(rhythmic drum music) (horn honks) – Today is a travel day. Let’s go. (rhythmic rock music) Welcome to New York City. (rhythmic rock music) Okay, found the car, headed to the hotel. Looks like it’s gonna be
about a 45 minute ride. You guys know what that means. Backseat B-Roll. I’m gonna shoot some
stuff out of the window. See you when we get there. (rhythmic rock music) okay, just made it to the hotel. One thing I didn’t
realize booking my flight later in the day, was
the fact that sunset. Totally forgot about the sun. The sun sets in like an actual, like an hour from now. Still gotta walk over, I just got a lot to do. I haven’t even eaten. I haven’t even had coffee. (rhythmic rock music) so far, this looks like a fancy place, diggin’ the vibes. (hoots) (rhythmic rock music) whoa, straight up best view I ever seen from a hotel window. Oh, also, side note, the way this window is framed, slow motion, move in shot of, just hang on, watch, you’ll see. (dramatic music) (rhythmic rock music) I literally just came back to tell you that was also hand held. Yes, it was. (rhythmic rock music) woo, white balance! (laughs) (rhythmic rock music) there we go. Ooh, yes, yes! This hotel should just
be called Time-lapse. Where are you staying? Staying at Time-lapse tonight? Oh, great spot. I know, the views. Okay, super fast hotel room tour, even though you pretty much
just saw the whole thing. Because it’s tradition, then I gotta go, I gotta explain
to you why I’m even here. You guys are probably
like, what’s happening? This fog, there’s no direction. I’ll fix that. But first, tour. (upbeat synthesized music) (loud clang) It was bugging me and I just needed to… (lively synthesized music) okay, so the long and short of why I’m here in New York City, I’m here for one day. Actually, I’m not even here for one day, it’s, I leave tomorrow
in the morning at 11, and I just got here and
it’s like four o’clock. So, with one hour of
light to go in this day, which stresses me out as a photographer and a cinematographer, I’ll be honest. However, Thanksgiving is next weekend. Is it next week for? See American Thanksgiving
and Canadian Thanksgiving are two separate times of the year. Ours is in October, and
in America, the States, they have theirs on the 22nd I believe. So I’m here to have a
Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Ultimately, this is actually, exactly why I’m here. So I’m gonna meet up with
these friends, have dinner, and literally, just get back
on an airplane and go home. But (growls) it’s so good
to be back in New York. I feel like I’m always here
when it starts getting cold. I’ve never been to New York
when it’s hot and enjoyable. But the city, whew, looks amazing. Speaking of those friends, I should probably make
my way over to them now. Let’s do that. Okay, Maps says six minutes to get there, but stopping to B-Roll, let’s go 16 minutes, give or take. Just sayin’. (twinkly synthesized music) (footsteps) (loud knock) – Oh, hey Peter!
– (laughs) Come on in man, what’s up? – [Peter] How’s it goin’ man? – Hey! I forgot you were coming to town. (door slams) – What do you, what do you have behind your back there? – (exhales) No idea.
– I can see it. – Never know who’s gonna visit, ya know? You never know who’s gonna swing by. – How’s it going man, let’s hug it out. – Good to see you, man. – I haven’t seen you in,
when was the last time? The last time I saw
you, I was throwing up. (camera clicks) I was throwing up in L.A. – Yeah, but I thought that
video came out really well. – [Peter] It did, thank you. – Only Peter McKinnon can
turn one mediocre selfie into an entire 10 minute video. So I commend you for that.
– (laughs) thanks, man. (knife clicks) Gerber. Meh. He could do better. Nice action on it though. (suspenseful strings music) It’s a lot heavier than it looks. It’s like really heavy. (suspenseful piano music) okay, I can’t get the PlayStation working. I can hear it, I can’t
get it working though. Hmm. I’ve never won a Streamy. Hmm. Maybe one day. (danceable piano music) Straighten this out here. I’m going to cut my diamond play button in half. Oh, camera’s falling. (loudspeaker) yup. That’s obnoxious. Is that paper towel on
your light? (laughs) – No dude, it’s a diffuser. What, are you just trollin’ me right now? Just, I’m just tryin’ to
live my best life, Peter. – [Peter] (laughs) I have
been just walking around trolling a little. – Yeah, it’s nice. – Yeah, it looks great.
– Soft. – No, it’s really good, it’s top-notch production
quality rate, here. – [Casey] Yeah, don’t break– – Respect, it’s very
gentle, it’s very delicate. Paper towel. – Do you hear that? Where’s that music coming from? – [Peter] Outside, it’s New York. – (laughs) Peter, thank you for coming. I invited Peter, you don’t mind if I talk to your audience like it’s my vlog, do you?
– No, no, talk to them. have at it. – I invited Peter here
because tonight at 368 we’re doing a big event
for up-and-coming creators. We’re calling it 368 Creator Thanksgiving. And Peter and I are
gonna do a little talk. We talk to all the smaller creators, the up-and-coming creators
about what we think can be done to accelerate
your growth on the platform. And we’ll do questions and answers, and have some sort of
turkey, and I don’t know. It should be fun. Thanks for coming Peter. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Although I didn’t get a
Happy Thanksgiving message from you for my Thanksgiving when, Canada. ’cause it was– – You guys have Thanksgiving in Canada? – [Peter] Yeah, it was– – I thought it was an American thing. – [Peter] No it’s, we’re thankful too. – What. (laughs) I apologize Peter. What’s up guys? So we’re going downstairs now, and we’re– – [Peter] (laughs) You
don’t actually walk around with that do you? – No, it’s not even on,
I’m just messin’ with you. – [Peter] Okay. (laughs) but actually, why do you
have a tripod right now? – Well, I did a lot of
logged off shots tonight and I’m like the (voice echoes). So if I just (voice echoes). This way. (sings like an angel) – [Peter] Yeah, it looks great, very– – Well thank you, I don’t
do it in the stairwell, man. (both laugh) – This place actually is set up like– – [Casey] Here man, you hungry? – What is this? – [Casey] Turkey. – Oh, it’s rubber, that’s fun. I feel like I’m in a magic
shop right now. (laughs) okay, so I walked in to 368. Lo and behold, tattoos are
happening, in front of me. And I figure, you know. I like tattoos, so why not get a tattoo. From the Rocket. – That’s right. – [Peter] What are we doing? Do you have a little– – Yes, we are gonna do–
– Show me what we got. – This one right here. – I love it, look at that little, look at that little happy tattoo. So much fun. Okay, let’s find a place to put it. (groans) Runnin’ out of space, folks. – I think I have to do one. If you’re doing one.
– I’m doing it. – Okay. – [Peter] I’m doing it. Well, he’s doing it. (laughs) Do it, right there. (bass-filled urban funk music) (tattoo gun buzzing) – It’s hard to one-hand vlog
a 1D X whilst being tattooed. It’s difficult. It’s not an easy task. (bass-filled urban funk music) okay, this is the best
part of every tattoo, is when the wipe happens after it’s done. Get it, oh. The best. Who’s the best? Boom, there we go. (laughs) (laughs) I love it, it’s just
such a happy little tattoo. Thank you my friend. – Take care. – Looks amazing. (bass-filled urban funk music) Alright, the event was
a very large success. There were so many people. – Dude, you didn’t keep your party favor. – [Peter] What’s my party favor? – It’s a slightly damaged, uh, – [Peter] Oh, that’s amazing! – Everyone gets one. – [Peter] I didn’t see
them handing these out at– – Thank you for coming.
– At the door. That’s heavy, that’s– – [Casey] Well, enjoy
yourself, I gotta go. – [Peter] That’s very heavy. – [Casey] Peter, pleasure. – [Peter] Yep, always, always so much fun. – [Casey] Just kidding. Just riding the elevator. (up-tempo catchy music) – I’m so tired that I completely forgot I even got tattooed. I just took my hoodie
off, and was like, Oh! Oh yeah. That happened. (bass-filled urban funk music)

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