3 Reasons To NEVER Start A Business With Your Family…

– What’s going on guys, I am Matthias. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the CEO of three different startups, and this channel’s kind of
about taking an in depth look in my day-to-day with
those three companies, you, me, my team, all
taking an honest look in some of my wins, some
of my mistakes as a leader, so hopefully we can all learn from them. Today, got a really really busy day, but I wanted to talk a
lot about what it’s like to do business with
your family and friends, and making really strong relationships and how you navigate those, so stay to the end where
I give you three reasons to start a business with
your family and friends, and three reasons to not start a business with your family and friends. So if you’re considering that, make sure you stay to
the end to watch that because that’ll be important for you, for your future. Don’t start without looking at that. So, I got some work to do, editing, some various other things. So I’m gonna get into that. I do wanna show you the finished setup. So what we’ve got here is
the A650 and the road mic, plus the desk is actually
cleaned up, so that’s good. I really hate messy desks, that is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t know why. I just gotta have my desk clean. So going over some feedback
that Tanner gave me today. One of his concerns was that he finds it difficult sometimes
to communicate to creators because they have so many
things to keep track of. I had an idea that I thought
might alleviate that, because I do believe that the creators have way too much to focus on sometimes, without a clear vision
of what to prioritize from upper management. We should be providing that. So one of my ideas to combat that is to make a Slack channel here, to safeguard against
supervisors and upper management giving everyone else in the company a little too much to do every week. So this Slack chat is gonna
be called Implementations, and the idea behind this is
each one of us supervisors or upper management is
gonna make sure that we all get in sync with
each other every Monday. Hello, I have created
this channel to ensure that we do not overburden our team. The OKR implementation has taught me a lot about how much our team can take on. This will allow us to
make sure we collectively do not implement too many changes in too short a period of time. Give me some feedback on this. Do you think this will work? You have any better ideas? Until then, leave that
down in the comments, I gotta go to the office. People say this looks like a purse. They’re totally right. (garage door opening) I’m sure many of you are
familiar with Team Edge, and if you’re not familiar with Team Edge, Team Edge is a company in
which me and my brother and my brother-in-law all started, so that they could have a
future doing what I was doing. I remember a lot of
people during that time, even my parents who were like, “Are you sure you wanna start
a business with your family?” I cannot personally say enough good things about working for my family, but that’s because I love my family. I think there’s something
so rewarding about being able to work right alongside your brothers or your sisters or whatever, and making things happen. You dream when you’re a kid, it’s just kind of a dream come true. But then again, that was my
relationship with my family. And to my parents’ defense, a lot of people have a lot of issues when they make businesses
with their family, and it’s not even to say
that we never had issues as a family when we made this business. There were definite
periods where we struggled, but I don’t think for a second, anyone of us didn’t
think it was gonna work. Okay, I have a meeting with
the supervising producers in about 15 minutes. Air filters all around, trying
to filter out all the stain. Wow, 1% battery. What’s up, dude? – Sup man?
– How’s it happening? – Good. – Are Tanner and Paul gonna be here, or are they still shooting, you know? – Is Tanner in the shoot? So, I was reading Measure What Matters and one of the things that
they were touching on was like, aside from just how to write an OKR and how to write key results, but it’s also like drive the point home of why we’re doing this. The aspirational portion of it. More so than just checking
off something on the list, but kind of like really
get behind the message. – I think that’s good feedback, cause I was looking at all of our OKRs, and I was also noticing that
some of the more inspirational, it was just like, improve work loads, or do this or do that. The issue with doing OKR is
that are purely functional, is that halfway through, you just don’t wanna do them anymore. The objective needs to
be a vision of the future that inspires you. Hey. – It’s true, that was inspirational. (laughs) – Wonder how it’s going,
unfortunately you said Panda and I know Tanner was gonna complain. – [Mathias] Panda Express? (laughs) – I’d say go to the nice places, don’t be late. (laughs) – I don’t know if I’m gonna go to Panda. I feel like death after Panda. – What do you want, go
out Wendy’s everyday? – [Matthias] No, I feel like
death after Panda and Wendy’s. – My laugh to your joke that
you said that was off camera, made me realize that
was a genuine chuckle, but I can’t tell when I’m
genuinely laughing at you because I corporate laugh
out of awkward situation. – But that’s what I’ve been
grilling you for so long, is you force out laughs now. – That corporate laugh. – (fake laughter) – Is one that’s developed
by YouTube videos of laughing or not laughing, because it’s like, Well this
is gonna be a much funnier bit if I laugh. – You’re tryna laugh track yourself. – Yeah, exactly. – Yeah, I feel like I’m trying, I used to never do that. Before I worked at Hi5,
I used to never laugh at my own jokes, and then when you’re on camera and no one laughs at your jokes, you kind of try to persuade them. – Instinctively, yeah, because laughing is contagious. – So I think I’ve lost my touch, so then I realize after you said an actual funny little
bit, I kinda chuckled and was like, “Dang, that felt good!” – (laughs) I get out of a meeting and there’s money all over the ground. What’s going on here? Did someone come up here and throw money? – No. Oh yes yes yes, (voice
covered by Matthias). – [Matthias] (laughs), she’s like no. Was it you? I know you’re the accountant
but I didn’t expect you to just throw money everywhere. – I ask him some money and then he, fly. – For those of you that don’t know Yong, this is our accountant, Yong, and she is the best
accountant you will ever meet, anytime ever, anywhere. – Oh, thank you very much. – (laughs) I just finished a couple of meetings, two meetings today, supervisors meeting,
and operational meeting. And we got through a lot, honestly, we came to a lot of
conclusions and resolutions. I’m really excited about
the clarity that we had. I think one of the big
mistakes that we made was that we bit off way
more than we could chew for okay, our system, we
have too many top line goals, so we’re gonna actually
eliminate a couple of them so we can focus a little harder. But the great thing about that is that I think we realized it months sooner than we would’ve normally realized it, had this been maybe three months ago. – Oh this is a great book. – He moves the Bible to
the other side. (laughs). CJ came in here, he was
giving me some feedback on how we can potentially fix or alleviate particular issue on some of our channels, and that issue is sometimes
talent on channels that they don’t run, feel like they’re disinterested. – Based on the feedback that you guys gave for Battle Universe and for Rekt, my solution to the feedback was to institute performance reviews based on our performance as talent. So if I go to be on Rekt,
I’m doing a poor job, Gunner should be able to record that, “CJ needs to step it up when he’s talent,” and not just for me but when
people are on my channel, I wanna make sure that they’re performing the best that they can, and sometimes people are
more consistent than others. – That’s the thing, we’re all humans, we need feedback, we
need to constantly adjust and constantly adapt. It’s interesting because you noted that you never get feedback
on your performance, you only get feedback on how
you’re running the channel. – Yeah, so as a producer
– That’s an issue that we need to solve. – Yeah, I mean as a producer, tons of feedback, we have weekly meetings, we have quarterly meetings, I never have gotten feedback on how I do in front of the camera, how I perform on other people’s channels, so that’ll just help
everyone’s performance, I feel. – [Matthias] Well I appreciate that dude. (laughs) – Oh my gosh, I’m trying to work here! – (laughs) You’re right, you’re on Foxer. – Foxer, it’s Sam’s, she’s
waiting for her package, okay? – [Matthias] Is she in there? – Is she? – [Matthias] You can just talk to her. – I’m like, excuse me? Wait. – (giggling) – Yeah, you should be stressed, cause he manages all of the
business taxes. I don’t. Thank you for that by the way. It makes it so I don’t have to, – Stress.
– Yeah I didn’t wanna go to that dark place. The question that I have
for you is what’s your take on doing business with family? Naturally we’re family, so like one sentence. Don’t make it a joke, it’s not allowed to be a joke. – Communication. – [Matthias] Really?
– Yeah. – [Mathias] Nailed it. Even one word. Bro, that’s what’s up, nailed it. Another cool thing that I
discovered was caption services that I’m experimenting with. As low as one dollar a
minute of content so, to caption our videos
professionally, not that expensive. So I’m gonna try that out, see how fast and effective that is. Hey where’s Jenna? – Hi. – [Matthias] Hi.
– Hi. – [Matthias] Hi. Conner is not here. Where’s Conner? Oh okay. – I don’t know where Conner is. What’s up guys? – Upu just got me instead, sorry. – [Matthias] Do you know
anything about the GG equipment? – No, what’s going on with the GG equipment?
– You can’t help me then. You just hang out in the Dope or Nope set? You got these chill vibes over here. – It’s a good workspace, Dude. – [Matthias] Alright, alright. – Hi, viewers, audience, fans. – [Matthias] It’s dark in here, dude. Whoa, so as you can see there
is no camera right here. There used to be a camera
that floated along here, getting various angles but we just decided to hang a camera up there. Less labor intensive. Giant fly in here. – What you don’t have a
lot of good footage today? It’s just a fly. (laughing) – [Matthias] We got you. I was wondering if it
was because of how bad it smells in here dude. – Probably. – [Matthias] One of you
guys could take a shower once in a while. Whatchu working on Izzy? You paint quick dude. Looks good, looks good. Just a lighter shade than what Mike has. Oh hi. – Did you catch that? – [Matthias] I did. Doing bottle flips. Oh, this? You’re building two of these? How long is that gonna take? – Our first day of hope. – [Matthias] Dude, that’s epic, Chuck. What is happening out here? – Dude that was so sick. (group chatter) – Nah, just hit it with one of these dude. – [Matthias] And it went in? (mumbles) – So this is for queue result two. – [Matthias] Queue result number two? – Two, three, and four. – [Matthias] What are you
trying to measure here? The queue result for
consistency on channels. – The consistency score
for the averages between, well this is for Paul’s,
averages of all three of the channels. Attention and inclension.
– And inclension, okay. – So Clickter’s weighted average is based on impressions, naturally. For instance, Dope or Nope and Rekt. Dope or Nope gets 80% of the weight when it comes to they’re watch time. – Also a word to the team too. For your initiatives that
you’re doing on you OKRs, if your initiative spans
the entire quarter. It’s not an initiative. It’s most likely a policy that you need to set up and then just follow. Don’t be tracking a million
things throughout the quarter, just your key results
and maybe one initiative while you’re doing it. What? He fell asleep in here. He fell asleep. One of the things that I
haven’t mentioned to you guys that I will mention relatively soon, I’ll tell ya when I’m more ready. So today I wanted to go over
a very particular comment by N Johnson on this channel. By the way, thank you
very much to everyone who’ve been leaving comments. If you guys have questions
about business leadership or anything, and let’s say
maybe I know the answer to them or maybe I know, you wanna
know my philosophies, leave it down below and maybe I’ll make an entire video about it. So this particular comment N Johnson says, Usually they say, ‘family and friends and
business don’t mix’, but you clearly have made both work. At least from what we’re
allowed to see as the audience. How do you make sure that
you’re still respected as a boss when you’re pretty close with
several of your team members? Actually, I have a kind of
nuanced response to this. I have three reasons to start a business with your family and friends, and three reasons to not start a business with your family and friends. We’re gonna start with the three reasons for starting a business
with your family and friends because I think that’s
possibly the most powerful. Reason number one, they’ll have your back. Your family and friends,
if you’re close to them, will always have your back
through thick and thin. That’s not something that you
can just hire out the gate and just hire some random person and expect that they’re
gonna behave like that. It’s just hard to find
people that you can trust and hard to find people that trust you. And most likely if you’re
considering starting a business with them, you most likely already
have a solid foundation at which your relationship rests upon. Number two is they’re gonna own it. Especially if you’re starting a business with a family member or friend, they’re going to own it just as much as you’re
going to own it, right? To be an owner is a lot
different to being an employee. An owner cares deeply about the success and stability of the business. They’re going to think about it constantly and also make sure that it’s successful because they don’t wanna
just make it successful for themselves but also they don’t wanna let anyone else down. That’s the way and owner thinks. Reason number three and one of the reasons I’ve never seen documented
online at all, maybe it is. Probably it is, but I’ve never seen it. I’ve just learned this from
experience, shared principles. When you have a family, you grow up with a common belief system like shared principles
that you operate by. Most likely when you have a best friend or really really good friends, you’re good friends with them because you have shared
principles that you operate by. This is so important when
you’re starting a business to find people that you think alike with. The reason is you don’t
have to constantly compete. I’m not talking about
competing over who’s the best and who’s the strongest. I’m talking about
competing over the meaning behind why you’re starting a business. It’s so important, especially
in the very beginning that everyone is on board
with that shared mission and that shared vision. See when you hire outside, when you hire people you don’t know, it’s incredibly difficult to find people that have those shared principles. A lot of the times, you have to train them to have those shared principles or you have to build models and systems that facilitate that kind of behavior. That’s really, really,
really difficult to do. Now here are three reasons
to not go into business with your family and friends. Probably something that you
wanna listen to very closely if you’re considering doing it. Reason number one, if you can’t communicate honestly
and effectively with them. If you aren’t able to have an
open and honest conversation with that family member, with that best friend, where
you’re able to tell them, hey I need you to work on this and you’re able to hear them say, hey I need you to work on this, it’s never going to work. I would also suggest
that if you’re not able to have that open and honest conversation with people around you, not
even your family and friends, I would suggest maybe don’t
even start your own business. A successful business thrives on open and honest communication. It’s so, so, so difficult and you’d have to learn
the hard way, for sure, that people need it. They need it. They can’t
operate without it. They can’t operate if you’re hiding things behind closed doors. There was a person that had accused me of, ironically, giving special
treatment to Tanner which he is my best friend but is surprisingly not one
of the four family members that were alongside me. It was kinda surprising, however they thought it was
just super inappropriate to have a best friend as a Director Port. I absolutely disagree with that. They failed to realize why
Tanner became my best friend is the same reason why he moved
up so quickly in my company. We share beliefs, we share principles, we share the ability to openly
and honestly communicate to each other without
bruising each others egos. These are all facets to any
relationship in business that you need to effectively
operate in a work environment. I also think it’s really dumb to think that no one’s allowed to be really close to anyone that they work with. I think you should seek
to have meaningful, deep relationships in the workplace. If you don’t, you’re work is most likely not going to be super fulfilling. The number two reason to not do business with your family and friends
is if they love something else, money, fame, fortune, an idea of themselves. If they love any of those
things more than they love you, I would not start a business with someone who loves something else more than they love their family members. It’s sometimes difficult to
discern that but I think, honestly you just need to
have an open conversation about saying, hey what happens
if the business goes down? You have to have that conversation. The third and final reason is if you love money, fame, fortune, a title, material items, if you love
any of those things more than you love your family and friends, do not go into business with
your family and friends. It will backfire because you always have to choose between money and your family, between material objects and your family, titles and your family, and if you can’t always
make the choice your family, that’s why families fall apart
when they start businesses. People choose the other thing. More important than
any of these other tips that I’ve given you, you have have to have a
conversation with yourself. What do you care about most? Why are you guys still here? It’s almost 5:10. – You said taxes. – [Matthias] Go home. What’s your excuse? – Tax season. – [Matthias] You got
nothing to do with taxes. What, why are you still here? Go home.
– Okay. – [Matthias] Go home. Sometimes you have problem
where people work too hard. It’s a good problem to have but sometimes you just
gotta tell ’em to go home. Are you waiting for Nicole? – I’m waiting for Nicole. – [Matthias] Dude, she was
up there still working. – We went ATVing this weekend
and my legs are so sore that I can’t get out of the car. – [Matthias] She’s up there working. – I’m like I’m gonna
wait for you in the car ’cause I’m too tired. – [Matthias] I told her to come down. – Okay, thank you. – [Matthias] Alright, bye. – Bye.
– See you tomorrow. Thank you very much for watching guys. If you enjoyed this video, I know it was a little bit different, a little bit more structured. I’m trying to find the
balance between doing really what I love of
structuring a video narratively and honestly, giving you a
bunch of raw, real content. Let me know what your thoughts are down in the comments below,
we’ll see you next time.

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