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– I’m Brian Sacawa. You’re watching He Spoke Style, and today five business casual
outfit ideas for spring. (calm music) Business casual is a very
interesting dress code, and how you approach business casual is, of course, dependent on where you work. For our purposes here, let’s just agree that business
casual means put together but not overly dressed up. And this first look is, I think, a great example of
not just business casual, but also how to do
business casual for spring. It’s a very classic look with a classic menswear color
palette of blues and browns. You know, as we transition
from winter into spring, some of the biggest things you should be paying
attention to are your fabrics. Actually, the biggest thing. Flannels and tweeds need to
go to the back of your closet, and your cottons, linens, and frescoes should be coming to the front. That’s practical, lighter fabrics will keep you
cooler in the warmer months, and also aesthetic because these fabrics just look like the season. And here, the jacket is
a great example of that. It’s in a silk-linen
fabric from Suitsupply. It has an amazing texture, it’s subtle, but it also kind of really
stands out at the same time. I paired it with an ice-blue
Oxford cloth button up shirt, which is from our MTM
collection with Michael Andrews. My trousers are a cotton-linen blend, they’re from a brand called Incotex. They have a really great off the rack fit, definitely recommended. Simple white-pocket square. On my wrist is the Vacheron
Constantin Traditionelle. Brown swede belt is by Luca Faloni, and then finally finished off with a pair of brown suede loafers, these are the Mr. Casual by Belgian Shoes. Up next we have another
super classic look, especially for spring. This one is all about
color, and again, fabrics. Starting with the jacket, it’s from the HSS Michael
Andrews Collection. Part of a suit but because it is in a hopsack weave fabric, it can
easily be worn as a separate. Hopsack has many great qualities, especially when we’re
talking about spring style and spring business casual style. Its got a little bit of
texture, which dresses it down, and it’s a very cool fabric, both literally and figuratively. Also want to point out that patch pockets give
it that more casual feel. Underneath, we have a cotton shirt in a spring-like color, light pink. It’s not solid, it’s
actually a micro-stripe, I don’t know if that’s
gonna show up on the video, but I like it because
I think it compliments the texture of the jacket
even if it is very subtle. Trousers are cotton,
they’re by Ring Jacket. I need to get them
lengthened just slightly, I brought them to the cleaners
and they shrunk a little bit, just wanted to get ahead of that. Again, simple white pocket square. Cartier Tank Americaine on the wrist, and then anchored by a pair of suede tassel loafers by Morjas. Next look here is little bit
of a variation on a theme. It’s a very similar color
palette to the first look. Actually, it’s exactly the same but the vibe is completely different and that is because we
are replacing the jacket, which you’ll remember
it was a tan silk-linen, with this long-sleeve polo. It’s amazing to me how
different this one change makes the entire outfit feel. In a way I think it skews
it more to the casual side, but it’s still elevated
and very put together. One of the biggest reasons for that is the fabric of the polo, it’s a cashmere, long-sleeve
polo from Luca Faloni. Cashmere doesn’t really
seem like a Spring fabric, but this is lightweight
enough that it works, and, you know, there are cooler
days in the Spring as well. Underneath, we have the
exact same foundation as the first look: ice-blue,
HSS Michael Andrews Oxford cloth button-up,
and navy Incotex trousers. Keeping a more business, dressy
vibe here with the watch, it’s Rolex Datejust, 36
millimeters, Jubilee bracelet. And also the shoes, these
are the Fifth Avenue by Allen Edmonds. Alright, this look I’ll admit,
you’ve probably seen before if you’re a fan of the channel. I love this combination; it’s simple, it’s classic, it’s easy,
it always looks good, and because it is so
simple and so classic, it leaves room for subtle variations that can tweak the overall
feel ever-so slightly. I’ve done that in one specific way here to play into the more business
casual side of things, but before we get to that, let’s go over the foundation of this outfit. The jacket with the subtle blue windowpane is by Reiss from a long time ago. We’re gonna try to get a
similar style in the shop. Two button, peak lapel, flap
pockets with a ticket pocket. It’s part of a suit but I
think it works even better as a standalone sport coat. Trousers are by Ring Jacket, got the two-inch cuff on the bottom. Shirt, simple white poplin,
HSS Michael Andrews. And then the tie, which is sort-of the more casual aspect of this look. It’s a silk-knit tie,
it’s by Gitman Vintage. It has a squared-off bottom which gives it a way more casual feel. Simple white pocket square. On my wrist, again, the Rolex Datejust, and then a great business casual shoe: McAllister wingtip
oxfords by Allen Edmonds. Final look here, it definitely says Spring and definitely says business casual. The business part of the equation, obviously, is the jacket. It’s by Suitsupply;
double-breasted, big peak lapel. Fabric is a lightweight wool and it has a great, subtle
herringbone pattern to it. Wearing a double-breasted
blazer without a tie is tricky, I know it’s not gonna be for everyone. And wearing a double-breasted blazer with jeans is also tricky. But, if you caught my “How to Wear a Blazer
with Jeans” video, all those same rules apply so I definitely recommend
checking that out. Underneath I have my favorite,
ice blue Oxford cloth shirt from our collection, the extra
button unbuttoned gives it that casual feel and
also kind of coordinates with the sweep of the lapel. White jeans, they’re
by J Crew, the 484 fit. Lighter color a great choice for spring and also very easy to pair with
a variety of colors up top. Sunglasses are by Oliver
Peoples, these are the Banks. On my wrist, the Vacheron
Constantin Traditionelle. And then finally, swede
tassel loafers by Morjas. So five different ways to do
business casual this spring. Be sure to pay attention to your fabrics and don’t be afraid to bring
out some lighter colors. Leave your comments down below and rank the looks from your most favorite to your least favorite. Thumbs up, don’t forget to subscribe, hit the bell to get notified every time we publish a new video. Until next time everyone,
thanks for watching, and stay tailored. (calm music)

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