Alright! | Politics In Office 2 ft. Ahsaas Channa, Ambrish Verma & Yukti Arora

Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Salaries more than your efficiency Followed by booze and biryani on weekend parties Free WiFi to watch porn everyday and your unlimited cigarette breaks This company gives you all these benefits because it’s loyal to you But when it comes to your loyalty How come there are so many revenue leakages Who traded the Sumeira Project details to our rival company? Blank faces! Ronit, if the culprit is not found till the evening Then, just fire everyone Yes Hem, you got it Ma’am Hemla.. Hemla ma’am Yes ma’am Better Okay Do let me know Who do you think is behind the Sumeira Project? I have no idea Then get an idea Just like the rest of the company, your job is also at stake Shruti Sir A beauty like me with brilliant brains will be hired by any company that too at a 50% hike So, I’m good What about the other employees? You said this company is like your family YES This company is like my family and I hate my abusive family Sorry So sorry to hear that What happened? You didn’t wear your engagement ring Actually, I was allergic to the ring as well as the relationship It’s okay Don’t worry I am by your side We’ll solve this case together and save our family YES! To solve this case you can take Seema Ji’s help She’s the oldest employee of our company So, do that Yes Seema ma’am Who do you think would’ve done it? One minute What I’m saying is It’s just a matter of fact that we’ll be unemployed Then we’ll have a lot of time to play Dumb Charades Now you speak up and tell me who is it I have a bad throat Should’ve said this earlier You should not yell on those poor interns all day Take this BOSS Our boss has done all of this So that she is saved from paying us the increment Nobody is gonna ask for it now Just use your brain once in a while or else there’ll be a knot in your mechanism that knot will lead to a tumour and that in turn will result in your death The boss has done it! Don’t you challenge my experience Akansha scribbled “boss is a bitch” in the washroom Ashutosh hacked the conference room’s system to play Rinkiya Ke Papa Your aunt’s son can never become a father, right? How do you know this? Rohan has done it What are you saying The person who isn’t loyal to either tea or coffee How is he expected to be loyal to the company Get me some tea I need caffeine Listen, get me a cup of coffee instead What do you think? Who would’ve done it This is not the job of a single man What do you mean? This is not any random goal It’s a couple goal Mr. & Mrs. just sit in the Accounts Office and plan their honeymoon This is the reason our salary is always delayed Point taken Everyone is taking random names No conclusion can be drawn on this basis You tell me, what should I do But Shruti, if we don’t come up with a name in 15 minutes then… I have a ‘Plan B’ What? I’ll take the blame Are you.. mental or what! I guess I am mental after all I never got enough love from my family This company is my only family Can I say something? I have a huge crush on you Never expressed my love because it doesn’t sound ethical I thought of saying this before I leave I will recommend you somehwere, okay? No, no Don’t worry I’ll figure out something You won’t wish me luck? Wish you all the luck and.. love.. Because of you that innocent Shruti had to leave But someone had to leave Anyway Pass me the glass of water Ronit Look, the fear of getting fired is way above the demand for appraisal At least for the next 6 months these losers won’t demand their appraisal After some time I’ll cook up another story saying that a quotation has been leaked yet again Hello What! How is this possible? How can we lose Sumeira Project with a margin of 1 rupee? Ma’am Should I tell you? When both of you were busy plotting as to how to stop our appraisal A person was not just listening to music on the headphones That person was on the lookout for a better future Two people already knew about your plan Seema ma’am because of her experience and me because of my intelligence Ronit Sir Thank you for making me lead the investigation or else it would have been a task to go to everyone and guess the quotation What is all this? Ronit… It’s all because of you You loser! What do you think? Will everyone like the video? They’ll definitely LIKE as well as SHARE the video These people don’t comment enough Ask them to drop a COMMENT too Ya, ya I’ll ask them to do so Guys, if you are also a victim of Office Politics Please let us know in the comment section below Do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT and ‘be alright’

100 thoughts on “Alright! | Politics In Office 2 ft. Ahsaas Channa, Ambrish Verma & Yukti Arora

  1. Kya apke office mei bhi politics hoti hai? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. Ambrish is great, but it just dosen't have the same impact without Nikhil. The ending was predictable..😐

  3. Haan bhaiyya.. Comment bhi kr diya. Bahut sai bataya.. Hoti h esi politics baba.. Mast content .. Yo

  4. Yaar ye yukti ko kyu le rahe ho …. Roadies kr ke aye ho toh stage mil jata hai…. Aur jo struggle kr rahe hai vo

  5. The last scene is shooted in (चौbara) it's a family restaurent in Gurgaon & noida , come and take part of (चौbara)

  6. Do this only in Videos not in real life otherwise a clear of case stealing company secrets.. You will surely go jail and no company will hire you in future with your quality (Beauty with intelligence) 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  7. overacting.. yaar acting pe dhyan dena padega sbko.. wo ronit ko jyada.. has rha h sala jb boss chilla ri h uspr

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  9. Bhai ye video offline chaate hai hum yaha download pe click karo toh YouTube premium lelo vali faltugiri ho rahi hai….

  10. Itni fuddu politics nhibhoti hai corporates main….😂😂😂….liftup ur standards guys…lots of expectations from you…. boyfriend series we're Kool but this one thoda thanda….!

  11. साला हमको पता ही नही था कि एक विक्स का कमाल इतना फ़ास्ट होता है lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. मैं भी चाय और कॉफी किसी का सगा नही हूँ।

  13. Aakruti ko kyu lete ho bhai
    Over acting kee dukkan hai ye ldki
    Bhai hum jeso ko bhi chance dedia kro—
    Auditions rkhlo
    Na pasnd aaye toh nikaldo lekin chance toh dedo

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