Hi guys this is Mark McRae from
MarkMcRae.com Today I want to share with you a conversation that I had with one
of the guys I’m working with. We were talking about conversion rates, and statistics,
and how we caould tweak this thing, and the next thing… And it reminded me of
a story I heard Gary Bencivenga tell. And Gary Bencivenga, he released the
course, that is widely considered one of, if not the greatest copywriter who ever
lived and this book and the six DVDs I think it’s six, was $5,000 probably 10
years ago, maybe even more now. That book and the information inside it was
worth every penny and as a whole lesson there and itself. But what I want you to
share with you is that he tells the story about Captain Ray who was a
fisherman off Long Island near New York. Gary used to go up there with
his wife and Captain Ray would be there and he was what they call the line
fisherman so he caught fish with the line, but all these other guys would come
and they would come with the fancy boats and their fish finders and all the
technology to try and, you know, catch more fish but no one could really out-fish
captain Ray. And when he was being interviewed, they said how can you, you
know, how do you catch always seem to catch more fish, better fish bigger, fish
than everybody else? He said, “It’s very simple.” He said, “I think like a fish,
not a fisherman. And the other guys who come along they all think like fishermen.”
He said, “You’ve got to think like a fish.” And that was the moral of the story: that
when you’re dealing with people, I mean you’re selling things. You can, you know,
you’ve got to think like that person: how that person would behave, how they would
feel… You know, you got to think like a fish. So that was the lesson for today. Anyway I’m Mark McRae from
MarkMcRae.com If you need help with your business
you can reach me there. Thanks for listening.

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