How not to feel empty For unknown reasons it seems that each and every single one of us is born into this world with a hole For many of us it’s located around this area And sometimes even this area Nobody really teaches us how to deal with this holes so we often find ourselves just trying to fill it Because that’s what you do with holes right ? We turn to various vices out there: food, sex, drugs, porn, alcohols, smoking, we buy things like nice clothes, a nice car, a bigger TV, a newer phone But the thing about this hole is that whatever you’re filling with You wake up the next day and the hole’s empty again. Whatever you stuffed in falls right out And all you left with is an empty feeling, it’s the same feeling you get when you watch the entire season of Game of Thrones in one sitting. A feeling that you’re still missing something Now have some good news and bad news for you The bad news is that the hole is always gonna be there, it’s part of the human experience It’s what separates us from all the other animals out there It’s not going away The good news however is that the empty feeling that usually comes along with this hole came change in size. And by doing certain things you can make that feeling shrink to the point where you barely notice it So here are the 3 solutions to dealing with that empty feeling Number one: we focus so much attention on this hole We spend so much money and so much time or we dedicate so much energy into filling this hole We forget about the rest of our body and even our mind The first solution to not feeling empty is to focus your time and energy on improving yourself. I know it sounds fucking “cliché” but the fact to the matter is this hole is not going anywhere. It’s never going to close up, it’s not going to change However, this doesn’t mean that the rest of your body doesn’t change If you neglect the rest of your body, let yourself get fat, refuse to exercise, stuff it with drugs and alcohol I guarantee you, you won’t only be feeling like crap because of that empty feeling You’re also going to be feeling like crap because you’re destroying your body And then guess what? You’re gonna associate this crappy feeling with the hole You’re gonna say “man, screw that empty feeling, it makes me feel like absolute crap” But in reality the manner of suffering the hole actually brings you is way less than the suffering you damaged body is. Learn about fitness, learn about nutrition, learn about good sleep habits The information is all out there for free, just Google it The second way to deal with this hole is to create something Creating comes in many different forms such as art, music, writing, dancing, working on whatever project you’re interested in Hell it can even be working on your fidget spinner tricks When you create, the focus is no longer on that hole of yours The focus is now on something outside of your body The next time you get bit by a mosquito I want you to pay close attention to your body If you’re focusing enough on the bite, the itch should feels unbearably itchy But if something is happening around you, like for example let’s say you’re at the movie’s or you’re on the middle of a date the itch will quickly fade away. By redirecting your focus, that itch literally weakened. The same applies for that empty feeling, redirect your focus onto your crafts and that empty feeling will fade into the background. Another great thing about creating, no matter what shape of form your craft is, is that the next day when you wake up, it’s still gonna be there It doesn’t get pissed out like alcohol and drugs does, your creation is still there, waiting for you to work on it. You know what, I’ll be honest, I used to feel empty all of the time in the past, I used to just lay in bed, focusing on that feeling and basically complaining in my own mind for hours about it. But once I started to work on the various projects that now have going on, especially this channel, I can proudly say that it’s been over three years since that feeling was even a problem for me The third and final thing you can do to deal with that pesky hole is actually extremely powerful But, only if you up, for the task : it’s to meditate. I preach about meditation so much on this channel But I bet that 90% of you still don’t do it. Sucks for you, because you’re really missing out. When you meditate, all you do is sit down and basically do nothing except observe your own body, and this often leaves you face to face with that feeling of emptiness That’s why people have an extremely hard time getting into the habit of meditation. Because it’s not comfortable, facing the feeling of emptiness, head on it’s the last thing we want to do All we want to do is run away from it and fill it with our vices. But, when you sit down, meditate and face it head on, something very interesting happens : you realise that the feeling is not that bad, one of the big reason why we dread that feeling of emptiness is because we tell ourselves “it’s not a good thing to have”, we tell ourselves that “it’s a disease” that there’s something wrong with me, and when you think about it this way, you feel worse, you feel much worse. Meditation is all about just looking at it and thinking : “hmm, it’s a.. it’s an interesting little feeling” Funny enough when you meditate constantly for a long period of time, it’s possible for you to even enjoy the feeling, imagine that ! Each, and every single one of us is born into this world with that pesky little hole. Sadly for most people they never really learn how to deal with it, and they spend their entire life, trying to fill it with little to no-success. I hope this video gave you guys some insight on how to deal with this universal human annoyance. If you like this video, make sure you subscribe and hit that bell icon And if you like to learn more about becoming happy and especially meditation, check out this link right here.
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  2. Anyone's feeling of committing a suicide with no specific reason? Cause I'm feeling of it. 😔

  3. Really needed to see this video. Been feeling so lonely lately. Not close to family and I live with them. It’s like I don’t even exist. Like I could disappear and no one would notice. Broke up with ex two weeks ago and I’m a mess while he’s talking to his ex. Don’t really have any friends. Feels like nothing in my life is going well but I’m hopeful things will change for the better.

  4. i feel empty because, out of many reasons, there are actually people that think needs seperates the human from animals

  5. My feelings are messed up I talk bad about myself everything annoys me I'm happy for a sec than next thing you know I'm lost and idk what todo I dont want to be like this I want to change

  6. I'm happy i saved it and watching it again. makes me be productive every day on what i love to do tq

  7. O-oh w-wait i t-think that hole is in m-m-my HEAD

    Aw man that's why i can't do my math 😑

  8. There actually is a healty way to fill the hole that make it so it wont ever be a hole again… Its just, alot of people wont do it.

  9. Since I started school, I really felt empty, I missed my old friends and classmate, I mean, I know you can make friends, I do have new friends but I feel really tired and empty. I really just want to go home everyday and stay there…

  10. "I know, I know it sounds fucking cliche" Hahahaha. Gotta love this guy

  11. I'm not the smartest guy on Earth but I always felt that the best thing to get rid of depression was for a gorgeous woman give me a sloppy blowjob!! Describe the worse blowjob I ever got in my life? FANTASTIC!!!!

  12. I like that you said people are filling it with items like food, new phones, a car,etc. I'm not filling it with anything and never have so the whole has been empty and has been expanding infinitely because there has never been enough I knew I could fill it with so I never did. I feel like we expect people to fill the emptiness in their voids but don't realize everyone can or will do necessarily that. Anyway, it was an interesting video and I definitely agreed with some of it's messages but I don't think we can fit everyone in the same category of trying to fill the whole and realize there are other options people do to prevent their voids from spreading or in my case, don't.

  13. Das ist ja alles ganz schön;und es erscheint mir auch logisch!Aber die Umsetzung ist mein Problem!

  14. This is powerful. Lately I've been feeling this way and I think I needed to understand why better. It never bothered me until a few years ago, ha ha! This is extremely helpful stuff, thank you man!

  15. I'm watching this now because i always questions my self we are just to suffer.

  16. Damn, my emptiness was from neglecting most of my family. When I put myself closer to them- through touch feelings and all- I feel so much better after. Also, all these tips are some I always use but now I try to focus more on it

  17. I feel like this because since the students are in strike there is no school and 6 months by now and I feel empty as hell coz nothing to do all day

  18. I personally have noted that children don't seem to feel this way. They can hurt for a little while, and then a butterfly flies by and they're on to the next best thing. In a way, they're simple-minded. They're not very complex in their emotions. And that's the way I strive to be.

  19. Always got that empty feeling even though I have pretty much everything I ever wanted. So I’m grateful, because things could be a whole lot worse. Need to work more on getting healthier.

  20. I feel like my hole is take control with me I’m scared to ask for help so I watch these types of videos just to read comments to feel less lonely

  21. it's mind blowing that this topic is not talked about much despite that everyone experience it

  22. I've kind of identified my void as a lack of meaningfull connection and a strong feeling of misunderstandment, I feel alienated from life a lot of the times. Most of my friends are all living very chaos embedded lifestyles (drugs, alcohol, parties, neglect of school & work etc.) and I just let myself get sucked in all to easily, hanging around with them helps me cope with the loneliness but it doesn't help fill the void at all. It's like a tranquilizer it only helps for a while until the next day. Its just that life is really hard, and nobody is going to reach you a hand out at times were you are really struggling. I know I shouldnt be hanging around with them but life is damn hard when you're all by yourself, and trying to figure out everything on your own, haunted by all kinds of traumatic experiences from te past, being redpilled to the core inside a society that doesnt give a damn about its people.

  23. Whenever I get a mosquito bite I just mark an X on it with my finger nails you press your finger nails in to the mosquito bite to form an x and for some reason that works with the itchiness

  24. Is this why im always trying to make break and fix things and even learn

  25. What if the feeling of emptiness is because of how you feel for a certain person who doesn't want to talk or be around you?

  26. I'm trying to fill my hole with food and alcohol. I used to live a very healthy life and I know I can go back to it. It's hard to let go of these bad habits especially when you feel so lonely and lost, but I did it once so I can do it again! Everyone who reads this: No matter where you are right now in your life, you have the power and control over everything that happens. You're always one decision away from a totally different life. You are loved! 💚

  27. Emptiness is inherently pleasurable. What you guys mean is unfulfilled desire and a feeling of insufficiency.

  28. lol I feel empty because my dad keeps on reminding me that I am a failure and it makes me feel worse each time he tells me

  29. First time it felt kinda like “I found the answer! (on YouTube!)” 😀👍🏻💫

  30. My soul feels sick, and I yearn for death. I feel like need to go to church.

  31. Religion made me find the purpose of my life, it's made me the best version of myself and I truly believe that with faith anything in this world can be accomplished.

    Hope you guys find peace 🌍🌷

  32. What makes me annoyed about this feeling… is that I take too long to ask your self "am I am happy or sad?… or think about how wierd our world is… or about how people are so wierd… in their own way… and that you can do anything about it… cause there are also people out there that also finds you wierd… and that everyone have their own addiction,storyes to tell…ideas,imagination,history,sense…

  33. I’m not depressed I just honestly don’t wanna be here i hate feeling like this and I really don’t want to be here I don’t want to feel this way I really don’t want be here with everyone ya know ? Why couldn’t someone else have this I can’t even talk to anyone cause im me

  34. Travelled for days and today I just stayed at home and I feel sad or empty

  35. I dislike it when I break down when I’m stressed. I understand the issue but why can’t I bring myself to do it?

  36. I actually started meditating today, I’m going to try to do it every morning for 10 minutes. Thank you 🙏 I luv ur videos 💕 they are very motivational and inspiring ✔️💯😇

  37. I’m sure it’s normal for my age (15) but I just feel so empty and bored with life. I need to hangout with friends all the time just to feel genuinely happy

  38. I feel like this everyday almost wanted to cry I try and try waking up falling asleep I don't believe in nothing but wishing to help others that can't ask for help, I'm sorry it still doesn't help because I do everything but over and over again it doesn't work

  39. I have no joy in life. Nothing I do matters, nothing gives me pleasure. Life is so boring, lonely and mundane. I can't wait for it to end.

  40. Everytime i feel relatively happy it fades after 1-2 seconds and i go back to feeling absolutely nothinf

  41. It feels like my mind's in a dimly-lit concrete room, like your thoughts are the only thing echoing, you try to speak and interact with what else the world has to offer, so many ranges of emotions you've wanted to feel, but the room you're in is sealed shut. You don't necessarily feel sad, but rather blank and helpless. You want to try an acknowledge the world's environment and develop opinions and remember sensations, but you just don't feel anything, but you're sad about that. You're just stuck in this boring room and you're missing out. I do try and reflect upon myself daily, but I feel so blank, I work hard but I don't know what my purpose is, what I'm meant to do.

  42. I don't know what my feeling is, but I'm not depressed or sad. I just feel empty or like I don't have time to live life. It also feels like the whole world has no meaning and there's no point. Im not sad when I feel it so idk what it is.

  43. Yeah emptiness. That's what I feel. I am not exactly depressed or sad, I just feel nothing. I exist but I dont feel like I am alive. I feel like I am trapped in a routine that I can't get out. Overwhelmed with every day problems. Not doing anything fulfilling. My life is just boring. I have dreams and hopes that will never come true. I really enjoy writing, drawing and creating stuff. Stories, poems, anything. But I was always too busy. I was convinced I was too busy. But I still have time. I refuse to die without making my dreams come true. I refuse to die trapped in their little game which I didn't want to belong, but I didn't have a choice. I wanna do great things. Everyone does. Everyone can.

  44. I don’t know when it got so bad but the feeling is so massive it pretty much covers most of my chest. I felt bitter and jealously just set to background and never noticed how bad it just kept getting. Then recently tried dating sites. The people I met were beyond sweet. Here’s the thing though. I had gotten so happy that my chest started hurting and it felt like it was getting filled. It hurt through out the whole thing but that empty feeling was gone. It even felt like I had blood flow right there at the center of my chest. It felt nice. Then things went south and I started to really notice some negative feelings I haven’t really felt. Now I just want it gone again.

  45. I feel empty… Don't know what to do… Nor to say… I'm bored with my life…

  46. Well… The problem is i used to love to draw and paint and create… And now my mind is just… Blank. It's why i feel the hole. It used to be full of art and now i can't even draw anything. It feels like it eats me up inside cause i want this but somehow i can't. I can't be…as full of life as i used to be. Everything is just dull and grey and painful and sad. I hate this.

  47. is it depression cuz I exercise most of the time and I cook for myself I've been taking care of my self but I just can't find that happiness I can't find peace I'm always questioning life and trying to figure out the meaning of life and I'm this close to ending it |—|

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