7 Secret Tips About How To Be More Productive At Work

how to be more productive at work hello hidigipreneur how to be more productive at work do you want to become productive ? today, i will give you 7 tips so you can improve your productivity the first tips use time blocking what is time blocking ? you can create a time block at your schedule your time is yours by using time blocking you give some time for an activity like one or two hour a day for exercise or one hour for meditation or one hour for learning and use this time just on the activity that you’ve schedule on second tips, make use of your travel time there’s so many people traveling or commuting in daily basic it can takes one hour or two hours every day to go from your home to your school or to your work place if you are using your travel time want listening your music or reading newspaper try for use it for a new learning by using your travel time for new learning you can learn new skill or learn new language you improve your value you will become more productive so use your travel time better by using it to hearing podcast or learning new skill video tips number 3 take a break after one hour or two hours, take a quick break five minutes break so you can regain your energy or your focus if we are using our energy it absolutely normal that’s your energy will be drain so, a quick break will help you to regain your strength, your energy, and focus so you can work faster number four get a sense of accomplishment it means write it down your goal is and once you achieve it give it a check mark give a reward to yourself once you create your goal and you achieve it it will motivate you and give a visualization how you already reach your big dream you will get more motivation and more energy by using this tips tips number 5 create a distraction free environment keep away lot of things that can make you distracted example smartphone because of notification, whatsapp message or maybe internet itself once you’re distracted you will need more than 15 or 20 minutes to gain your focus back so, to increase your productivity just keep away the distraction from your range tips number 6 get a quality sleep it’s important to get a quality sleep if you don’t get enough sleep, you will get tired and working on a day that you’re tired it’s just like that you’re working after drinking a bottle or two bottles of beers it’s very hard to focus if you are exhausted so, get a quality sleep make sure you have a good deep sleep so when you are awake you can gain your energy and feel good to do the job at your day and my last tips the last but not the least create a productive habits if you finds that time blocking is very useful to you do it regularly if you find that you need quality sleep everyday sleep better in daily basis we’re the represent of our habits our habits create us so, want you change of your habit to a productive one obviously, you will go to the next level if you already have list one of two habits, just write it down in the comment below subscribe to my channel and see you at the facebook group hidigipreneur bye bye

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