2019 Business Partnerships of the Year

(upbeat music) – You wanna hold it? (laughing) That was funny. – Hi, my name is Danielle
Thompson with Bubbles Hair Salon in Stonebridge. We provide a range of
services to cut, style, color, texture and treat you hair. Bubbles Hair Salons
guarantee their clients excellent stylists, quality services, the greatest value for the price, and the finest selection
of hair care products. We assure your complete satisfaction. – That’s the most hair I’ve seen ever. – [Stylist] Come off of your head, huh? – [Danielle] In partnership
with Principal Doctor Andy Jacks at Ashton Elemetary, we provided sensory friendly
haircuts for children with special needs who may
struggle to get a haircut at a salon. We created an in-classroom
salon equipped with salon chairs and even a waiting room, providing a safe and calm
environment for students. We at Bubbles Hair Salon
work with the Ashland trained educators to eliminate the trauma students may experience and
offered a positive environment to receive a stylish haircut, increasing student confidence, which in turn helps contribute
to the academic success. (upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Tim Cropp, General Manager of CroppMetcalfe Services. CroppMetcalfe has served the
HVAC, plumbing, pest control and electrical needs of the customers in the Washington DC area since 1979. We are always in need
of driven individuals to join our team and
the industry as a whole. Recently, we partnered
with the Prince William County Schools’ Office of
Career and Technical Education to provide students with the resources for career readiness in
the plumbing industry – Now this half, a lot of
the pin holes like this, it’s just a small little pin hole and sometimes that happens. – We provided youth registered
apprenticeship opportunities and engaging industry
experts in the classroom to share their knowledge and experiences. The result of this
partnership gives students a clear path from school to work, offering much more than a job opportunity, but rather a potentially
life-long professional career in the plumbing industry,
which is always in demand. (upbeat music) – Hi, my name is Jill McCutcheon and I’m just one of many volunteers that supports Crossroads-Connection. We are a Christian community
service organization that provides a weekend food
program to food insecure children in the public schools of Gainesville and Haymarket, Virigina. We operate as a chartered
club of Heritage Hunt and a ministry of Shepherd
of the Hills Lutheran Church of Haymarket, but we welcome all to be part of the Crossroads community. By supporting Tyler Elementary
and seven other schools in Prince William County,
we’ve been able to help over 100 children in need
each month with weekend food. The impact of this
partnership allows students to achieve and learn
by alleviating hunger. (upbeat music) – Hello, my name is Nancy Scott Whiting and I am President of Old
Dominion, Virginia Chapter of The Links Incorporated. We are an all-volunteer
organization of concerned, committed and talented women, linked in friendship and service to enhance the quality of
life in Prince William County. Our chapter has been providing
community service projects, awarding scholarships to
graduating high school seniors, and participating with
schools and service agencies in Prince William Country
for the last 25 years. We are in partnership with
Minnieville Elementary School and we work closely with
Principal Deborah Ellis. Old Dominion leads a STEAM
initiative, science, technology, engineering, arts,
mathematics, that supports the school’s eagle engineers
and we established a NSBE Junior Chapter for
third through fifth graders, which is part of a national
partnership of The Link Incorporated and the National
Society of Black Engineers. We developed a robust program
known as Saturday Academies and we meet monthly at
Minnieville to explore STEAM topics, which include water
filtration, Lego robotics, marshmallow and toothpick
STEM challenges, and three-dimensional cardboard
creative art projects. We are excited to involve
students and their parents in these Saturday Academies filled with supplementary learning,
opportunities and activities, and we thank you for this
opportunity to serve. – [Narrator] Become a partner in education and see why the Prince
William County School Division is great for business,
because excellent schools are everyone’s business.

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