge vs An Actual Firefighter!

this is 100 layers we are going to be going through a
hundred layers now Marco here it’s going to be going through things he does on
the job on the regular basis narwhals not that’s it that’s it let’s use that
for sure absolutely wait what we’re gonna call it the
piercer thank you ready for the piercer so do you have any coaching for going
through a hundred layers of foam let’s just say let’s put it through the middle
I’m gonna I’m gonna throw it yeah hey I was gonna run towards the foam do that
let’s try your way first and they less who happens oh okay I think I went
through all of them what do you think Marco oh my goodness I literally made it
just right for ya you guess how’d you get story the force of chain with I’m
strong don’t do this at home guys everyone watch out I’m a lefty I’m
uncoordinated I got lost on my drive here so this is not throw it like a
football look everyone get far away take like a little step back and then throw
it like a dime oh I’ve never thrown a job I know you keep saying like a
javelin she does not like those guys but now we’re going straight oh yeah I’m
actually shocked I did anything did it go through to save all six now do you do
you think you could make it through the hundred layers absolutely I want to see
it the first one today we’re gonna do that you do your technique I believe in
you fancy oh he’s fancy it definitely wasn’t
the night definitely Oh 40 minute oh I want you to choose what should we try I
want to see oh I want to spin okay leave a like on this video to give me
confidence because I’ve never done this before
no go for it you just throw it no no other technique just lick the
wrist that’s all your dough just flick the wrist once you let it go like
basketball pretty much get the watch out I think those are the only Oh keep
basketball on the side okay go Rangers Oh
Rangers yeah I think we shouldn’t move on to something he does on the job
Steven you do you trust me with this power tool first time I’ve ever used a chain we use
those on roofs and we use as well as our axis so you got to rev it up first and
then go but you never I’m really powerful I also say I think you’re on a
power trip am the first weapon to break down a door
are you ready Margo I was born go away set okay we’ve got to up our game that
was too easy for him throwing axes I believe in you I believe in you you think baseball style it’s pretty but
that’s different I have never experienced anything like that how do
you usually get their doors no absolutely no way to do it how I do it
that was time to get it through with the height yeah I believe in you so maybe we
should throw it don’t that way I don’t try to dangerous there we try something
there you’re making me nervous ha ha wait this one’s literally about to come
through the door if this did this well how good do you think that acts will be
let’s find out yeah I think it’s time to up the ante Marco what do you typically
use this for breaking through doors okay can also as you know steering me
around and a fire when I can’t see this is like the extension of my arm when I’m
on the ground I’m searching so I use it for breaking things ugly face and
navigating I think he’s gonna break down the door like that yeah we’re gonna see
it before I want this door down down Gordo
yeah yeah we can’t go through this door yes kittens are in there kittens are a
little dull yeah Oh is destroyed he saved the kitten
so Marco before we go to the next 100 layers I would just like to inform you
no trees were harmed in the making of this bill I appreciate that
this is a hundred layers of paper what do you think I should try to hit it
through first you become a beast no I’m not
professional enough for this okay I’m gonna run with it I think you do yeah oh
wait so how am I gonna do this Marco Justice I would say so turn it this way
and you want to take it that way so when you pull back you can break through you
get it again if you need to take another hack at it it’s like okay higher and
then you want to let that go and whereas you’re going in the fly back to back do
you guys every yeah oh but you gotta go way harder than that how many layers is
that it just crumpled it’s all gone trees are really strong apparently I can’t even he’s laughing at me you know
no laughing let’s do it sore okay okay I’m so what is it’s called a machete
shake everyone watch out you know don’t run with scissors don’t run with
machetes Bri literally in your last 100th layer video you said that you
would run out an enemy with a machete that’s the way to go okay if you have
someone attacking you just spear or pepper spray that word
okay what is the technique here Marco like you say you run Adam I was right
he’s now we’re gonna test our hypothesis this way or this way I would say that
way on your mark get set someone’s attacking you I have it turning pink
there 3 2 1 machete that’s a lot of guys but we’ve got to get through it I have a
machete currently and Marissa’s gonna take the mission yeah I feel so
insufficient right now I play Minecraft so I use kick axes all the time now you
want to actually get like a good swing on this and so we actually want to just
you know blow it up right yeah hold it up and just go load it up go for we got like one leg going on okay so you
went through a hundred layers of paper how easy do you think it is to break
through a window before Marco breaks through a window what should they do
subscribe it’s our time o ricochet so I’m guessing if you’re in a fire you
shouldn’t use this to break down a window definitely not
well not you would use a football we can try a football oh yeah yes you know many
times I got in trouble as a kid break it through a window with a football I don’t think that’s normal glass you
know what it’s it’s um it’s football proof
yeah it’s bugs can’t even get through here
yeah every toy to the cold oh yes official countdown for the window and one of the coolest things to know though
is firefighters we don’t break windows because it kind of messes up the
ventilation so once you introduce air to a fire that’s actually part of the fire
triangle and the fire triangle is heat fuel which is whatever’s boring burned
and oxygen so that can be very dangerous breaking a window don’t do this at home
kids like that no are you ready this is a hundred layers of saran wrap
let’s go a lot of chickens have been wrapped in this material and now I’m
trying to cut through it we’re gonna cut short I’m gonna get to that chicken I
want to throw the spear again he’s gonna ask what’s the weapon of choice so I
have to throw the spear then I believe in the B oh I’m gonna keep like that I
believe in the B these are legit reminds me of Anthony I’m just saying wing I
wanna say wait I mean the harder you can and hope for the best
it might go anyway guys if you have used a ninja star before like you have to
comment down below and give me some techniques because this is not gonna
look how bout a way he’s standing from you oh my goodness
hey I just closed my eyes you can’t drone yeah I’ll get it this time she’s
filling out believing to be right feeling it I’m feeling it oh my Holly
yeah firefighting love it’s got two ears of clubs occupation are you I’m learning
so much today the wild breaking thing it’s a great combo yeah that’s what my
mom always told me I’m gonna be the coach aim thank you sir that’s all
that’s all I have realist aim in the middle the middle in the middle he Moody okay those are like right next to each
other this thing is strong in there pretty good though really are 20 I’m an
official rough okay I’ve never shot one of these before and
I don’t know if I’m shaking because of nerves or because it’s heavy nervous
that’s what we call bull’s eye I have to look did it make it through all the
layers work up let’s find out and for more okay Ruth you’ve got this we both got the center look at us
exactly actually oh my gosh it’s literally the same that’s the crazy
things at the side that I had to go do – now we have one more even more
impressive thing left mmm are you ready to break through a roof let’s do it
that’s good like it’s just a normal day on the job thank you
no Marco yes what would you typically use to destroy a roof I don’t
necessarily want to destroy the roof since I’m standing on it right so I
would use a chain saw to cut it open but if we didn’t have a chainsaw I would
have to use my axe and the funny part is I wouldn’t use this side I would use a
flat head side so we’re going to try to do that today and this is probably the
hardest way a firefighter can get through a roof Oh Marco what is the
tallest Ruth you think you’ve ever had to climb about 60 feet 60 yeah it was
apartments like top floor so it was really high up there okay you totally
got this that was crazy well you guys I think
we’re definitely states if we call a fighter

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