3.3 The Employee Promise is attracting the best employees at the pay you offer | Made to Thrive

Welcome to video 19 in this series of 34, two minute videos detailing the key concepts in my new book Made to Thrive. Made to Thrive outlines the 5 key roles that a leader must undertake to transition from being a good leader, to being a great leader. Those 5 roles are Accountability, Ambassador, Culture, Strategy and Succession Planning. Today we’re talking about Culture and in particular 3.3 Ideal employee needs are identified and the Employee Promise is helping to attract the best employees at the pay you offer. If you’re going to build a great company rule number one is you’ve gotta have great people. Without great people you won’t be able to build a great company. Let’s say you want the best people at the pay rate that you offer. The top 10%. You need to understand firstly the needs of those people. What are the things that the employees need not the things that they want. You need to align your business model whereby when you are delivering on the employee promise the needs of those best employees you’re also delivering on the needs of the customers. And then you need to wrap that into an Employee Promise that you can keep. Something that you can measure, that you can keep, that attracts the best people in the market to come and work for you. It’s not easy by any means. But that’s the key to a successful Employee Promise. In a 2001 Fortune magazine article Southwest CEO Herb Kelleher famously said “You’ve got to treat your employees like customers”. That begs the question how do we treat our customers? How do we find new customers? And how do we retain our customers? But then, how can we emulate our client strategy to attract the best customers in the same way that we would attract the best employees? If you’d like to learn more about Made to Thrive you can watch all of these videos on YouTube or, you can order the book on Amazon now, and I’ll put the links below for both of those.

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