An Inside Look at the Texas Comptroller’s Office [Official]

A lot of people think the Comptroller’s
Office is just the state’s cash register, but we’re much more than that. If we were
a bank we would be the seventh largest in Texas. We
manage funds for an economy that would rank 12th in the world, bigger than the
national economies of Australia, Spain or Mexico. In 2014 we executed 12 million individual transactions. That’s 60 transactions every minute of every working day. And we’ve printed over two million checks. Our office will process over five million tax
returns this year alone. We’re focused on customer service. Our property tax experts travel thousands
of miles of highways and back roads to make sure local property tax appraisals are accurate and fair. And our expert staff provides one-on-one
advice and guidance from our offices throughout Texas and across the United States. We’ve returned over a billion dollars in
abandoned and unclaimed properties to their rightful owners all while helping Texans secure their children’s future education
through our college savings program. We’re safeguarding our state’s Rainy Day
Fund and investing for the future of Texas. I’m Comptroller Glenn Hegar, and we’re doing
all of this and more to ensure that the Texas of tomorrow is as prosperous and successful as the Texas of today.

4 thoughts on “An Inside Look at the Texas Comptroller’s Office [Official]

  1. The Comptroller's Office has always been good with me. When I made mistakes, they contacted me and we were able to resolve quickly and fairly. rjones

  2. This was one of the best videos that I have ever seen about the Texas Comptroller's Office, I voted for Glenn Hegar and I am another satisfied Texas voter for doing that as well.

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