AAAAAAAAAAAAAA「A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal 🎩👻 Ep1」

[Music] so you know that feeling when it’s your birthday and your parents are like oh yeah you’ll get your gifts after dinner you know after cake and everything and then they wake you up with an Xbox it’s just like by the way we know it’s breakfast time here’s the Nintendo switch with splatoon – that’s pretty much what happened to me here we go I’m sweating well good morning good night or good afternoon viewers depending on your time zone and this is Vale both YouTube and welcome everybody to a hat in time seal the deal preview of the update I can only do the first two acts of the seal the deal core update but I can freely check out any of the badges any of anything else Tom Bolton space forever in the void unable to breathe out in the galaxies please bring them back home they don’t deserve what’s happening to them right now it’s a sealed deal update everybody I am so hype i back this game a lot I hate them I back this game a long time ago on Kickstarter and I have been living up every moment since and the wonderful people like yours for breakfast were reached out to me and gave me a copy of the game this is the hundred percent file right here this is a hundred percent file apparently when you get this DLC and when you have a hundred percent file it moves the percent counter downwards a little bit that also means there’s 31 percent extra content in this game oh my god for the people who don’t know this will be out in the 13th everybody this will be on the 13th I’m here to prove it for you preview it to you guys a little bit here oh the washing machine I’ve never been so excited to do laundry I’ve been playing around with mom for a little bit beforehand just to see if the mods worked with the update and they do you need I can confirm also there’s a new call button I can just press that in BAM oh my god what’s up oh oh she doesn’t have the Hat on of course oh but she has like a pink parasol hold on hold on hold on oh my lord she’s adorable she’s so precious I love her I love her oh and then we can also just you know kill her just uh so I can actually show you guys something remind me at the end of the stream um if I technically don’t update the game but still have the update enabled I still have the co-op button and it just produces another hat kid uh and when you disable hat kid she just screams she’s like ah it’s a really funny remind me at the end of the stream I’ll try and show it to you guys I was thinking the $15 from Doge I appreciate my man for the support okay I got it let’s talk about what we’re talking about here first okay look do we I love a smoke jacket we hold it speaking of that I can’t use the smug dance yet you must have to unlock the smug dance that’s the best unlockable unlockable I’ve ever seen in a video game okay let me just quickly it’s like like we’re gonna have to I want to play the salute see whoopsie flick see what’s going on there don’t have my normal display okay there we go there yeah all right I want to play this as vanilla as possible by the way so I’m gonna have like no mods on it’s like I have only enabled some like kind of Mimi mods but for like later like the mods are seeing right here this is like the fail but modded it just adds like a little hat in to making the game that’s literally all it does I do have the other models like enabled but I’m not gonna actually be taking advantage of them that way we can play the game you know as corely as possible however have no worries I indeed will be playing this with mods later on the mod series will evolve with this with this one as well okay you guys ready to go on vacation powers been restored in the laundry room I’ve never been so excited this is like a real laundry room it’ll break every three seconds we attempt to use the washer but by the way I’m a big nerd for details so expect me to be taking my time just sort of like looking at the world I apologize look I like but I have a thing for bathrooms look I didn’t want to admit it but okay it was like you did bowling balls up there but I’m not gonna judge your household didn’t its cleanliness but I do question why you keep bowling balls in various other watermelons on the top here oh look at you your bubbly face oh my god this is amazing hello there Cal I also have a mod on that lets me pause the I have two mods on that I’m gonna be taking a lot of advantage of the the mod that removes the pins from the Hat and the one that lets me use the camera at any time I’m gonna be using both of those two they’re probably very large degrees during this just to like check out what we have in the update alright let’s go straight into the wash whatever peak already adorable is already adorable keeping beach balls what are you looking at bon voyage huh let’s go whole new art he’s feeling my heart go are I kissed a girl seal why I didn’t even notice Oh what’s up my big potato boy boy let me uh let me go back to let me let me play this at least this section just completely vanilla where’s-where’s normal here we go my family the boats okay top of the tree there’s some keep it to yourself kid but we ain’t the swimmin time I can tell by the fact that you’re a tree but the inability to swim or move or anything frankly you can’t breathe it underwater you can’t breathe in the air actually you produce the air it’s getting complicated you know it’s a penguin but the camera positioning was already perfect oh my god I don’t know what you mean that sounds extremely like something I should not talk about in my livestream so we’re just gonna keep on moving on so the voice I’m taking some time off from the noisy DJ yes you have so many great bird children especially this one this one this one is a this one’s a pretty good show a child right there you can’t zoom any further to the seagull but it’s a very nice shot look at these little buggers oh I hate that none of them oh wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute theory gee confirmed guys we can Deacon firm the theory that they have a head underneath the Hat so I was talking about a while ago that what if his eyes were underneath the Hat and he added like a little cylinder that’s like a top of the head and his eyes are on it we can confirm right here that there are no eyes or maybe they get them as they develop that’s still my head can’t for a while now oh let’s go man what else we got over here everyone is here I’m popping I’m popping no wake up what are you keeping in this bag we didn’t get a bag like this what’s this a oh it’s a calendar day it’s like that a thing for the crow thing oh my god what’s up with you buddy you know I did not know that Reggie is there collectible looks like there’s already a collectible okay Daniel don’t use the flood mod my habit is literally just to switch to the switch to flood minute sure will go well considering the name of my channel I’m sure me being on a boat will go swimmingly oh my god it’s kind of weird to remember that I don’t mods on the platforming and stuff new relics cake I’m not sure if this is the safe cake to eat it was on top of a lamppost I did personally would prefer my cake be on plates but you know what teach their own dude well I can also how to use this pause mod to like more for the world like I could pause at any time look at these eyes man I like this guy a lot not everyone involved not everyone evolved from sea life as we expected ready for a nice cruise argue fish I got ripped off on a dodgy vacation last year it was like not rad at all my life no they talk to the dying this is the worst part about this mod the worst part about this mod is you’ll never actually get to play it you’ll die at the gateway it’s an oh whoa hey there buddy you also talking to over Oh whistle ooh a kid with his game I can’t with this game no can I salute cancel your salute cancel all right good stuff is that audio fine guys by the way it is the audio fine I just wanna see this now before I yet platforming okay repetitive audio understood I should wait a minute do these guys have any audio oh my god hello oh my god hello turn the game up give me a little louder people are saying it’s fine so I’m not gonna change it by too much but you like a touch louder for the support system are I’m not gonna be reading off too much support by the way until like the later stages of this just because I wanna what we’ll see we’ll see how it goes boy who’s in a donut it’s a sweet thing with in many many other sweet things oh I can bounce on the lad what’s up jar of jelly ah first you kill me then you torment me by booking passage and the only cruise liner here with facilities for people in jars such a rude little child were I not in a pleasant holiday mood and still without a body I would take my revenge right here and now oh sure you would so you did she make the blasts down this is good uh-huh all right I’m sure that will go well pay no attention to the username of the person playing this I’m sure this will go well [Music] let’s go man let’s go what’s in this it’s a box you can already break things sounds good to me OOP got a lot of those hello oh hello there inconspicuous box man oh my god hello hole I need to turn off I got to turn off notification sounds is there a way I can just like disable those real fast I love you guys but like I just want to disable all notification sounds for a little while hopefully that does it I love you guys dearly but I want it I don’t want to interrupt any of the talking especially if we get to some of the climactic parts but [Music] you’re in a box buddy I think you started that I think you started off on the wrong foot yourself also you have no feet so I guess you know you cannot start on the wrong foot maybe you always start on the wrong foot that explains a lot we actually a minute is he actually in there hold on I cannot enter the crate nevermind through my f3l I am unable to see the world beyond all right well first boat of the series right here perfect hey they’ve that one didn’t sink nothing we’ll all right cool actually can I go in this one no okay feels bad man wow what a really bad I can’t even explore where I want to was mafia co Mafia Co uh what does it say Oh I’m sure I’m sure mafia co yeah no mafia coach shipping obviously guys will do my hat whoa splatoon out yeah your skit skat let’s go Oh Fred and jump on her head oh dude all right no first casualties of the game goodbye does that put off the guy who’s literally a fish hopefully did why they hide that from behind from but from him showing the dead fish Shawn what you’re really showing here let’s go they do remind me of the the sunshine guys alive do they not find this weird too as a million who’s literally just like a semi evolved fish dude does he not but a bit bit all right okay this is just getting a little weird because there’s a guy living don’t attack me what I’m not gonna attack you guys you’re here for a vacation you know what I’m gonna be the bigger man girl person hat kid be to put your hat kid all right plug it TV the awesome jams real fast I can’t watch any jams all right so nice to see some more like a new new proper world content we’ve seen a lot of amazing mods recently but it’s just so nice to see that quality one more time here probably more than one more time but who knows all right now I believe we have to we have to go back to this walkway and head on up I’ve satisfied myself in this area here all right goodbye oh wow whoa boom almost like a diet before I even got in the boat there we go perfect [Music] this music – men get me up there get some help back they knew what was up there we go okay who’s building these things let’s cable diving together yes who’s building all these levels Oh Oh they’re teaching you more advanced platforming oh that’s pretty cool oh well oh my god I just died ouch all right oh I have to do this thing ah try that one time dive cancel I see man they’re really Oh don’t like that one I don’t like don’t like that oh whoops well alright if I die before I even get to the level we’re in a bad spot never mind we’re safe know that how can I be bad at their homicidal staircase little signs like his knives like those do I want to go out there yet so much I want to explore there’s so much I want to explore a long time I’ll have time I’ve been booked dated there we go relic nice dizer got it oh wait guys oh I like that welcome aboard these guys are the most dangerous enemies in this update they kill you not via your in-game HP but buyer out of game uh oh you’re just out of game willingness to use are driving me mad I burn I’m done you rude child have the good grace to keep cool I am done with you your character just became infinitely more hateable I hope we can kill him more we’ll find a way to how dare he how dare he these seals pose the risk of killing me by uh me smashing my face into my monitor trying to be in the same realm as they are that’s the biggest risk of a they hold to me right now dude this is an advanced vacation oh my god I just realize like what hat kid is doing like you ever go on vacation somewhere and literally just like spider-man around who needs the new spider-man game as far as I will be I’m sorry okay oh no we were supposed to hear understood hello hello oh we’re try we try so what’s the way down please watch your step I mean oh it is a long way down here’s a one word oh I wish I could see it help there we go huh why on earth would they build out with no stairs you know what I have no idea how the jar made it but he his ways dying murmur see murmur seal oh my god [Music] yt – it’s amazing you guys are amazing – you’ll hear these bops James hello okay who are you I talk we do I think doesn’t know understandable hello flipper what are you doing okay now just jump off the ledge here if you want to get to your room just jump off the boat I can see why this place is so poorly designed but I can’t ever get mad at them it’s like they literally just watch my boom what that’s extremely useful so they just watch my patent time or my um splatoon series and saw what I did it for cucumber or their sea cucumber they were like yeah I just keep this one it is I like it a lot talk about wallpapers oh my goodness all right well you guys want a chat on or off for the stream I’m thinking I’m gonna turn it off at least for a while if something if something weird happens I’ll turn it back on until you like reenable it I think for now I’m gonna keep it off so we can see a little bit more of the game oh and you can use is to show that you this is where you like climb up all right who are you oh my god they they have still just designated to talking look at him look at him do his best look at him do his best I quit my job I’ll never compare to this amazing seal newscaster I will never compare no problem my dude whoa look at them go working on it oh hello there oh no you can’t resist there it’s just snap whether that be his fingers or his back I don’t know I like this gent right here this well polished golden gent oh my god wait a minute oopsie whoopsie oh my god from any other game I’d be a little bit off put by this look for just straight-up whoopsie whoopsie oh please she has crashed please – I will – start in it I can’t man I absolutely cannot with a game okay okay okay we’re back in and we’re back any we’re back in it hello you’re all checked in no no drag down that time [Music] okay Oh whoopsie we woke up like a reality please don’t we upset oh boy oh oh oh these are these are the two mod badges that I that I have on you know you’d buy them work is this lets kill me oh oh of course use it to slow down that veneer my object ah haha I haven’t used this mod in a while or this mod excuse me this hat in a while alright I mean [Music] see what we got then [Music] oopsie whoopsie um what was that what I just clicked oh it’s a shark oh I see I see so our goal is to collect all the timepiece shards I’m sorry you said you tried to clean it up how do they a timepiece shark gets stuck within oh I don’t know behind a fan like I acknowledge that there are just adorable little creatures but how on earth all right [Music] like God these are brutal creatures they don’t have to put the knife in the ID it could put her that on the counter do you see this face hey there do you see this face I don’t want to mess with anything related to this base anymore there was no need to shoot the eye where they did all right well we’re just gonna this blood well I must taste amazing now to seasoned myself I love fire it’s okay that’s okay I understand we all have tiny problems with yes don’t hurt yourself Dileep oh whoops I need to hello look at this lad look at his lad he’s just hanging out little fishy boy cool I’m on a boy pillow said that what are you leave la vía beat down on something hard in this food child should take it back to future it’s in his stomach of course I see what’s going on here hello oh well please let me pick this up there we go oh hello oh this is okay then here you go I feel lettuce that’s a shirt with the timepiece okay cool cool see we forgot to show the tables just sliding all over the place this is such a perfect way to make um to make are you okay do you need help and ambulance IKEA what kind of professional do we call when you get stuck within a furniture he seems like it’s fine hands up I use our pillow at least but uh alright alright cool oh boy these guys eating gears at some point but I do the blue alright alright so my question is where on earth is the I really want the nostalgia badge so badly I wonder where that is it’s probably a time rift for this world but we’ll see what we get again I can only play the first two acts so we’ll see I also I can also do snatcher and everything else so I really don’t know how you know what will exactly we’re gonna be doing today can find out [Music] madam was in do this music is so it’s just so like I mean yeah actually to be fair he is needed everywhere on the ship he just happens to be in this one seat it was a good plane snake he’s playing snake goofing off this is playing fog they’re all I should playing just lately classic arcade games lightful their play like versus motors and they’re all pause though because they know they have they have work to be doing all right sounds good to me does this loss look after that last mod I played I have no idea anymore what do we got up here oh these are like security cameras I see look at that top or anyone that’s adorable what’s that middle one looking like one if there’s anything hidden in those that that top and bottom left one on this SS never to fail never never to sink no seals past this point but luckily there are many paths point you should not tell them where to go okay pick up attention [Music] magis gets me okay this Monza’s DLT oh hey do that how is just chilly dad no and I noticed this broken glass around weird right it belongs to you oh cool I guess no judgment you know a gnarly picking that stuff up with your bare hands but why whatever floats your boat you know huh hi man you do you oh that chill dude hope it doesn’t turn out to be the villain or anything what does that be in y’all look it’s V in V it isn’t is update virgin what’s up bein be making a cameo all right I want to jump down just yet Oh God well I imagine we’re gonna find our conductor friend down there all right sometimes we there’s mafia people in here I made the noise oh wait am i back over here oh I got ya I got ya I got ya interest okay okay let’s see what sighing oh they’re just laughing at the table of course they are good stuff we can we hop in on this no yeah and you said oh I’m doing it without even realizing I’m gambling I am the house they will never win I will take all their money and put them into a poverty they will have nothing but that within three minutes you missed it you missed a shard hold on a minute hold on a minute big money boys not up with the temper tougher understood I wonder if Oh Real Talk I wonder if there’s going to be like a hat that makes me like act older her like appear older to people you really advise from this machine you need some chips to play though interesting ok to it yeah I’m feeling pretty lucky gears for breakfast people haven’t give me the opportunity to participate with this wonderful update I felt nothing but luck ok interesting now I wonder where the broken timepiece is this is the only bathroom on this thing there has to be another way in oh I’m getting desperate over here kid oopsy poopsy you can no longer okay go to the marker I wasn’t sure if that’s a market for later if I should just go to it right now we’ll see let’s see let’s see I think that might be a market for later to just mark the publication of math see oh no no oh I got you you’re feeling lucky alright there’s a shirt stuck in the machine here’s also glowing but you know what we take it we take this all right that’s a lot of points play my gosh okay then so what are we feeling now what I’m feeling now go over this way here’s the Theo mod here for just the time stop see whatever is behind here order dessert oh is this just what I did before who knows in here interesting okay yes I guess this one’s what I did before yeah because the counters down there okay I’m getting like an inner map of this plate potentially here let’s see Thank You Kenneth platform up there it looks like I can alright if I know this game you can get anywhere this is one of those amazing little platforms where you just sort of do anything or you can navigate anywhere okay oh wait a minute do these contain all the all the missing areas so if I hear we’ll see let’s see how that works later on it’s a little I mean I guess not the whole point is that it’s a little confusing because it’s meant to be like a giant feels good to have someone else tricking for a change though I wonder what their kitchen is like maybe I could just take a peek now I wouldn’t if I were you but I really would not win I really would not um anything over here I could give it all right these are the movie tables understood so now premise one in the kitchen I guess each each room has it has its own piece or mrs. Harriet huh oh geez things are still sliding around Oh laundry someone was watching that detergent you better dunk some in understood we’re actually doing laundry I was just taking a crack at it but you know what we are just straight-up doing laundry what a platformer what a platformer out here we go putting these pieces everywhere wash do I fold so I can just imagine that there’s probably just one piece besides that you probably screwed your payroll however turns out that they’re all late late serious and this is all just a front that they’re putting on to not have to do work they’re all actually very passionate workers they talk like the Mafia or something all right boys get out of here [Music] right for what hello okay I’ll be there I would love to like move the camera a little bit unless there’s trying to show me something guess not oh oh this is the other area I understand I’m very good really do anything in here so I like to exit if she does that the jump in through this gaping window up top sure it’s up to the seal I’ll talk to that one yeah no I can’t talk to this one this one’s just doing this thing I see you know Evelyn whoa hello do all of them have this well this is just a straight up the only one with a cover I wonder if there’s any any symbolism behind that will see eventually we’ll see eventually [Music] good so far I like that this isn’t just like a straight-up slight linear level I enjoy that this is more of one of their open world open world / enclosed world kind of levels because that way you know you were gonna get a lot a lot more out of this content okay so it looks like I was correct that every time I visit a new area it updates the map over here so in that case where am I missing I could try and go more upwards how about I do this how do I do this what’s aim I see it’s forcing me that way aim to go forwards and upwards that’s anywhere I could go over here I use that Oh Oh your see right you’re right guys he right guys thank you where was that was there a nice hot area I saw it before but I don’t know where it is now Oh Dan use the ice hat on the toilet that’s a weird sentence I don’t think I’ve ever say anything like that before I got yeah I’m done I’m done I’m done I’m done of them I thought it was like an insignia of like some sort of villain group that we haven’t met yet or something thank you chat I one of the symbol will mean anything later let’s go hello my on it nope I’m getting nothing from it nope interesting huh all right wait let’s keep on using this guy let’s keep on using our main hat to try and figure out where we need to be or I wonder if this is just gonna bring us back to like like like the mean hourglass spot hopefully not no it’s okay guys don’t forget I mean none of us know what’s going on I can understand the urge to at least try things have no fear there was an ice thing somewhere around here for lunch or was it there it is the ice thing is all the way over the apologies and launching some up words let’s do that Oh what we’re safe okay now let’s try this let’s try this one time yeah there we go um so now we’ll probably have a better shot at getting where we need to be here ooh hold on there we go here I never really used the wall bye oh hello look captain doesn’t deserve you I will keep you safe I will keep you safe I will keep you safe from harm someone spilled their spaghetti believe that should be picked up but you know what Pawar’s me and see Leo here what do you want pop one of the crew hurt themselves again what do I look like a doctor kiss it better yourself thank you for kissing my algae miss I feel better already I found a shiny one but it’s all yours [Music] ah okay okay we needed to go directly up for what I take it we can go back this way I think we should go like this yeah how do we get over here here doom here to jump over this I believe we did I’m sorry I was only looking at the seal for the past like I think as long as we’ve been holding the still I’ve only been looking at the seal oh yeah chats it’s a gooey kiss I don’t know about that one [Music] Oh understood there we go there we go takes a little bit sometimes okay in that case aha this does just keep on pointing us to the new location the less perfect man just what I needed [Music] the best kind of platforming I’ve ever experienced I think that should be the case for all video games who needs platforms we’re just needs small sentient platforms that are just you know the image of like the light like the Twitter gift of the woman with the cameras it’s like you’re doing great baby that but would like anytime the seal is performing their duty give me a sinking ship on the rocks no Daryl I see if you’re after a drink I think they might have some we portals oh geez really capable one sure but what I’m Harlan is near for young horses cool oh and then we have to get the glasses I see what are you doing it’s no sleep for the ball four speakers sleep tight I see you’ve been visited by the seal of good of blessed dreams of west winds share instantly to have five years of good luck in nice tweens whoa the more you carry the warrior wobbles understood oh I see I see good save good save dice destroyed oh oh this would you have to place it I understood I understand okay yeah that’s a nice there’s a shot of this drink Oh next up in the pool here we go I believe I thought the pool would be heated seeing as it’s so cold out but it isn’t I almost froze my feathers off trying to take a dip earlier okay they’re all seals up obviously got yet okay okay this is it okay hold on whoopsie whoopsie whoopsie please let me go now okay well it’s a slide I got it good this is a burger dude seems like a burger innocence but you wouldn’t bring you home with me oh my god the pool rules no diving no swimming sorry no diving no running no food I think I’ve broken all but two of those or all I want to slay me there these guys are okay real talk if I’m a real these guys are one zillion percent going to be the enemies in some form of variety there is no way knowing this game’s humor that these guys are going to statically remain as cutesy little woes there’s no way they have a dark side to them or not a dark side look like it’s something oh no something hey what you doin poke there’s gonna be a baby like one of them talks like that all right where we going here down [Music] whoopsie it’s easy to go down all right oh I see why build a ship with walls okay actually never idea it’s a Tory thing yes what is this oh I got ya explosives there we go don’t know what that accomplishes help okay sure okay Oh that’s it Oh PJ Octavio got a nice update I like the DJ Octavia way more yak cake interesting oh I understand what every time I would slipping okay I almost died um one foot in death there wait a minute okay one upwards upwards for shard oh I see you can go down there for it got ya alright good it’s creepy oh we have to go further than that hmm I don’t want it I okay I kind of want your heads area a little bit more whoopsie oopsy poopsy watch your emissary a little bit more we can make this jump yeah okay oh this is the laundry room I like how this place all connects to everything it’s very convenient all right do this first act as taking a while I like this when they said I can only play the first one maybe we should stick it back together to find a missing shards okay okay I see as easy there they’re just tiny cool yeah I know like um guess we’re only missing one two more nice that you like directly above us which is very useful like when they win here’s her breakfast told me I can only play the first two I was like okay so I might get like thirty minutes out of it the first act is already taken in an hour so in with this okay okay so we still need to be going out and around that’s no problem here because I believe there’s an exit up an hour out here Phil but how fast can you die that’s a strange question chat pool where’s the deals I’m working on the seals part the deals will be coming here eventually right now I got some seals to help right I can’t do that what if I just go around here hmm I need the I need the outer edge of the ship here what’s like I can’t get out once again to the outer edge of this ship I should be fine it’s a matter of getting there we’re in the main lobby so I’m not too worried okay think outer edge oh here we go now I can focus on just climbing all right oh yeah whoo these deals when you have these adorable city life like move the controller away okay I was losing track of my bluetooth oh he’s nice to take vacation see people that are not other mafia too many of those are called like I know what they did slow Zuma on in Arthur faces static noise okay we got here it’s a broken statue oh oh it’s a shattered statue a couple of them huh oh wait mmm I see so we have to get to the front of the ship then I take it that should be too bad we are back in the main lobby again hmm I’m going a little bit in circles here I wonder if that’s spring can bring us anywhere else actually there was a there was a staircase here right okay I’m learning I’m learning the area and this does take us to the outer edge yeah here we go um Laura I’m learning the outer area I’ll smacked Jim up there oh I see gotcha so this is the Guardian slash housing area okay then I can work with this up here can’t climb this that’s okay we’ll find other ways to get up there probably with the trees honestly such a nice platform event bleep all right and then oh I see whoops messed up man messed up my platforming what do you guys think should we do act to next because when I imagine were coming to the end of act 1 should we do act 2 next or should we try out some of the deals I’ll let you guys decide there we go people are just saying yes say act 2 or deals yes is not effective when I give two options although I did say oh no it’s all good people are saying act 2 act 2 act to deal we’re seeing some deals how about we like initiate the deals Nachi well those go right into Act two don’t you have anything better to do this [Music] who remix remix for the outro there alright alright alright well let me have a little bit more water here that crash ten-time just crashed alright let’s try that again hopefully it didn’t delete the the progress we made otherwise we might have to do um we might have to do the deals we’ll see hmm drinks water not allowed test fail but don’t forget this is also like not out yet so I imagine this is still like a technically a quote-unquote beta release I have no idea maybe it was one of my mods that crashed it huh I did like get the thing and loaded so maybe just didn’t want to load in the same area I’m not sure I’ll just let him know on Twitter leader I’m sure they’re aware of it but if they aren’t oh mmm I drew you hugging an oo seal is it an art fail boat hold on Marci you’re too fast Marci you’re too fast you can’t just draw things like that so quickly god this it’s adorable I know I’m not gonna turn this into like an art say what is this it’s great I’m great alright back into the back into the game here the game takes a little while to load cuz mods give it a little second here it’s coming back up there we go okay we’re in it should appear for you guys in a second seal the deal all right okay I got I got more more progression on the percent I got to 71% I know you guys can’t see anything hold on uh it’s gonna show or like halo where’s my Game Capture there we go there we go there we go all right here so now did we get part two yes yes it worked oh we have to do a deal you guys see that it costs to deal tokens to unlock here probably not in the best order but we got to do some deals let’s do it man back to the ship we go why game why because do this just trying to get you to to see every part of this amazing update and I completely understand why I believe we’re supposed to go through there time to make some deals boys yo what’s up snatcher I don’t appreciate you putting these lik candles next to my balloons but you know what next my blues that’s my sure what’s it say up there Leslie chapter one chapter two this is like how to kill a kid okay alright alright alright yo what’s up soo sorry I’m not reading the chat to too much I think you guys are all in it with me all right all right oh yeah that bad why are you laughing like that snatcher boy let’s do it man bring the heat uh bonus don’t get too hot don’t cool down more than two times turn off all lava faucets okay take all the time you need cool let’s do it dude they redid all the art oh my god all the art is redux and it has a purple border okay it’s my heart unusual cool yourself off don’t get too hot all right okay okay so I know what they mean by here we’ll see let’s see let’s see no mods for now no mods right now no mods for now how do you cool yourself down oh I see you you you have to use like like water locations okay where how you know if you’re getting hot all right peevly step in the lava are you just by proximity I know the screen is looking a little bit more red now oh I see what you’re talking about I see I see I can see the yellow now I don’t know the water is I got ya I got ya man these bonuses are gonna be tough do these counties water I don’t believe so interesting okay these don’t count these don’t count as water to it to cool myself off on because I didn’t get it I didn’t get the alert for doing it more than two times okay what we need is a plan either first of all there’s no way I’m gonna do this without failing so cool myself off so it’s gonna if I do it again I’ll get a penalty oh yeah yeah I get you okay okay okay I’m feeling I’m feeling it I’m very much feeling the heat is frustrating to deal with oh let’s go back you can see it was perfect dive I play this game a lot let’s see how far we can get without too high we should probably have pulled herself up you know what no bonus for today let’s just see let’s just see what we can do for now I eventually by the way one to 100% this mode so aku no beating all of these with all boat with um with all bonuses so all I’m saying is uh be prepared for a lot of Hattin time streams we’re back on our game I’m going for the perfect run this is ridiculous by the way I was hoping that the original that the initial challenge was gonna be like a little bit forgiving let’s try to use one of those two guys to jump I don’t think I’ve any access to any water yeah I think it is rip boys whoa Oh No hi kids like bloodied solos at the bottom and I crashed hit eight more times you didn’t twice hit them twice isn’t was am i dumb the chair has been screaming at me for so long apparently to hit them twice whoops okay well look let’s drink some water real fast to disable mods I’m not really using any mods right now I mean the mods are on but yeah try turning off from all the DLC preview isn’t mod compatible understood Thank You gears for breakfast juice for breakfast is watching right now interesting okay we’re gonna try that one more time with with with the mods on is there a way to like default just blanketly turn them all off or do I just have to individually turn them off I say just like oh wait till they respond that’s cool though man just enjoy some Asian food and watch and feel but could be a yogi hey gamers what just snacking on by the way been a while since I asked that what just snacking on gamers how you guys doing in Chad there we got it we got some time here some snacking on gears her heart hit them twice yep don’t look yeah we’re all we all dumb know it again okay we’re back in we’re back in let’s see mods is there just a blanket way to turn them all off or do I have to individually turn them off let’s just go back into it I mean all I need to do is not die well what is option oh I think it’s just that I just thing is just like the thing thank you I guess that’s just if you want to download it I see game options oh okay cool I will do that the instant I load in here we’ll do wads another time settings game settings I cannot see that bottom option turn off see oh oh cool I believe I’ve done it there we go or any of them on still on perfect okay now we’re on default experience perfect run that back actually all we can’t run that back we have to go back to section whoo whoopsie whoopsie let’s go though notice the seal what is this stop chat Oh notices your snatcher alright hello there we’ve already interacted with you beat the heat okay let’s try this sit back relax let’s give this another shot let’s see that crew down there have a pitchfork Lizzy has some oh it’s a fence whoops they just straight-up crashed this time hmm let’s try that again maybe it’s cuz I like turned off the mods you just made it crash hmm we’ll see I imagine all this stuff will be ironed out before the actual full release no worries because I’m using like the preview version I’m not using like an actual I’m not using like the actual update so this is probably the all gonna be like ironed out by the time you guys get your hands on it it’s coming out with like officially three days on the 13th right yeah yeah man on the 13th at 2:00 p.m. everyone by the way so I’ll be right there with you guys playing the update deal exe has stopped working through is that the joke I feel I failed I failed the test once snatcher owns my soul I can’t play around this can’t go back in time to change it I’m just stuck let’s try that one more time by the way guys I do plan on pulling out some pulling out some DLC or not some DLC I pull it out my roommate over here to get some co-op in on this in a little bit so we’re gonna be doing the co-op we’re gonna be trying that on this stream today we’re just like letting the game load now I think ice is cool ice cap is ice think for a sec Oh hmm I wonder if that will work I wonder if that ward yeah my roommate is also like a big my roommate is DLC I mean DLC for this stream maybe bonus DLC extra person here yeah let’s try that again hey there kiddo trying to play the game I see – hey I own your soul Oh call me fool cuz I’m holding that out there I saw it versus in co-op yeah I thought – don’t worry I saw it too let’s try one of these oh wait a minute if I can’t do these fast enough he might be able to help me by helping to turn off the faucets oh dude I’m getting excited let’s give this a shot man also uh because I no longer have the camera thing on let me enable that perfect I love the camera badge though I probably will need the hook where is that there we go there we go now we’re gonna now rate it hello yes I understand don’t die on the job okay alright oh hey gears for breakfast um mmm I’m at a little bit of a I’m having a little bit of a situation right now we’re having in another crash I’m not sure if you’re uh if you’re still listening in right now what do you think crasher who need snatcher when we got crasher let’s load this back up here um maybe just message them real fast yeah uh I’m streaming and I keep crashing going into the first snatcher level after failing it once there we go I have messaged our gods above the voice from beyond hopefully they’ll be able to to hop in and give some hot fixes real fast dude feels bad man I died once that’s all I’d you died once test fail that’s it they have my soul like they got me this DLC was more dangerous than I expected it is like loading the mods hmm it’s still loading the mods every time I like load it up I wonder if there’s a way here what I’m gonna do is this real fast I’m going to load it up quit it and see if I can unsubscribe from all my mods and then read and then relaunch it I’ll be able to find my mop find the the mods at another time I remember what mods I have on or what ones are the most useful in here and that that doesn’t work then I guess we just wait for for God’s pervs for breakfast to figure out what our what our solution is here because if there’s nothing more I can do on this and we could I mean I don’t say we could go back through the the first arc I want to see what that verses co-op mode is okay here we go settings didn’t turn back on come on let’s see turn off steam workshop no saving oh my goodness all right here well here’s what we’re gonna do exit the game go into the hoenn hey I recommend unsubscribing from all mods in the workshop looks like there’s some others aren’t respecting them oh no mod setting our loading anyway I see yep so that’s pretty much exactly what they said um view this will take no more than a thing like a a minute or two here guys don’t worry I only have five pages of mods installed steam why are you complicated why you complicated steam they ever yeah okay cool hat in time uh where is it brows workshop perfect let’s quickly unsub from these mods subscribe we hope to have a fix for that sorry is a ton of mods right now and anyone that could be passing it at no worries no worries my guys let me get rid of at least unsubscribe from all the e from all the ones that are like normal here well let’s see unsubscribe from you unsubscribe from you there we go um [Music] berserk sword probably don’t need that don’t need the flood one don’t need playable mustache girl maybe another time they are you okay it seems I have unsubscribed for the core of what I needed here turn off the weapon menu very useful let’s leave on tipos Tuesday just in case if it still crashes we’ll turn off to you pose Tuesday because who knows we might still have a use for T pose Tuesday’s all I’m saying we might still have a use for it if it still crashes in no worries disable that all right fully unsubscribed for everything except for T pose Tuesday our one surviving mod we’re reloading the game right now actually do you guys think we should do the coop right now just bring him in or should we try it one more time oh wow at least it loads like ten million percent faster only have to load about the T posing that’s pretty good coop coop coop yes coop alright I’ll be right back let me grab my let me grab my boy look at my roommate Roca hole oh I poured it on my webcam on right now we’ll see plug in the webcam right here Oh that way we can have a little reaction to this what do you guys like it I get it’s like looking like this update so far I know you guys haven’t got a chance plate for yourselves how you guys liking it so far because what you see I want to know more about what’s gonna happen on this ship literally impossible to SF’s literally impossible to sink they’re challenging my mullet rather challenging my namesake there we go real fast may have to restart the stream here let me just I’m in the game I’m gonna do is just gonna work problem like 90 percent confident will not work oh it just does perfect I didn’t I actually did not expect that at all cool I did not shave in preparation for today but you know what we’ll take that we’ll take what we got I’ll turn on the chat and everything – alright I’ll follow I’m gonna need to open up windows that’s you like a rainy day with my severe local government my boy okay hello everybody we’re here scooting also uh do you have an Xbox 360 controller I do all right we will need that okay all right that’s it for Roca he’s out hope you enjoyed having him on the street get that go there we go perfect lower this a little bit BAM yeah I see this is the festival cap is on the side there I like that a lot here we go bring it bring it bring it hope you’ll adjust work by just plugging it right there I almost hit the power button on my PC I was like whatever just work haha Bilbo face review all right there we go Roku controller review plug this in perfect so now turn down the game volume a little bit about us here yeah alright so we’re in we’re in like a new area right here we’re in a washing machine area I know I saw the washing machine I was like yeah were you listening in on any of the screen I was not oh okay so yeah okay I don’t know let’s see try moving oh yeah look at this man we got ribbon girl oh look at her smug little face oh my god well I need like turnout I need to like turn off the chat or something well it’s taking up like a lot of oh yeah of your screen guys I know this looks a little weird what do you guys do you guys like this mail it middle camera you guys thing this is okay we doesn’t work out then it’s all good but I’m trying to just bounce it in a solid way here we go what do you guys think that jet mirror the camera yeah yeah works works sure good echo for work with that you have to click in the screen I realized I can’t oh oh yeah yeah it’s true okay perfect perfect camera gonna face the camera to do spoken with the office stop stop oh my god away from me what so apparently there’s also a game setting Oh for like versus mode enable versus mode what I have no idea what this is hold on cuz it’s like if I hit you away no I hate it okay hold on come with me I think oh no wow it’s actually fully open it’s wholly separate yeah that’s great yeah okay okay I mean yeah fallin follow me over here so pretty much what I’m trying I’m doing the snatcher challenges oh and um this the first one you have to do is like you know like hold on let me turn down our game audio a little a little bit here okay oh would you see the seals I’ll show you some of the seals Oh God look at her look at the half the face on my skin deleted No okay so we’re it’s like that little lava area from off iya town oh yeah one only one legal client at a time unfortunately collide excuse me can you leak back off back off all right hello these are earlier oh oh yeah oh man that done perfect way to to figure out what we need to do there okay in that case let me at least show you what our what our first area looks like under seam you like skirt by there yeah all right blink rate going down here yeah yeah perfect ah there we go yeah we can’t do this one yet until we get to snatcher well we gotta at least take a look at bon voyage oh I love it it’s good that’s good oh I wonder if she’s like cat kid or something cuz she has like the Hat kid and cat kid because she has like a little village head Sun symbol on everything Oh oh yeah yeah let’s at least take a look take a look at this area here I miss I missed this part welcome of roll call what oh no what this I have no idea what it says it’s big potato over lad we talk talk to one of them oh why they’re wonderful I want ten of them I think what I’d want all of them try thing in that case it may be better if I did the snatcher thing and then invite you back for this for the second part of the second act yeah oh this is a really cool no yeah this is so great oh never run about don’t oh wow you’re all the way down there huh I can see I can see um ice cream Oh from far away you can see the icon yeah I’ll probably see the fall too you can watch the sadness welcome to the clues they are adorable I can’t take yours they cannot come sooner oh my god oh yeah you like see your iconic comment I would I hope Khaleesi have to be before I can like see your person oh oh oh like fades into it ah look at me does up there why I don’t even need to hit you off we’re gonna die like that I got a checkpoint I don’t know okay let me make it here oh you’re just like watching I don’t know idea oh I [Music] don’t know do I need to do any pawns pay to play potatoes come back alive whoa Oh God huh a second guess so these are an area transition coming up ahead [Music] guilty fun oh oh I see so it’s up for the other person to collect enough funds to bring you back alive it oh really that’s interesting huh whoa seal help help help all right here in that case I’m going to load up um right this snatcher yeah this actual thing I’ll try and complete that to the to the best of my ability and then I will bring you back in here alright there you go plug me out coach good luck yep talk to you later man perfect disabled co-op here cannot disable Cobb right now I’ll make that happen never you got disabled perfect no all right Roku will be back look at me slouch low perfect well we’ll be back a little bit later then right click in the window there we go so let’s try let’s try some more deals don’t I’m so in with this man what time is it it’s 5:30 whoops whoa III hit the the infinite fall thing whoopsie whoopsie whoopsie God I just want to do co-op so badly I want to have him in fur for part two of this like to hear him talk all right all right bring the heat let’s go do that the demonic laugh I can’t okay there’s something I have to test there’s something I have to test all the mods are not enable down there I said okay okay bla bla bla bla bla Thank You Man thank you my dude okay routing hit it twice this thing is away from all sources of water I thought I was gonna actually just get them this is what we have to eliminate first got it oh of course that fails it don’t get to it you know what I like this restart button it’s very nice okay try it again let’s try this again so here no falling in lava obviously at this point let’s go right next one two three four five I think we have like five or so five or so to do that isn’t too bad all right I’m bad I need to get this an immediately go to water please please good no Oh safe we’ll test that if we need it here we go we can make this one take a moment take a moment I imagine the heat isn’t gonna like refuel me we have one two three four to go through I can just work clockwise her or anti-clockwise Oh way to go all the way over here don’t we this might be a little bit tough this might be a little bit tough we’ll see all right dude I’m in this I am in this okay I didn’t get much heat on me doing that doing that part so I think we might be okay still in that case we can probably get ooh there’s like no water around here um if this isit doesn’t work we’re ghosts all right we’re after use it did not work did not work did not work I repeat ice hat does not work this was a mistake this was a mistake f they can never get me they can never get me oh wait a minute does he just not kill me Oh hmm interesting interesting okay but let’s do this these are tough man one two three four five go for this one as the starter one this one seems like a decent starter one yo 8 plus platforming though if I just fell off I would scream move I wonder if the ice had deleted though because I wasn’t taking damage for a while and I suddenly died okay I don’t see any water around here that’s the issue I’m working on it snatcher working on it buddy should be pool around here oh my god hello just delay it it delays it though oh we can actually ping the damage hold on oh my brain is escalating we might be able to ping the damage oh my god we might be able to get again using the ice hat the damage is physical I think we can ping the damage pinging me meaning like like avoid the damage like the damage will just ping off of us there actually might be a chance to do this without ever cooling yourself off I gotta test it so I am Oh saved win for the audio queue wait for it oh my god y’all y’all oh geez oh geez momentum dude we’re pinging the damage dude what’s this can’t be intended dude gimmicks for breakfast let’s go oh good dude I’m actually loving this all right where is our next location it’s just one left okay oh no yeah we messed up now okay oh oh oh no wait hold on a minute I’m so mad I am so mad we were trying to giving it the entire time and ain’t giving us in the end I thought for just the saying all the love was gonna turn to water glad Jonas are you watching oh well now my mission is to do it without ever cooling down the goal has changed we’re gonna beat snatcher at his own game oh I’m bad luckily that didn’t count as to any any points you know we just stepped in fire it wouldn’t be bad see at least okay I think what we should do we shouldn’t be picky what we may be dead okay we shouldn’t be picky we shouldn’t be picky we shouldn’t be picky what we should be doing is um get one letter you like use up out use up our our water buckets use up our available water buckets that one is water right next to it let’s not do that one yet don’t be silly use use up the utilities you have use up the resources we have all right get this one so we don’t have to do the stupid nice thing at the end all right dude real talk these challenges are something man I am in with the difficulty of these all right use this one for now we’re good we’re good we’ll take that one we’ll take that one for now honestly we might have been able if we 1/2 min max it we might have been able to go from over there late like dude this one whoopsie whoopsie and then do the other one oh I’m bad oh that’s metal I know we’re about to take that l but she just skidded down the lava just finish it already look guys if anything you know okay you know what I got him it the only cool part about this is Chet can’t tell me how fast they did it on their first try Jack can’t hit me with the UH like well when I did it I did this first trying no one can say that now cuz I’m the only one who in the chat who’s been able to play it so far this is amazing yeah cat is kapkan heck it is pretty metal she did slide down lava okay real talk min/max boys pull-up efficiency get this one now hop over here – okay look buddy ping all right we’re in a ping loop good thing for the donation a chance that one a chance that one okay we got one down there let’s do this that right one the left one right left go in a circle and then immediately go for that water thing and ping the damage until we get there this one is annoying because I can’t really see where I’m going because in this angle I can skill gives me anxiety okay that part isn’t that bad this is only the first contract are you kidding me man oh oh we may have to start pinging a lot sooner boom bet hello boys mafia guys are still down there just guarding it with their lives snatcher wafer snatcher give me as heat line there is get out yup thing good what Oh Oh him him him he got me keep pinging Oh 10 actual million IQ where’s the water got it go for the water for now I don’t like having to constantly do this too much anxiety okay cool last two then right last two last – lets go come on over here just arrived – hi get the DLC early Giustra breakfast was nice enough to send me an early copy of this so that so that way you guys can get a preview of it before it comes out oh you see that jump though we’re working on it buddy okay it’s gonna I’m gonna have to ping oh okay cuz I can’t use the water thing anymore don’t you dare say it’s the first contract again don’t fall for it thanks buddy let’s go no annoyed ere I am worth we’re at the mercy of the world right now Oh No hey I stopped the ping we have to go we have to go drop this is Ricky we can’t oh no no oh no I’ve lost my time I’ve lost words I’m gonna die I despise this already I was actually pressing l but I started pressing it too early I started pressing L too early hold on a minute this might not be good I’ve no idea if I should be scared I didn’t know I’m actually put off by that I was so cool I was on the ladder and I tried to press L but I was still like just getting off the ladder and didn’t want to activate I got one I did get one I did get one I did get one and I got the hard one which it was like to not use the water thing to over twice so even if they patched that out I might still be able to gimmick in the future I might still just be able to get to the water thing we got some progress we got some progress oh wait actually hold on those are two points so now we can go to the different arcs oh and they all in they each cost different things wild Sam Sam can you hear me you can’t hear me I’ll be right back I’m Leon Bam Bam Bam I’ll be coming in here alright oh I’m so mad I’m so mad so here I’m gonna show you what happened alright this is it so this is the bus yeah here let me just like show you like what this level is all about okay so pretty much here’s the difficulty of level and here’s how I gimmicked it uh-huh alright so in this in this challenge you have to do the normal level right but you are constantly heating up oh so like I’ll just like try and like do it for a little bit and then you’ll see what I’m talking about you’ll see that the edges of my screen it like starts to oh yeah it’s like heat up whoopsy wow that’s amazing save alright let’s go oopsy poopsy but yeah so I’ve already gotten one of the bonuses I pretty much had the second bonus right and then I messed up a timing on something so pretty much here’s how it works here’s how it works oh right I see the water droplets and yeah alright so once he says that that means it’s not good we can use this to refresh ourselves we can do that up to twice before yeah exactly four we use this thing oh but what I did is using the ice hat I even cool yourself no thanks for the support everybody um I use it to gimmick myself so you know how with the ice hat you can’t take damage yes that achievement for don’t get too har that that goal for you don’t get too high it’s specifically based around to him when you take damage oh my god wait wait wait for wait for it hold on so what I did was went to each one I also don’t mean to compete like fully completing level I just want to show so he says that then there’s the noise big burry and then wait pretty much oh my god I can keep doing the level oh it’s really scary because I actually lost the challenge because um I slid off and died somewhere else so this is what I’ve been doing I am a actual cheater I love it and then silence – but yeah so pretty much um whoopsie oh yeah so that’s that’s pretty much where I was been trying to do yeah right that’s pretty funny oh my god yeah I know the preview is not public yet guys the full DLC will be free on Thursday when it eventually comes out but uh at 2 p.m. 2 p.m. EST all right now now plug me in coach let me write in perfect and only activate our view from before deal me the seal uh this is not the view I wanted I want this view whoa that’s us and this chat I mean I can just like put it under to like yeah yeah yeah yeah perfect it’s definitely a strange wait you guys how’s this look I mean let’s try and cop there we go yes which is pulsing there oh you still have one huh let’s go get back Thank You Stig huge tract you villain Oh have we handy dang it I love your smug face me to get a hit my hat in time one second you genius for later what was that you two look you’re happy what do you got oh my god but yeah what you see before you eat it hey what a corn chip sees before it’s dead me versus my last Dorito yeah looking into the bag of Doritos be like yeah that’s why I should have OS you can’t pull any weight all right oh my god you can now we can use the truth so get back out from the one challenge and the other thing all right oh yeah music oh no that’s gonna fall I love it man say hi to Sam and fail but what’s up gadget he was a support you know all right got it she probably move the webcam down a little bit I’m the compensate for my slouch good boy you want to put down the chair below you wanna like oh like under there you go you’re sending forget to send the charity all right oh yeah oh yeah the now Oh see whoopsie okay it’s not a question of will is a question of how many times do they want to be stacked we could have many times do you one good yeah yeah they’re gonna go around a little bit we’re okay so we have to follow the mess so it’s so easy to get distracted here I’ve already done that you have to use time stop I’m over on the left by the way I’m like all the way in the world oh I see yeah Oh watch me hold on a minute follow my hat can you use your use your night your ribbon let’s meet up at that that area there all right this is the only bathroom on this thing they mess up the bathroom Oh al Erica okay oh it’s go to the captain oh I can guide you if needed oh I got it got it yeah just gotta go into that that door oh yeah yep this one no uh no no let’s go back in go up the stairs it’s a little hard to understand but hello deliver drinks oh there are some other jobs that we’ll be doing so pay attention okay all right well guys how’s the audio now that now that we have a Sam here and I’ve turned down the thing oh I have to bring it oh wait what oh honey you can pick up or we just have to take our garbage I think okay interesting there’s also meter going on in the bottom right [Music] I’m just following all do we just toss up yet we have to toss 40 things in the trash okay um it’s the same yeah I don’t know they’re their ovens having an oopsie whoopsie Alexa played Esposito but better and also the simpleflips one – oatmeal one – one’ll Kirby is a pink guy one 200 mil because Kirby is very cute one – oatmeal Kirby is a pink guy one – I think so and only because Kobe is very cute Kirby and make thought I disabled it will be free are we good I was scared I had a horrible fears if we have why does this do okay I hate when this stupid like auto line starts up yeah hello insane and woo it like fills the description like a support the streamline which is not like oh it’s not needed weird yeah dream lives huh anyways okay okay take up the trash beep oh I see I just have to like move things to other places it’s not necessarily trash it’s like oh just general like organize the things yeah these lines are extremely useful these pages you know line neat you pick up multiple things yeah you could pick up multiple things but that’s why there’s like the stacking image at the very beginning yep the more you carry you the more wobbles understood oh wait a minute wait a minute have a oh my god look what I found Oh what it was a baby conductor I’m losing track of where this line is supposed to get me going Bhima thank you alright ordinary letters thank you for those ordinary papers oh I think the line just like wipe updates to like where you need to like closest like jump Oh interesting I mean I didn’t even think it was gonna be that advanced very yeah okay huh Wow even shows like leave where to wall jump hey quiet now that’s some technology if I’ve seen it yeah this is this is very impressive out I hit my head again oh my god we’re working on it we’re working on it oh there’s a pool up here Sony’s a junket about alright oh good oh it’s fine hello here you go and then one more thing needs to be given where the where where the wine is going oh no right there what is this you missed that alright I can’t um swinging for my life hold on oh that’s adorable this is a good co-op level they’re really they really had a good idea hold on a minute this guy’s about to get mad they does have his towels hi there we go alright next dad also be mad if I did not have my towels oh my god there’s a bunch of new things popped up alright oh I got the jar boy he can die as far as I’m concerned he said the seals were annoying oh yeah no no no no feeling bad toss him on board I’m just gonna go off with him I can’t throw him I’ll take it with me what’s happening here Oh downwards you say drowning him I’d be supposed to go to the playpen that I showed you oh there we go there we go now now it’s women absolutely I was working the lines gone Oh when tells me to jump off the boat all right well if you insist Oh a like appears that my feet if it tells me to go look directly down this is not looking at that ah okay okay okay okay so this isn’t a baby per se but bring them this way let’s not I’m just as confused as anyone wouldn’t be out oh I’m about to get bodied don’t I try not to those are all just inanimate carts don’t worry you want to be eaten oh no I just have a plate I’m now carrying a plate X what I’ll hold a mafia mafia Joe is here thank you so much you’re managing is this what it’s like to work minimum wage get our tips hello welcome to Denny’s all right would you like this baby okay the table came out of nowhere okay we’re about to lose like two orders up top yeah you see how there’s like a timer going around yeah Oh Noi bonked there no bonk Badgers Oh in the walrus time the bottom rates angry yeah I don’t think he wants us to miss anything oh I think it’s just that we’re taking too long to complete whenever I like and we picked something up he seems to the teeth to get chill out a little bit okay [Music] oh we’re gonna Batson yeah we’re about to lose the dice one I’m gonna be able to pick it up oh my god let’s go No it disappeared as I got there oh when we deliver it I think the meter goes down and gets happier okay I like that it that this game is just telling me to do these extremely sketchy deals you know what no do it you know yeah the deals come later I thought never works I’m feeling lucky I don’t know man at this point always getting mad oh he’s getting really mad I’m not sure if I’m feeling lucky as much as I am just concerned for my life these lines are very very oh oh they’re helpful but then they’re like I feel like I lose them I gotta get here we go please just get a at least the music is about yeah all right what’s this please well don’t worry I’m finishing some tests you’ll become happy again yeah look at him he’s happy now alright how many more of these we have left to do there’s so many Oh what the heck have to bring his order all the way down there thank goodness that you are here this is definitely a good map to show off co-op alright good unrealistic standards got this laundry though okay I need an ad I’d like another read task another read test is down this way the language that keeps changing yeah I know right and sometimes it like leaves you in circles a little bit oh boy these guys about to get way more man than he was already no I got it why are you look at this this who are you expect illiterate by table do you see what I mean like okay by the way get off he is an owl yes but like I understand but I’m a kid he can he can serve his own meals he’s got wings I got stubby little kid hands my only issue with the lie is it like this is a point directly towards it it points to the directions of how to get to it yeah which confuse me sometimes somebody sites are really easy but some of them are not easy at all please keep fulfilling the easy ones whatever keeps them from getting pissed I guess I also Kate okay oh okay you know what I’m not looking at I’m also being dumb um we do have yellow line or yellow circles around us at all times yeah are those we just meet like people we just need to talk to because I noticed the yellow ones are always the delivery ones yes for some reason I haven’t been like like mentally acknowledging the yellow lines yeah I I’m trying to follow the lines but not the circles okay it’s actually not that bad cuz no it just show us where we’re going need to go yeah oh wait i justold was that Waller’s boys getting very angry angry [Music] come on oh wait wait one dream is over here health camera like the laundry room HP please thank you camera please okay okay something fifty meters away in 30 meters away there’s a lot of things about that guy he’s not happy Sam oh I just got smacked by what the tables move oh I got one Tory I got another task I can do this one child oh this one’s gonna take forever always do it alvey’s right here we’re good throw I’m just about to deliver one I am nowhere near any of these do about to deliver a baby we can still save this location don’t ask questions head to share some weird – since I last checked what’s this next one do my taxes deliver child I remember everyone’s living a baby in my or honestly come on intend up [Music] angry hey where do you want me to go red wines where do you want me to go you pay attention to like the circles you have to have a balance well I found where he is is he mad are you mad I should probably get away probably get away before he ends your life oh look at that he is certainly saying words oh god no I’m good that music oh it’s just right here hey you go here’s here’s your delivery okay I made him less mad I comply also dance I also did nice okay as Arthur Arthur anything that’s like about to die close to you not really other than us oh god no where is this task yes okay oh my god I can deliver I can deliver soon okay matrix oh my god got one oh wait that wasn’t enough Oh more tears cool oh god I am never going to a hotel and not cleaning my clean up after myself again yeah teaching me valuable life lessons oh god you’re feeling lucky I don’t know at this point really that’s a no I would have to say a solid no I’m not feeling lucky at all oh it’s getting luckier by the second actually another child I can’t die hey there wait a minute wait a minute who’s talking oh well here we go I still have him in dialogue there we go oh yeah he’s just says aw you can try again oh my god want to help out oh my god you’re invulnerable stop okay attention such as delivering children just some of these boxes okay all right okay okay I’m following you this time you’re following me yeah you just told me to go up here what is up here oh right because the first thing is a piece of trash in that case you take care of that yeah I’m gonna take care of the thing at the bottom I’ll take the okay I’ll take care of dice we’re gonna be efficient with this one right I think our issue is we left too many things pop up when we couldn’t handle it there’s a date there’s a kitchen thing you got that yep okay that yellow thing I’m gonna head to the towards the yellow one I know that that’s my delivery oh that’s your dope I can see yours oh that’s that makes now I would explain a lot I get confused a lot but where is it is it right here oh it’s right here I just had to move it over one thing okay Oh sue is out we also have to pick roses or something yeah that’s those are the old ones they’re like instant delivery because they’re easy oh I see what you’re saying hi okay let’s talk oh are you all right yeah be cool okay a lot of things are happening but you want to take it is there anything in that room you can take care of I’m gonna take care of the casino one okay letting the red lines lead me and they are being very okay the casino ones are super easy you doesn’t move them over to like one other Lake location yeah okay upon doing this for a second time it’s absolutely way easier to understand yeah possibly no the methyl in one out so it should be a lot easier I have also like ran around this map before oh and also the the circles also indicate like what room it’s in yep so what the task is here we’ve seen a second because if you look at the circles like they’re like they showed the image of what you’re viewing like this images of Oasis oh we know they’re right here strange the circle is very small okay what do I need to go then I don’t feel some batteries oh my god I’ll have to think about this it’s a lot think about what is this I’ve trapped myself woah oh I can I can slow you down if I activate the time stop slow motion deliver this baby ah okay oh you need batteries no problem I did all right okay you can get one of the other tasks yep I’m delivering mafia guy right now oh but we can do two tests at once that’s the same uh alright I’m grabbing the one of the cooking ones okay whoa camera yeah I’m feeling that sometimes it just boom okay I’m gonna faint delivering this one okay there yes are you running through the kitchen wide to put something in the oven that’s with it’s cute right and start cooking this dude cool overcooked overcooked be like yeah there’s mud I’m slipping into mud or the gravy or whatever it is here’s a toolkit maybe we will help okay are there’s more kitchen duties I’m gonna go handle those understood I got a tool kit out I got slammed by get out of my way I got a baby yep this is not a relaxing cruise when I paid for this ticket I did not expect for Technic cause like I’m crapping something you are making me exceedingly concerned when you do that Oh baby I just put a baby on top of a tool kit what is this hammer you can die from the from that for the thing what is this a murder no baby oh god I got four things stacked oh my god oh god I haven’t gotten that deep into it good doctor this is your child I have alcohol on top of his head please take you better care of your children oh I’m so easy oh you can bonk into walls and stuff oh that’s so funny if you all weekend we gonna clip the dough ball hold on oh yeah that might be helpful we don’t need Mad Hatter right now here go ahead I’m not sure if it’ll count oh my god you haven’t the faintest clue anything hair has either fairly good for a seal I can’t smack my table still I mean that that doesn’t save you from that this is damaging this alcohol isn’t really gonna taste too good now I’ve dipped in the pool two times with it but you know why end in the baby Oh deliver this do we are keeping this boy happy oh it’s about keeping this boy happy I almost slammed this baby into that table oops yeah okay top ten things to avoid oh my god okay okay followed up all the arrows I think the arrow should not be relied upon you know they’re just guiding their guidelines because it’s like when I can’t find it via the circles I have two eyes should rely on the head okay here’s our issue we run into a little bit of a wall here with the tasks now we have a lot of tasks okay I got another oh it’s the conductor baby like actual conductor baby he’s gonna look oh yeah oh okay I bet he lost I’ll watch that train rush movie a lot here we go got that task completed alright I’m do the one that’s like right next to the conductor’s as I’m late right here alright let’s work on them this would be a heck of a speedrun I’m telling you routing Oh imagine readiness oh there’s a lot of tests going on okay well sorry I’m amazing ly easy to segment this ship this is arrow point me oh this it’s a kitchen it’s a kitchen it’s a kitchen to legally once I understand like where it is I can like do the I can just like go there that’s what the trailer Oh people are eating too fast what do you want I want to go for a ride carry me you know after losing when you fight the Mafia boss and the first time he’s become an interesting individual yeah I didn’t expect him to become like a collectible of these random events all right all right Oh baby I’m sorry oh you got a lot of stuff oh do not drop the child into the fire all right I dropped me into the fire where I’ve walked into the fire again you may want to put some of those items down I don’t believe I should I’m getting more food I think the only thing that’s like you’re really helping me out here is uh just carrying more stuff it helps me get so much more done okay Oh a lot of tasks yep there’s a lot of delivery oh gosh oh no okay I’ve noticed that’s even mine or not oh god it’s going not ideally okay I see my tester breaking away I think wait there’s a yellow line please bring back the yellow line no um I believe it’s are the ones that you need to do have a red like a red arrow on them the yellow circles with the red aired like the blinking red arrow I think I could be wrong akise like going back fortunate yellow line in a red line I’m dying oh well good-bye baby oh gosh okay this is uh okay he’s getting bad it’s fine I got some small ones here I can do okay delivered food there we go we’re good now just gonna do this baby don’t worry help I might die where do I put the baby oh the baby’s really easy it’s at the top level the top top top level whoa I don’t know man there’s the elevator nice you can get through it yeah here actually go through the elevator so not through there but yeah the other side of the room yeah that way more am yet this way I’ve delivered so many babies at this point memorize it and quote roca 28 yo baby speed run good male % it’s a boy % alright it’s 4% where the pin the pin or C oh my god you’re not wrong you did it you actually remembered by Z Craig Lee oh no trust me I feel so proud for this old seal guy I feel like he just he just doesn’t want to put up with any of this right now oh I would chance come on no oh no we’re about to lose like two of them oh no I broke the thumb off your jar guy is just dead he’s dead he’s gonna lapse in my hands oh gosh how many more tasks conductor sir you’ve had too many please go home sir conductor I don’t even know what the whole way what way I’m pointed to right now oh there are a lot of there’s three tasks oh those are probably three roses go friendly some of the yellow ones those are the easy ones [Music] it’s just about memorizing the area that’s all it is do some getting mad he’s getting up there but we still have this another toolbox thank you yellow light oh my god this is Diplo one I’m just gonna go for the roses since those are easy please pink roses justify us some more time no I got it one two three the mafia man is tripping me oh yeah he’s a jerk I thought I was part of the part of the ship oh god I’m just gonna head back to the kitchen because I know how to do that okay this is a very big ship and I am semi not okay with it hello fired goodbye fired your nachos sir please never wonder them again do we fail no do we feel come on that was so fast I just delivered – oh my god oh we did it we did it let’s go yo yes not expecting that oh my god that was rough oh okay oh yeah Oh God demon all right oh cool yeah the pillow head that turned off the mods why is I had it here I’ll be done with it you are in the kingdom oh well that’s again another point so what’s in there there’s a half-eaten cookie oh wait they give you five points that’s not fair I come for you I guess we’ll just take that uh Gigi you can only do act act two before Maya that that was all I can do from the main seal the deal section well you’re just gonna have to be down to us yeah actually I want to see if any of the um the timepiece timepieces appeared mm-hmm because I can’t do them timepiece at a no-no lately where are the UM mm-hmm let’s venture to some new yes Oh perfect you have to do the the I think I have enough no you can’t I think you just have to do the stands first right oh oh so close I wonder if I just can’t even get that last one yet yeah hmm what I want to see I want to see if we can find any other timepieces attendees the new all the numerous time rifts thank you Oh mating the other levels that’s what I want check Oh here let’s see perhaps I’ll see anything in there I was gonna really do a quick check of the other ones otherwise that may be all we can show a meteor you can do the swing one over here yeah yeah go do it to the Alpine one here we go check that see what we got let’s take a look oh nothing weird hmm let’s see in here sorry just cut you off there it’s sweating alright nothing in there either oh no I’m moving around I guess gravity continues oh thank you you know Parliament I guess I’m not allowed to swing cut off boys thank you miss that timing noggin feels like a matrix game honestly it’s so cool wait you want to do uh the race Oh like race yeah oh this one be cheating the race who can do it first wait don’t we have like um but it doesn’t we both have used the time hat right to win this you have to win use the time hat I forget we’ll see I guess we’ll find out I wasn’t sure if that was a oh I’m ready quick buzz if you also do the Hat selection with little left bumper don’t walk slow mode in slow mode wait does that slow you down yeah one we need to do this uh there we go Mad Hatter what does Mad Hatter do uh uh makes it so a they they have lower fluidic lower cooldowns oh my god combo two combo oh yeah no give me out of the sequence isn’t it awful oh my god dude you just got hit me hit me it’s like all the birds so it’s gonna be me versus you versus him yep oh don’t you dare I interacted with him or something I guess that’s right yeah all right all right my turn let’s go then do it fast enough what that was weird I cancelled it too early where is it oh hello oh my god AHA I see I see MA huh best of luck best of five brighten on that level on that level are there any other good like co-op levels I mean maybe the boss fights though this might be fun yeah well I feels like it just sort of gets to the let’s run again let’s try again let’s do that one again yeah that was fun all right all right video 5 all right I can’t see what the cutscenes look like for the barrel battle when it’s all hack kid let’s try shooting the reason we’re tire oh damn me I want a sticker of that right now oh yes absolutely that would be beautiful alright you know fool you got nothing all right I mean I got 12 points and a win he gets a point on the boy laser gentlemen because raise me chicken yeah don’t pop off if you want so we have like oh I jumped that you think you’re cool I got stuck oh he’s going fast Oh cancels I don’t get affected by this limo when I’m oh but I end up getting hit by it but I can also reduce your cooldown time oh wait no you have the Mad Hatter badge I don’t Oh what yeah that’s why you’re getting so many of them so fast cuz it doesn’t affect the cooldown like I’m absolutely sure we do a key one alright I overshot you oversaw I endorse a are you sure yeah I’m very certain let me see if I can pause and put it on yeah here cuz look I have badges too let’s look at my hat that doesn’t have this pause I don’t what yeah cuz we have do we equip me yeah we have you eater interesting yeah look at that cool that’s cool I like that you’re right alright alright let’s do this now fair and square [Music] let’s go okay yes he thought this is really confusing oh jeez the two demon what oh I assumed toward the enemy oh no I parked hey oh I think you got this one oh I forgot I wasn’t using my hat whoopsie oh we got got man we got guns oh my god alright alright alright okay okay okay I’ve walked in dialogue please blj over there I activated my head not Barry what oh I double tap no for you I went back to try and hit you did not work perfect activate go always in like the middle of a wall climb okay I went out and around you got this coming for a riskier play and it did not work you went for the I went for a uh a difference of strategy yeah I don’t even know where I’m going you lose though how he’s right there oh my god again you’re in right now really even the camera shot he’s just making fun of me like off the side like uh-huh should we turn on Milan to try this turn on buds oh yeah can you do co-op months yeah oh yeah should be able to maybe we can’t think of any good levels maybe we could try them on yes charge if anything you can see that till tomorrow’s livestream cuz it’s already been going out for three hours to be continued he’s going on from exceptionally longer than I had expected [Music] you canceled my usage of it haha I kept all my god I keeping a cold tail boat cancelling it’s a new tech i man yeah it’s not good this is not good [Music] don’t you just give me more time to when you slow me down you just give me more time to Tek my rolls all right lads if I do that oh geez weird time things like a comedy here something like I’m doing it over and over getting amount of times that you did Stan’s he’d be like oh god oh my god no I’m gonna slowly get a lead of points on you just by interacting with the guy I just got smacked I just gobsmacked I like how rude you can be all right two points let’s go if I was already there by the time it’s advanced plays Wow oh my god the entire getup animation is all within oh yeah wait failed failed that’s what I did last time abort abort all right yes yes that’s okay that’s okay did you see that combo no I did this is real bad get real bad I’m about to lose I spend so much time screwing around I see him though oh my god I keep on failing the platforming Oh my actual do the train rush level I’ll train rush that’s such a good idea of really good work I like that I am fairly upset let us leave this level I don’t want to see it again you even could have saved it you got the slo-mo I wish you go there you had the opportunity to this section I’m just gonna tweeted them and be like hey where do we get the things from the the like the nostalgia badge oh like where do we get those badges yeah I wanna see if it’s all by God hello oh [Music] yeah what about on the bench there’s bad sellers on the boat and seal the deal oh did you ever talk to him maybe oh let me see yeah oh okay okay what I wants what happens if I do say with me one oh maybe I see the same mmm okay I combo you with the projectile badge – Oh little sister good boy wait no no step on my head again oh wait this is what happens if it’s like out can you move no I can’t wait dude what am I like anime kill you oh my god dude this is the power of my stand boom pop boom explodes in the background all right oh we need to do oh hello at some point to the camera we need the hookshot poached I consume I’ll let you look at that what no I think yeah okay I see what you’re saying though ready yep yeah all right hey okay that we got that hey bad news well I’ve done this before let’s do it [Music] we have a rule about no badges or no no hats no yeah sure for no time stop times up fair oh no oh my god I’m being like wobbled understandable all do they gave me an extra second here what how’d you get there no I fell out oh I definitely know I died oh well if it looks like others have to bring you back I guess if only there are more pawns I could collect I’ll bring you back into this world oh my god your try card that I could use to bring you back you’re such a try oh you’re back in wait you guys wanted to say but oh it’s all right behind you you’ll regret this slab is if we do coordination in my hand time on whoa this is a really fun number I love that part of laughing oh I think you’ve got it you smack into the level oh I guess the transition Botha you stepped on me I did one of these gates out out oh geez don’t worry I got it no that might help got it do not hit the back ones oh no no no my god still got it oh I say this time but I died um well here’s our issue huh I think we didn’t activate all the panels yes okay I have that one else are you gonna try to like fudge yourself under the chain when I get through or something or you’ve got to try some some speedrunning tactics to clip yourself through that gate the lights oh I missed it good job dying and also not hitting the button we need to use that a lot of use from it hope you get a lot of use from it oh my god it sounds me so far back don’t worry you have some excellent times to catch up here I do this entire sake you get out of that 20 seconds playing peppers and die you die didn’t reset my thing what’d you reset my progress on the stupid board back here oh my god you actually saved me but I oh that was amazing I love them BAM okay whoa like getting pointed Oh God these cakes they pop into each other ouch we’re trying to install Oh No oh uh huh huh I guess I can collect these pods here yeah I guess you could or you might die who knows well since another sneaky section I’m trying I don’t need to playing video get out I mean these together the HIV up there yeah I’d like to thank my fans to say oh my god do you think I can’t fight back no we’re playing the game for now yes wait dude your player one now what no who has won in the end they’ll vote I don’t know wait it’s me making sure I don’t even control anymore no it switches every time you do a new input it’s wait move oh my god we can’t I says do it but because if you did keyboard a oh wait train move hey jump no you move doulas nobody switches control let’s do inverse controller oh my god I do the buttons you do the movement and together we will see if we can complete this level I’ll do this is ultimate co-op right here this isn’t actually too bad he’s not as bad as you think this is budget co-op yeah alright whoa I can’t dive good thank you thank you don’t worry the timer is gone apparently oh yeah because we completed level oh yeah yeah whoops I can’t do anything about that all right good I can’t dive so you know you can’t why not I don’t know fun just doesn’t work no horrible horror movie you’ll get it though who who’s Chaney Glee in possession you don’t want it back [Music] because it doesn’t count towards me I won’t call Peter I guess I just certain sections yeah God all right well in the next episode either tomorrow or the next day we’ll be doing some some Hatton time mods coop coop edition maybe I’ll have some two other death wishes I’ll probably start off the stream with before before going ahead with this but uh for coming by so good it’s so good oh hi sixteen to fifteen huh you take the picture is a 16 to 15 there huh alright anyway uh we might have a sale well I’m gonna stand behind that guide please use the dies I don’t know there’s a little bouncy stuff we can we build bounce on the burger bunker bounce hit me and give it you know that I’m in chief oh my god what a great way to end off and off the episode well thank you all for watching uh we’ll be back in like tomorrow or the next day for some more head time co-op oh look at these two these two adorable great people I love it I love this that’s one of these and they’re looking at each other to take that photo for later that that’s a good photo all right guys we’re gonna we’re gonna do a rade real fast here oh boy oh yeah let’s see let’s see gaming youtube who are we gonna get yeah you’re gonna get yeah I want playing ahead in time right that’s a good thing no one ever plays a hat in time on YouTube like it like it live well that’s not a hand time um have I liked the game I think I got libros by games or something oh I know oh this one it’s me yeah I’ll write a splatoon streamer the classic there so is having a birthday stream oh it’s virus bars of a webcam all right now yeah let’s see virus is a another splatoon streamer who I think is friends with Jay oh yeah yeah hey everyone let’s hop it hop in his channel we’re gonna give him a some happy birthday wishes you know the general raid rules hop in there give him give him a bunch of love bunch of hearts respect his rules it’s his it’s his his content his channel but you all for watching guys and I’ll see you around go rate a man virus go do it whoa see you’re on guys

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