50 thoughts on “A successful business doesn’t make a meaningful life. Yeshua does!

  1. Beautiful story, let's give praise to our Creator, for his dying love for us. Amen

  2. You said that you came from a very successful family; so how can you be depressed? Most people out there are struggling to make ends meet and would be grateful to have been in your position. Those of us who won the lottery of life should feel so fortunate, and should never get depressed.

  3. I really love these testimonies and this channel, BUT can you guys please STOP with the zooming in and zooming out all the time, which I'm assuming you guys think is edgy and cool. It's very distracting and does nothing but take away from the beautiful stories these individuals are conveying.

  4. Our Redeemer lives!! Thank God for grace, mercy and His unfailing love for us. Thank you for your testimony brother!

  5. the testimony is great yet the camera zoom-in & out is quiet distracting.

  6. Praise the Lord Yeshua Messiah.
    Former indoctrinated atheist here and I have news for those who still think the earth is a ball. The earth is not a CGI ball. That' a lie, the blue marble globe is a lie.
    The earth is a domed flat terrarium with waters over it and pillars underneath it, the whole thing encased so that it's God's footstool! HOW AWESOME!!!
    They're indoctrinating the masses with this CGI nonsense.

  7. Yeshua said to him, “My Kingdom is not from this world; if my Kingdom were of this world, my servants would be fighting that I would not have been delivered up to the Judeans, but now my Kingdom is not from here.” John18:36 Jesus was born of a Jewish mother, just like most of us we don't get to choose our parents, but he came through her.

    After he rose again he saw Mary, and he called her Mary and Mary called him Teacher.

    There are no nationalities and religion in the kingdom of God, Jeshua did not say I came for the chosen ones but I came for the sinners and for the weak. No need to justify why you are believing in Jesus, emphasising because he was a Jew or you now believe in Yeshua but you are afraid to loose your Jewish identity. The testimonies here and the name of the channel does not serve the purpose.

    "And every man who leaves a house or a brother or sister or father or mother or wife or children or towns for my name's sake, each will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life.Matt 19:29

    Jesus is the saviour for man kind, Jews or non.

    As an Armenian we have fought so many wars through out the ages to keep our faith and relationship with Yeshua and our Heavenly Father. Because we believed in the blood he shed for our sins and he is a living king sitting on the right side of God.

    Could you imagine if all the Jews accepted Jesus 2000 years ago? Love your God and Love you neighbour with all your heart !

    How can you say you love God that you cannot see and you can't love your fellow friend that you can see ?

    Peace in the name of Jesus. Shalom

  8. That's my testimony too brother – without being the wealthy, successful business woman!
    Glad you have found the Lord.

  9. Thats true to me. Need an advice to start some business on my own, to run my life, to get up from depression, an advice from a Jew, just for free- yes, for free.

  10. Thanks for sharing, TR. I never knew your story like that. Your love and commitment to your Jewish brethren is such an amazing witness in your life….your halacha. You are a blessing to many and now this video adds to the reach. Bless you, brother!!

  11. It's striking how all these testimonies are all about missing something and how these people felt emptiness deep down inside. Also how they all needed it to be fixed and filled. Every one wanted something FROM G-d — and then said they found it in the N T Jesus!? Not one of them talks about how they began to think they were touched by the fact how to GIVE G-d something – like what He needed and what He wanted – for ex. things like your love and attention. These testimonies are all about getting something out from G-d – like a Santa. Then, … in the end – ending up with becoming Jewish idol worshippers !?!?! How tragic is that?

  12. i never thought that jewish people would bring me, a christian, closer to god, and jesus, AMAZING, THANKS

  13. Hallelujah – God is good, we thank you Jesus our risen Savior.

    We love him because he first loved us.

    Great testimony beloved brother in the Lord – may God bless you all, amen.

  14. Hello dear brother ill be missing you in march when we are going to be hitting the street of the holly land. love you and i am happy that you share your testimony here, my hebrew is very good now. thank brother. the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ fill you every day more and more. Lorenzo

  15. I'm glad to see at least 4 gainsayers have been "pricked" in their hearts by this honest testimony of the LOVE of Jesus. The hook is in their jaw and the seed in their stoney heart. The sprout with crack the hardest rock. Praise You Yeshua !



  18. Theres no any mediceni in this world that man made can cure depression but only the word of GOD CURE US.HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE IN HIM TO OUR GOD LORD JESUS AND TO HAVE AND EVERLASTING LIFE IN HIM.

  19. Love your story. So happy you found reconciliation and a relationship of deep peace and meaning with the Living God. Yeshua rescues us, forgives us and reconciles us from our failures and sins so we can be with God. Thank you, Jesus for rescuing this brother and thank you for doing the same for me.

  20. This true testimony demonstrates the miracle of JESUS MESSIAH, GOD's LAMB [Blood Atonement] opening doors of communion with CREATOR GOD!  Assurance of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE comes with faith in the Jewish MESSIAH!

  21. A great testimony brother in Christ. It is Amazing what God's love can do!

  22. This video should be selected to be translated into Hebrew. It touched me when he said he couldnt get anybody to love him the way he wanted to be loved. This is the way I felt my whole life. This was a great testimony.

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony, So glad Yeshua made you whole.❤️

  24. Thank you Sir, for sharing your testimony and for owingbyour Life to Yeshua.. Thanks a lot for increasing our Faith. We are grateful here in India to those missionaries for giving us this most beautiful religion

  25. God is love. For God so loved He gave Yeshua HaMashiach. Love became a man for us.

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