996 work ethic is trending in tech companies& Esports becomes an occupation中国996火了

Hey, welcome to China. Lynne and Elliot here. Let’s see what is trending on China’s social media. We are exactly like news broadcasts. 新闻联播 right? Okay. I know you guys are into girls being cute and funny. I really think it’s not my thing. My intention is to bring out topics about China that you can really talk about. Okay, Elliot here is a riddle for you. In China, who has no sleep, no sex and no life? That’s an easy one. IT workers. Have you guys ever heard 996 work ethic? Now it is gaining popularity in China’s tech industry. 996 means you “work from 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week”. And it’s mostly adopted by IT companies especially start-ups in big cities like Shanghai Beijing Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These companies are afraid of lagging behind in this competitive industry. According to the latest Hurun report, last year China churned out 4 new billionaires every week. And the biggest driver is technology, followed by real estate. That is the success at the cost of health and personal life. But some people think it is worthy hopinging to be the next to Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. Yeah,well not all tech companies are adopting 996. But they are surely encouraging their programmers to do so. And one of my friend who just joined a video game company, and he said he was offered two options: the first is the 995 , 9am-9pm, five days a week; the second is called “big/small week ”, 9am-7pm, a six-day week every second week. Well, I would choose neither. Most of his collegues including him choose the first option 995. But you know what is weird about that? They are happy with the fact that they still have a “choice”. I hope thy get paid well. They do the salaary is pretty good, above the average. I guess that is why 996 system still works in China. They are willing to accumulate wealth at the cost of health. Well, with 996, you have to rebalance your life and work again. And you have to squeeze in some personal life. If any. Life is tough for us generation, even though we are economically better off than our parents, but we are so stressed out . It is easy to get anxious and exhausted. And we have to worry about hair loss at younger age. You hair is thick, for now. Wow thank you. Do you know there’s a widespread joke in China? How can you tell a professional IT engineer from a rookie? Their baldness. That is a sad joke. Yeah you only live once. Enjoy life while you can. Actually you only die once. You live every day. If you’re faced with 996 , what would you do? I quit. –Agreed The second news. Let’s play a little game. Name as many video games as you can. Dota 2! Fortnight! League of Legends! Counter Strike! Call of Duty! Overwatch! OK,Stop here. Actually I don’t know any of these. But I recently in China playing video games has been officially recognized as a profession. Yes, I saw the news. Esports players and Esports operators. Yeah, I know you like playing video games. What was your first reaction to the news? Well,I think it’s good news. Esports players are not getting due respect. I mean people always consider them to be unemployed or lazybones. I guess,uh Esports are more popular among the younger generation, but for parents, it is still something that you don’t want your kids for get into. Yeah, I remember when I was a kid, I loved playing video games. But my parents would always told me “Why you always playing the stupid video games? Go ahead to focus on your learnings.” So yeah,here I am now and I am no better than those who played video games in his childhood. It has been so many years since you were a child. But I don’t think things have changed much. Parents still do that. So what would you do if your kids want to be a Esport player? Shout at them and force them to focus on the schoolwork. Because I do I just can’t not imagine… But why ? Just can imagine we can earn their living by playing video games in China. This is China we’re talking about. But it’s 21st century. You can make a living by anything. Like what? Like uploading a pet video? I mean all kids love to play video games . The few of them have a chance to be the professional ones. Yeah, esports are not as simple as playing video games. I mean it’s like running in the park versus running in the Olympics Games. It is not easy. I heard they need professional training. They need to learn the tactics, right? And they also need some guts to stand before your parents. Yeah, parents like me. okay. Today we talk about 996 work system Esports as a professional China . We would like to know your opinion or what things are like in your country. Please Like and Subscribe our Channel. And if you have any comments, please leave your comments below. We’d love to see your feedback

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