12 Funny Ways to Deal with Horror Movies

*Theme Song plays* *Cheery Tone with Guitar* *Knocks on door sound* ..I heard something… that’s right! turn around! whatever you do don’t look behind you. Freddy is a loony! Freddy is a loony! (menacing laughs) never taunt weird-looking kids. who knows what monsters he or she might grow up into. your chances of survival increase if you’re… a nerd or an unpopular girl. over 100% if you are a beefy alpha male, a cheerleader captain or just someone’s friend sorry! no chance. if you are driving through a forest at night and you get a punctured tire, don’t leave the car to change it. screw the damn thing! you’ll still get to where you’re going! we all stick together OK?! if some guy proposes that the group should split up, punch him right in the face right away. (maracas shake) hey, come out already! if you suddenly hear strange noises in the night, don’t get out of bed to investigate. just go back to sleep… Jake come on! wait a minute! i’ll just check his pulse! if the manic seems to be dead, don’t hang around – run! right, I’ve still got leggings and underwear on. this should give me enough time to get in the car. put on as many clothes as possible. Mary, let us in! another one! yummy! never lock your friends out while trying to hide in a (supposedly) safer room. (chainsaw roars) Hello, police?! make sure your phone is always fully charged. closed what the… it’s locked! still no luck! open, Damn you!! always lock all the doors in the house.

100 thoughts on “12 Funny Ways to Deal with Horror Movies

  1. 1:21
    Fololo: Falala, we gotta split up
    Falala: WHAT? Punches in the face NO!
    Edit: Episode 9, Kirby anime XD

  2. Couple nights ago it felt as something yanked my foot as if trying to pull me off my bed so I checked a few minutes later from not looking and there was no one, couple minutes later I try to go to bed again this time I felt as if I lost control of my body and something else took it and then my body slammed into the wall near my bed

  3. If Mr. Psychokiller is sprawled on the ground before you, empty several magazines of ammo into his head and heart, dose him with gasoline, light him on fire, and finally have Charlie Sheen snort the ashes.

  4. However, in our school the socially awkward and nerdy kids are popular.

    So my chances of survival are 50/50….

  5. Based on the thumbnail, just turn 2 tvs together so she'll crawl into the other one

  6. I always have a crossbow made from pens next to me in case I need to shoot someone. The expired pens are the arrows

  7. But, I 💖 HORROR MOVIES 👻 & I do not get nightmares or afraid of ghosts. My cooking is more horrible!

  8. I’m kind of a nerd but 99% unpopular gurl because of my religion and how I look. I’m pretty, btw, so people r probably jealous

  9. someones friend
    So u r telling me that I can’t have a friend to survive a horror movie?

    But for the stick together part, r they ur friends or not?

  10. Horror movie logic is awful. And if I’m ever in a scary situation with a group, and that one person says oh let’s slit up’ They will have a bloody nose by the end of the night




  12. Killer: Look behind you"

    Me: Nah fam nah how bout ypu get in front of me"

    Killer: gets infront of me

    Me: turns around

  13. If the maniacs dead get your friends hold him down punch him ten times in the face get his knife and finish the job

  14. 0:26 is pretty disrespectful, knowing that my sister's face is deformed and when she saw this, she burst into tears because she thought she was going to turn into a monster when she grew up too. I'm unsubscribing for this reason.

  15. never taunt weird looking kids, because that’s mea-
    no because they might turn into a monster

  16. Ok this just revealed the plot of every horror movie ever

    i just watched a creepy movie and i watched this to calm myself and now im cracking up. Still terrified tho and i have a question: why does the bathroom always terrify ppl who just watched a horror movie or are scared

  17. When someone tries to climb out of your tv grab the tv and throw it out the window and there problem solved

  18. See something move? Flip it off. It makes no sense, but I feel less scared when I do it. Lol I have been doing it since 6th grade

  19. Just put the TV on the edge of a well so she will be stuck on that spot forever

  20. wow it is so scray😷😷😷😷😈😈😵😵😵😵

  21. friend: hey yo lets split up
    *punches in face*
    friend 2: what was that for?
    me: uhhhhh bright side

  22. Are you trying us to face the fear or make us more feared???😅🤔😑

  23. Some horror stories:
    🔪tomorrow is Monday
    🔪tik tok
    🔪I fogort my homework
    🔪I fell my pocket and I don't find my phone
    🔪I see a spider on my bed and it disappeared the next second


  24. Well there's a finally a reason to have only 2 friend cause I only have 2 friend

  25. I'm the hash slinging slasher
    I just knocked on ur door

  26. Jeezus, Is it just me or at 2:02 did you get a jumpscare?

  27. 2:00 OHGODFUCK-AAAAH! why does this just suddenly play music?!

  28. I'm unpopular in school and I'm sometimes a nerd but I have friends… So does that mean I get a 50/50?

  29. When the music started oh god just never do that again

  30. OMG I put my volume all the way up cause I couldn’t hear anything and all of a sudden 2:02 OMG HOLY

  31. I had a mini heart attack when the sound just came out of nowhere!

  32. There was no audio for a long time and I got a jump scare when it turned back on helppp

  33. i was on edge and the sudden audio coming back just made me jump so high

  34. If you hear strange noises coming from the basement, baricade it immediately

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