Air Canada A330 Business Class – Montreal to Toronto

Hey guys
Alvin here and today I’ll be doing a short flight on Air Canada’s a330 from
Montreal to Toronto to catch my flight home to Vancouver. After dropping off the rental car I headed directly to the counters at Air Canada to get checked in. I’ll be flying in business class today
so I’m able to take advantage of the priority check-in lane. After making it airside I paid a visit to the maple leaf lounge in the domestic terminal which was pretty busy at the time. There I made myself an iced coffee and just did some
plane watching from the large windows. There’s my aircraft arriving in the
Airbus a330 in the Star Alliance livery. Soon enough it was time to board. At the time of this video Air Canada’s
a330s were still being retrofitted with the newer seats so our business cabin
today consists of the old herringbone configuration in a one-one-one layout.
Here’s my seat for the flight 6A. Because of the herringbone seat layout it is
much more difficult to look out the window which is a shame. There’s also a
lot less privacy because you’re basically facing out towards the aisle.
Not a huge fan of this setup. Now let’s do a quick seat tour. Directly in front
you have the footrest. On the side you have a literature pocket. The TV pops up
from here with a click of a button. Pretty old-looking screen with a lot of glare. You get a coat hook up here. I couldn’t figure out how to pull out
the tray table but I figure it out a bit later in the video
but that’s where the trade extends from. You have your IFE controller and
seat controls up here which look pretty dated and you can find a reading lamp
back here. Over on the right there’s a water bottle holder as well as a bit of storage space on the ledge. Here you’ll find a power outlet USB port and
headphone jack We had pretty good weather as we pushed back for departure so we didn’t need any de-icing and taxied straight to the runway for takeoff. So I finally figured out how to extend
the tray table… the tray table comes out like so and you can move it backwards or
forwards as needed. Surface area is pretty good and I quite like the wood
finishing. As it was a short flight the meal
consists of a light cold dish which consisted of ahi tuna and quinoa salad.
You also get a pack of roasted almonds on the side. The tuna tasted pretty good
but it definitely wouldn’t consider this a full meal. I got a serving of healthy tomato juice
on the side. For headphones you’re given a pack of
these earbuds in a sealed pouch. The entertainment system was pretty ancient
looking and had a lot of lag as you can see here, but in terms of content there’s
definitely enough to keep you busy. Similarly with the air show it was
pretty slow to get to the view you want but once you’re there it’s all good. Given that it was such a short flight I
spent most of my time looking at the window at the views below. As we made our
approach into Pearson International we flew past downtown Toronto which
provided some great views of the city. Given that it was such a short flight
with limited service I’ll mostly just summarize the hard product. As one of the
older configurations in Air Canada’s fleet the seats are definitely showing
their age and in need of an update. It’s a bit awkward to look at the window and
there’s not a lot of storage space either for your personal items.
Luckily Air Canada is in the process of retrofitting their a330 fleet. It’s not
all bad though. If you’re sitting on the left side of the cabin, you have a nice
barrier to prevent seeing people in the middle seats. The lack of overhead bins
in the middle also makes the cabin feel a bit more spacious. And that’s a wrap
for this one! Make sure to stay tuned for my follow-up video to this on Air
Canada’s newer Dreamliner from Toronto Vancouver, in the coming weeks. Until then, thanks for watching, happy travels,
and I’ll see you in the next one.

20 thoughts on “Air Canada A330 Business Class – Montreal to Toronto

  1. Another very nice short flight video. 👍 Couldn't help but notice that you've changed your Intro a bit. Is this a permanent change or will you be rotating through new Intros periodically? Just wondering.

  2. Great report mate! I always disliked that aisle facing layout, makes no sense to me, but buissnes class is still better than economy 😁

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  4. Great video alvin! Swear I can see myself somewhere on the hill shooting your arrival! 😉

  5. I would have politely declined the light meal since I don’t eat seafood and dislike quinoa 🧐

  6. Great review Alvin👏I like how you start your video now. I’m amazed with how you seamlessly combine cinematic footage with typical trip report style footage that everybody else does. I wanna be able to create a trip report like you in the future.

    I’ve never flown herringbone seats before so I want to try it before it’s being replaced.

  7. Another awesome trip report from onemoreweektogo! At 1:15 it really looked like that Air Canada A321 was floating, lol

  8. Quick recommendation: put the name of the song in the corner
    Thanks! Great trip report as always
    Congratulations on 8k should be 80k!

  9. Short n sweet TR! I like that you included the takeoff and landings! But man that seat looks dated and the lack of a window view too!

  10. Evidently 835 never changes! Very similar to my flight a couple years ago and another a couple years before that! Love grabbing the A330 on this route, so much fun, great video!

  11. Great report as always Alvin. Love the footage of Montreal on the ascent and also the arrival footage into Toronto. Not at all a fan though of that terrible seating layout.

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