3 Types of Landing Pages That Seal the Deal

As you know, landing pages are the
perfect tool for getting a targeted audience to focus on one action. That is
why dedicated types of landing pages are important. They offer your visitors a customized
next step that will keep them engaged with your business. The first type of landing page is one of
the simplest and known as a Click-through page. The entire purpose of a click-through
landing page is to get your visitor to warm up to your product by informing
them about your offer and then quickly directing them to click through to your
specific product or service via your CTA or call-to-action button. Although the click-through page
typically bypasses using a lead form, these pages generally utilized benefit
oriented copy or words and simple CTAs to encourage your visitors to buy or use
your product. Next, we have what are known as lead
capture pages. These landing pages are more in depth
then click through pages because their intent is to gather personal information
like a name and email address. The contact forms on lead capture pages are carefully designed and worded to encourage the visitor to click the CTA
button and provide their contact information. The contact form is the call to action
and the heart of the lead capture page. The third type of landing page is a
squeeze page. A squeeze page is specifically designed for a visitor to
submit their email address in order to proceed further into the page. This squeeze strategy is an effective
way for marketers to grow their email list and efficiently guide visitors further
down the marketing funnel. Check out the variety of templates we offer at Instapage com – There you’ll also find specific industry related templates that further target your chosen demographic.

13 thoughts on “3 Types of Landing Pages That Seal the Deal

  1. Excellent, Just what i wanted to know. This clears up some questions i had about which style of page i should use. Thanks!

  2. I do not completely understand what exactly is the difference between a lead capture page and a squeeze page. Could you explain?

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  6. Is it me, or are the lead capture page and the squeeze page the very same thing? Based upon the data offered in the presentation, I thought they were the very same thing. Both types of landing pages ulitmately are asking the lead to offer their email and name in order to get to another page in the sales funnel.

    Nanaimo, BC

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