5 Employee Coaching Power Words to Improve Your Team

Everybody is familiar with that basic diagram,
everybody familiar? Excellent. As we step back and take a look at the coaching process,
more to 10,000 meter look. Step back a little bit and asked a question- What is coaching
fundamentally? I mean we can get into the model right away and a lot of people in fact
asked me yesterday. She said, “Where did this model come from?” And to be honest with you,
it was quite an accident. About twenty five years ago, myself and my partner was asked
to put together performance management system much like yours. We did lot of training on
performance reviews, how to write objectives and quite by accident, we used the word “coaching”
as the tool or the mechanism to really keep everything together so that when people get
to the end of the year and they have their performance reviews, no one’s surprised. We
said that’s the key. But managers kept coming back to us twenty five years ago and saying
“What is coaching exactly? Exactly how do I do it? What are the actions and the behaviors?”
And that’s where it all started- what is coaching? Let me pick out my five words. You have touched
on some of my thing perhaps. I have asked thousands of managers defined from me what
you think coaching means and depending on the culture, and some cultures quite honestly,
the word coaching is a little hard to define. The root meaning of coaching, I think, is
basically to transfer, to carry, to transport. That’s the root meaning of coaching. But when
I talked to managers, I can boil it all down. I have heard a lot of good words, visions,
inspire, mentor and able. I like these five words- number one; I heard this first, development.
And that’s pretty important advisor -developing people. I think we have to be good at doing
that, sharing our skills, sharing our expertise with our representatives, if we are going
to be successful out in the field. Another keyword that I like is relationships. I think
you have to be good at building comfortable relationships with your representatives, because
I think the test of a good coach is if your coaches, if your representative will come
to you. Because we discovered early on, when you are coaching 80% of the time, that’s a
big number. 80% of the times the person you are coaching, that representative if you are
out on a field visit, 80% of the time they already know where they need help. 80 percent
of the time! So again, I think if we can build a relationships that’s comfortable where we
drive out fear where we can get that representative to raise their hands and say, “I need a little
help of my closing skills, “or, “I am having trouble overcoming objections, I need to learn
product knowledge a little better. Or I need to understand these values a little bit better.
“I think that would be the ideal situation. So we are not always seeking them out. They
are coming to us for help. So building relationships, development is the key word. Another key word
that I like is direction. I think as district managers, as regional managers which most
of you are, we have to let those folks know what’s expected, where we are headed with
the business , what’s going to be happening and how they can contribute. I think that
is critical to clarify expectations and directions. So relationships, direction, development.
The fourth word I would like to use is a tougher word- it’s accountability. I think we have
a stewardship as leaders in this organization to give people constructive, honest, helpful
feedback. They need to know how they are doing, where they are going, and if they are contributing
to the overall mission of your district in your region. So accountability is important.
The last word I would pick is results. All coaches that I have talked to, they want results,
they want to succeed.

25 thoughts on “5 Employee Coaching Power Words to Improve Your Team

  1. Charlatanism applied to business. That what it is.
    0:20 So, is the question "What is coaching" or is it "Where did the model come from"?
    1:14 Coaching is 5 words: development (training?), relationships(they come to me), direction(lead them),accountability (beat them up and make them believe they deserve it), results???

    Could that be more vague?
    So you want to train them to confide in you, do as told, accept beating occasionally and deliver results and learn more tricks(develop them further)?

  2. @gespilk "Charlatanism"? Could charlatanism be just a little strong? He's glib, has a wife at home, and 2.3 children; he goes home, she says: "How'd the day go?", he says: "Fine, another day another dollar—what's fer vittles?"; he's just hooking words together, tryin' to show how t'be a nice guy, the company managers feel they've spent some OK money, the employees got some refreshments and a change of pace—so what, . . . how is what he does, charlatanism? Or, were you just being facetious?

  3. Accountability is key, without that many students (those being coached) become co dependent on the coach rather than growing and learning for themselves. The other 4 points seem to be obvious good sense.

  4. Those 5 points of coaching are really spot on! Thanks for this wonderful video!

  5. I find that on a business level with those working inside the organization represented as just bots to do another's will, these points are great. What I found, which could be because I might not have view of the whole context of his points from just this video, is that the "relationship" as a point only existed in the place between the sales person and the client. How about if coaching meant the relationship point to actually be between the coach, management, mentor, motivator and the employee.

  6. One must be what they are coaching, before they can be the example they wish their coachee to achieve.

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    by Fatima Rodriguez

  8. coach for what? I do not understand! Coach take the people at random on the street or I have to catch myself from all the links?

  9. Coaching workers is easy they understand the meaning of paying attention .Paying attention to ditall is easy when workers understand their minds-eye the power to focus their vision to the task at hand .Seethis ground breaking discovery for athleties at [ mental training & improving life skills .]

  10. Coaching is often confused with counseling. These five words bring in a little clarity and coaches allover will use it. in performance management discussions, Coaching is the key.
    Coaching is about, according to me is trying to modify behavior through creating awareness of the behavioral patterns of the coached.

  11. He is right. Development, relationship, direction, countability and results are very powerful words in coaching. For somebody, who signed in with your24hcoach, which is a coaching community, in order to improve my "stress resistence" the most important aspects are development and relationship for me.

  12. Inspiring words, coach! From one coach to another! request permission to come aboard! hahaha! seriously hands down good stuff! keep it up and happy new year! G. Cashbro

  13. I try to coach my staff but the top man is in an affair with the lowest grade person so it is useless !!!!!!!

  14. this video and comment section are hilarious. Everything important he said could have been put into a 2 minute video. Average material used by people who want to make a quick buck. waste of my time.

  15. Great Power words
    We should add passion to give inventory of resident knowledge.
    And secondly, Earning trust of the coachee is vital too as this would enable learning seamlessly !

  16. the five words: development, relationships, direction, accountability, and RESULTS. my company uses these words all the time!!!

  17. 1. Development
    2. Relationship
    3. Directions
    4. Accountable
    5. Results

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