6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal | Genius News

[HOST] Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine reportedly
signed a 10 million dollar deal with his former label, 10k Projects; home to Trippie Redd,
Lil Gnar, Icy Narco and others. [HOST] The news comes just weeks after 6ix9ine
testified against his former associates Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke”
Mack of the 9Trey Bloodz. [HOST] In early October 2019, Nuke & Harv
were both found guilty of racketeering, with Harv catching a separate charge for kidnapping
6ix9ine in July 2018. They both are looking at years behind bars. [HOST] 6ix9ine was famously arrested in November
2018 and turned state’s witness a day later. [HOST] In February 2019, he pled guilty to
a number of charges and was looking at decades in prison but will likely receive a reduced
sentence for his cooperation. His sentencing was moved up and is now set
for December 2019. [HOST] This is the latest development in the
saga of 6ix9ine that started with his breakthrough single, “GUMMO” in September 2017. [HOST] In just a little over a year, he landed
a number of tracks on the Billboard Hot 100, with the aforementioned “GUMMO” peaking
at no. 12, KEKE at 15, and a top 5 hit in his collaboration
with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz “FEFE.” [HOST] The $10 million dollar deal with 10K
Projects is reportedly broken up over two albums – one in English and the other in Spanish. [HOST] He proved his chops on the latter with
Puerto Rican Latin trap star, Anuel. [HOST] He is supposedly forgoing witness protection
for 24/7 security. In September, Genius spoke to disappearance
expert Frank Ahearn about Tekashi’s situation .He told us that for Tekashi to continue to
live, he’d have to leave his old life behind. FRANK: I don’t think he can adjust to be
honest with you…he’s just gotta cut that world off and walk away.” [HOST] Hip-hop was initially mixed about whether
or not 6ix9ine could still succeed in rap. Everyone from Joe Budden… JOE: “The streaming people would eat it
up if there were a bunch of songs about people trying to kill him.” [HOST] …to his former compatriot, 50 Cent
have shared their thoughts on the matter. 50: if he made the record I believe the audience
would play it. [HOST] For now we’ll just have to wait and
see. [HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

100 thoughts on “6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal | Genius News

  1. whats he gona rap about the struggle of snitching? I snitch on a niggas likah billy nigga you a silly nigga I look likah bitch and i act macho these other snitches cant compete their style is so so its the brand new hip hop craze its called the stool pigeon bro

  2. I don't even like commenting on s*** like this cuz I feel like I'm going to get indicted just speaking about this fool

  3. All u hoe ass niggas would snitch even if y'all did 5 years hoe has niggas trying ack hard asf

  4. Is it me or did 6ix9ine get more famous when he is in jail than he was when he was out of jail before he snitched

  5. To be honest he snitched on guys that would happily kill you for drugs and money

  6. at this point , he shitting on the ppl that got him where he was at.
    my assumption is that music can be an outlet for him but he will be very alone and won’t last very long. he really could potentially die .
    streaming will be crazy because of ppl finding entertainment in him nearly getting killed for whatever he does.
    if he dies tho, he won’t be missed unless by some diehard fans or something

  7. Honestly he is too unique for me to not listen.. no one sounds like him and we made him popular since gummo..

  8. Bruh they getting the rights so they can make back all the money after the dude gets killed

  9. I doubt you fools wouldnt snitch if all the people in your circle were conspiring to kill you and rob you.

  10. 69 signs for 10 million with Roc Nation

    Jay Z: “ i think we’re past snitching…”

  11. Calling him a clown really ain’t doing nothing to him same with calling him a snitch. Y’all really think he gives a fuck what you think if he’s still gonna make more money most of us I’ll ever have in our lives

  12. My boi 69 out here signing multimillion dollar deals in prison. Make all the haters mad.

  13. Just when you thought he couldn't get dumber… he goes and completely out dumbs himself! Good luck touring!

  14. Rats love cheese 🐀🧀 Niggas next album finna be "Snitches to Riches" 🗣️🤑🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. You can’t hate the homie he just secured 10 milli from jail he winnin no matter what 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. Dad:turn that 69 music off


    Dad: we have bigger speakers down stairs

  17. Si eres latinoamericano dale like, reportándote y comenta el nombre de tu país 🔥🤙🏻

  18. 10k Projects probably got a $10m life insurance policy on him, so they can cash it in when 6ix9ine gets got within first 48hrs of being released 😂

  19. Tbh … even tho some ppl don’t like Tekashi music , it does make you feel hyped asf , and you can’t lie. Makes me want to start cutting my grass or even go talk to a crush 💀😂

  20. Welp, Charlamagne better get ready to suck some dick now that he’ll be released in December…it’s a Christmas miracle everyone lol

  21. Bro this nigga had the best music and he was trolling niggas out here. Who the fuck wouldnt snitch on people that tried to kill you and was about to put you in prison for life???

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