3 IMPORTANT Things To Consider Before Starting Your Service Business

Hi everyone its Winnie Standish here and
I am so excited to share today’s episode with you guys
because we are going to dive into three things to consider before opening your
customer service business. Hey again, alright so we are going to dive straight into this topic today which is three things you should be considering before
starting your customer service business. So if you are thinking about opening a
business such as a hair salon or perhaps a dog grooming business or maybe even a
cafe or a restaurant this will be a great little video for you to take a
look at when you’re still just planning on your great idea of what you want to
do alright. So number one how is your business going to be different. It is
very important that you have something that’s going to make you stand out. There
is going to be hundreds if not thousands of competitors out there and I don’t
want you to focus on your competitors but I do want you to take a look at them
and see what they’re doing and be absolutely sure of what you want to do
that’s a little bit different to make you stand out. Now I’m gonna give you
some examples of what that could be. That could be your hours of operation. Perhaps
your business is going to be open late and open at a time that other businesses
are usually closed. That could be one competitive edge and that could make
clients want to come to you instead of someone else. Or it could be that you
have a completely different concept maybe you are bringing the services to
your clients. Perhaps as a food truck or maybe you are
a mobile hairdresser or even a mobile dog groomer. There’s so many different
ways that you can differentiate yourself but you do want to take the time to
think about how you are going to be different because unless you live in a
really really small town where you’re the only business. Chances are
you’re gonna need this a little bit of an edge to make you stand
out. Okay and number two, do you enjoy working
weekends and long hours? Okay what do I mean by that? When you are in
the customer service industry you have to be prepared that you are going to be
working at a time that’s not the usual 9:00 to 5:00. This is not a corporate job
anymore you are now in the service industry and that means that you have to
set your hours when it’s convenient for your clients and yes you are going to do
your own boss and you’re gonna be able to set your own hours down the line and
you’ll be able to hire staff. But I want you to give yourself six
to twelve months of being realistic and making sure that you know that you’re
gonna be the one working the long hours and weekends. Whatever hours are required for your clients to come and find your services.
So just keep that in mind do you enjoy look working long hours
whether it’s on the weekends or on the weekdays or maybe it’s early mornings
depending on your business but just definitely keep that in mind before
starting your service business. Okay and number three and this is the most
important one of all and I’ll be talking about this one over and over again. Do
you have a plan? What do I mean by a plan? I mean a business plan. A business plan
is the most essential thing that you can do for yourself to make sure that your
business gets off to a great start. Now making a business plan doesn’t mean that
you have to create a hundred page document but it does mean that you have
to start thinking about who your clients are? Where is your location going to be?
Do your location research. Is there even any clients where you want to put your
business? How are you going to advertise your business? In our day of age there
are so much online advertisement which is amazing, I love online advertisement,
but you might have a business that will do so much better if you advertise by
handing out postcards maybe you need to do some
networking events. It just depends on your business and this is why you need
to do the research to find out what kind of advertisement is going to work for
your business and the same holds true for when you’re writing other things in
your business plan such as who your clients are and where are you gonna get
funding from? If your business is going to acquire a large amount of money in
order to open up you’re gonna want to make sure that A) you’re prepared and you
have the funding or B) that you have a document that’s a serious document such
as a business plan that you can take to the bank so that they will take you
serious and actually look at you as a as a candidate that they’re going to want
to give money to. So a business plan is absolutely essential and later on I will
be talking more about how to create your own business plan. We will 100% dive into
that topic because it’s such an important one. But right now if you’re
just getting started start writing down what you already know on paper. It can be
your ideas your creative ideas how is your business going to look? That will
also help you find a location if you require a location. There are so many
things that you should be writing down on paper but make sure you do it because
if it’s all in your head you’re going to forget and it’s just not
going to work out in the same way. So think of your business plan as your
road map to success. This is what’s going to make sure that you get from A to B in
the shortest amount of time and make the most amount of profit without getting
into a whole bunch of detours along the way. So let’s recap those three things
that you should be considering before opening a customer service business.
Number one, how will you be different? Number two, do you enjoy working long
hours? And number three do you have a plan? All of those things are things to
consider. You’re excited, I’m excited, we’re just getting started on this
journey and I’m gonna be here every step of the way to make sure that you reach
your goal. So if you want to check in with me you can go on to my website or
you can leave me a comment down below. And if you enjoyed this video
please do give me a like and I will look forward to seeing you again for the next
episode. Have a positive day!!!!

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  1. How is your business going to be different, can you put in the time and what is your plan? Looking forward to your feedback:)

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