4 Steps to Creating an Employee Engagement Action Plan | The Engagement Studio

Hey engagement fans, welcome back to the Engagement Studio! My name is Sarah, and I’m on the Workplace Insights team here at Quantum Workplace. And I’m going to talk to you about the four steps that you can take after you get your survey results to continue making work better every day. So, you have gotten your survey results. You’re probably overwhelmed, you’re stressed out, you don’t know where to begin. Not a problem! Just follow these four easy steps, and you’re gonna make it through. Alright, so step one: what you’re gonna want to do is review your results. So take some time, slice and dice your results, look at some different categories, look at different demographics, and really get a handle on what your results are trying to tell you. Step two: you’re gonna want to focus on two to three areas in the upcoming year. Don’t overwhelm yourselves. Don’t try and focus in on everything at once. Take two or three areas and really focus in on the next year so you’re not spreading yourself too thin, and really hone in on those focus areas. So, step three: you’re going to want to take some time and share those results with your team. Don’t keep them to yourself, but encourage employee buy-in by sharing your results and really getting employees excited about the steps you’re going to take to improve the workplace in the future. For your final step: you’re going to want to create those commitment plans. So, you’re going to take those different commitments that you focused in on for this year and assign them to different members of your team. And you’re going to want to create due dates on those commitments and continuously update your team members on the progress that you’re making. Simple as that! So follow those four easy steps, and let’s make work better every day. Thanks, guys!

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