Active is: Being yourself at work

My name is Marine Palies. I’m based in
Paris and I’ve worked for Allianz Global Investors for five years now. I’m
leading the newly-created Inclusion and Diversity team. The purpose of this team
is to bring expertise in the design and implementation of our Inclusion &
Diversity strategy and initiatives, which will contribute to make our organization
even more inclusive and diverse. We’ve also encouraged a lot global mobility
which we believe is an important way to spread ideas, points of view and get
exposed to diverse situations. Inclusion & Diversity have always been topics of
the utmost importance for Allianz Global Investors, and I’m really pleased to see
that our commitment is also perceived by our own people and external clients, and
therefore is today one of the four key pillars of our Employee Value
Proposition. Together with the support of my colleague Ilaria and the Inclusion
& Diversity Global Committee, the regional and local Inclusion &
Diversity Working Groups as well as the HR community, we will roll out a global
Inclusion & Diversity plan aiming at embracing all dimensions of diversity no
matter if we talk about gender, sexual orientation, cultural background
differently-abled people, community or new ways of working well. Our overall
objective is to strengthen our culture of inclusion to unlock people’s
potential and to allow them to be at the best. We want to offer a safe work
environment where people feel at ease to come to work as they are, with their
hearts with their soul, with their doubts and with their fears. My name is Marine
Palies, and for me Active is: Being yourself at work.

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