Accident at Work Claims | What steps should I take?

well the first thing I would recommend a
client to do depending obviously on how badly they’re injured is to ensure
that the incident is recorded so for example if it was an accident in work I
would expect them to go to HR or ask perhaps a union representative to obtain
the accident book so that it can be noted down in the accident book a claim needs
to be made in three years from the date of an accident there are some varying
shades of that so for example with the deafness claim it’s three years and when
you have knowledge that you have hearing loss that might be attributable to for
example the workplace but generally if you have an accent on the first of May
2015 you have to make sure that you make a claim by the 1st of May 2018 at
corpora scenes have been issued by that date and failure to do that will result
in the claim being struck out and you can’t proceed with it any further I would
always recommend to a client that if they’ve had an injury and they’ve got
pain and suffering as a result of that they do either attend the hospital or their GP
surgery and that may not just be on one occasion but obviously if you have
ongoing symptoms you need to ensure that those symptoms are documented either by the GP or the hospital and the benefit of that is that in due
course we’ll get medical report to assess the extent of the injury and if
there’s a good chronology of entries and your GP and hospital records that’s
going to help the medical expert you would expect the majority of employees
to have insurance which would then cover an employee should they have an accident
in work so this would include employers liability insurance occupiers liability
insurance and also public liability insurance in some place as well well the
first thing that we do is to obviously meet with a client and to obtain details
of what happened so for example if it happened in work how did it happen
was the entry recorded have there been previous incidents of a similar type for
example if someone has tripped down stairs have other people tripped on the
same stairs for whatever reason we obtain details of potential witnesses
so that we can contact them on the client’s behalf and then as soon as
you’ve got the information on the client details of the injury we then obtain
medical records to basically understand how the injury was
sustained the nature of the injury and then we do a letter of claim to the
employers which simply sets out what happened why we hold them at fault and
they’ve got then 21 days to respond to that and that’s really the ball rolling
in terms of the claim

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