According To Kids – What Adults Do At Work – CBC Kids

This is what adults
do at work
According to Kids. This what
adults do. When adults are at
work, all day, they… ..type on computers and
they type and type! And they type
really fast! And they say
“This is impossible!” And they mess all
the papers up. And that makes all
the papers flying. And they print things. I’ve been drinking
coffee non-stop! Can you get
that report? Almost! What? I did most of it but Dave
just has to do this one part! And they say “They think I’m
working but I’m not.” I’m not working. I’m just watching
shows on my computer. I didn’t do
any work today I got so much work,
I can’t even tell you. My head is going
like this! I did do
my work. Can I see
it please? Boom! I writed
10 million sentences. I need to see
my glasses. They have meetings. And they have
a big line, that goes like that. And they say
“Look at this line.” This line is
no good. You guys have
to do better. I quit! I quit too! I need to go to
the bathroom!

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