Anointed Banknote Blesses Young Man’s Business!!!💶

Good morning, church. My name is Konstantinos Pechlivanidis and I live in Thessalonica. My testimony goes like this: When I first heard about this church, I came here for another reason but in time, I became a member. It’s about this: During the second half of the year 2015… In 2016, as I was coming to the church and I was witnessing all these first seen things for Greece… I was seeing the hand of God working in the spirit every Sunday and I was listening to all these wonderful testimonies about people’s changed lives. All these made me be excited to come here every Sunday. From all those testimonies I heard, I never imagined that at some point I would share my own testimony. I didn’t mention that I do clothing commerce at street markets. In 2016, while witnessing all those amazing things happening here, I was thinking that a new year was on its way, a new beginning for me so I contemplated how I can receive something from God too, since He gives generously if we have faith. I acknowledged that the Spirit of God acts through the man of God. I had no doubt that he is a man of God. So around April, I was waiting for a huge shoe order. All that while I was wondering, “What can I do? How can God help my business grow?” because I was facing some financial problems. So, I decided that by the time the first order arrives, I would take some shoes to the man of God so he can choose a pair as a gift. I spoke with the man of God in his office… Before you continue, we would like to explain to the audience. You mentioned that you were facing some financial problems and with everything you heard here, you wanted 2016 to be a new beginning for you. To do something greater for your business but you wanted to receive the blessing of God. Is that right? Exactly! While thinking about how you can be blessed, you made the decision to take a part of your merchandise to this man of God for him to bless you. Correct? Exactly! Tell us what happened next. Once I entered his office, I took out the shoes and told the man of God, “These are the first. I want you to take some of them so that my job will go well”. So the man of God chose a few. Before I left, he took out 50 euros and gave it to me. I told him, “Man of God, I didn’t come to receive money. I came here to offer you a gift believing that my work will go well by doing this”. He insisted for me to take the money even though I didn’t want to. It was a tough negotiation… I started to blush, I was very embarrassed. I felt awful and I was about to leave when he said to me, “Wait! It’s like you’re pushing your blessings away!”. He said, “Take this!”. Let me show you… Please, let us show what our brother is holding on our screens. What did he tell you when he gave you this banknote? Exactly! He gave me this and told me to keep it and don’t give it to someone by mistake. He said, “You will see that this will start to work, it will be multiplied and your work will go even better!”. Amen! I even asked the man of God to sign it. Like you can see here, It has his signature on it! I believe that most of us can understand what happened next. However, we would like to hear more from our brother. The man of God gave you the banknote and told you to keep it with the rest of your money and it would work positively for you and your business. At this point, we would like to say that for some, this might sound strange but during the era of the Apostles, such things took place. Remember, we read about people bringing objects to the Apostles. Like belts, handkerchiefs and more, so that they come in contact with the anointed man of God. As they took those objects back to their people, their businesses, they received blessing, healing and deliverance! Amen! So we can see… We see that the anointing of God is not limited neither by distance nor by objects. It can fall upon clothes, a belt or even a banknote. Amen! Brother, continue. Tell us what happened after you took the banknote from the man of God and kept it with you. After I took the note, I always had it with me. I stored it with my own money, kept it in my cash register machine. It all went very well! I can say that I broke a record in sales comparing to the previous years. Because I was selling this product, the shoes for three years approximately. It was logical to expect a recession at some point, but I didn’t. Alright, so we can understand better, you were selling a specific product for three years. Is that correct? Exactly! And you said that you were expecting a recession from one year to another because that is how commerce usually works. In 2016, however, the man of God blessed you with this banknote. We want you to tell us what happened that year. What kind of changes did you see in your finances and your job? At the end of the season that year, to be more precise, I sold nearly 2.500 pairs of shoes. Before you move on, we want you to tell us if you have reached this number in the past? No, I haven’t and this is why I mentioned a record in sales. This means that I earned 40.000€ You mean that after accepting the banknote from the man of God, from the very same year, your sales skyrocketed, correct? Exactly! We cannot wait to hear what happened next. When I calculated to see exactly what we sold and how much, I saw that we sold nearly 2.500 pairs of shoes. During the previous years, we sold some pairs but not in such amounts. I would like to point out something very important. There was an increment in the quality. A small increment. This increment troubled me. Because in the street market, I had five competitors. They were selling shoes for 10€ but I was selling the same for 16€. They were selling the product for 10€ and you were selling it for 16€? Yes, the same shoe but different quality. So, with this increment, I thought that the sales would go down. It was impossible for things to get better considering the increment and while selling the same product for three years. I was wondering what to do and I decided to use the increment and raise the price of my products. You’re explaining to us that since your suppliers raised the price of the products, you were worried because you believed that by raising the price too, the sales would go down. Correct? Exactly! You decided to raise the price while your competitors were selling the same product for a lower price. Exactly! I had five competitors who were selling shoes for 10€, I was selling them for 16€ and keep in mind that in street markets, prices are usually drop but I raised them. Nevertheless, I saw… It was a grace from God. That is for sure! And we saw that we broke a record in sales in comparison to the previous years. Jesus Christ is truly Alive and what our brother is saying is proof that He is working in our midst. He is telling us that he had never seen such economic growth in his life before. Brother, tell us what happened the following years since you’re talking about 2016. What happened in 2017? The following year, 2017, was remarkable! When I say season, I’m talking about a period of five to six months. The money I’m about to refer to is for five to six months so, the year 2017 we broke a record of income not just sales. We earned about 85.000 to 90.000€. Let us clap! Clap louder for Jesus Christ! Brethren, if we understand what our brother is telling us, we will receive the same blessing from God! Brother, we give all the glory to God Almighty. Today we are in 2019. Is the blessing of God still following you? I thank God for His grace and His mercy. I am still blessed, I thank God for that! I have more plans for the future. I am talking about the end of the year. My plan is to go to China because every street vendor buys from the wholesalers. But everyone wants to become a wholesaler eventually and be the one to supply others. We are very close to this goal. Hallelujah! You’re telling us that thanks to the blessing of God, while you’re a street vendor, you’re planning to be a wholesaler and make your own imports from abroad. Exactly! That is my goal and as I said, I’m close to it. I’m waiting for God’s time because I know that His time is the best! So we have reached today and you have explained to us your plans for the future, the bright career that is ahead of you with all these blessings of God Almighty, right? Amen! Right! So what are the lessons you would like to give to all listeners? To everyone who is facing a situation and is looking for a way to be blessed by God Almighty but doesn’t know how. What is your advice to those people? My advice is very simple. You need to have faith and trust in God. If you take one step towards God, it is certain that God will take the next one towards you. As you said, the way of obedience is the way of success. Therefore, it is very important to open your eyes and ears to everything the man of God says to you when you meet him in his office. Because he’s not an ordinary person who gives a simple piece of advice. It’s an instruction in righteousness. We thank our brother for this wonderful advice. Indeed, many of us may be waiting to be blessed or healed in our own way but many times, God Almighty chooses to give us an instruction that we are called to follow. And if you follow it, your blessing, your healing, your freedom will come. Amen! Therefore, our brother is encouraging us to obey every word that comes from the man of God because this is the only way to our blessing and success. We thank God for this wonderful advice. At this point, we would like to hear your promise to God Almighty for all the blessings He has brought to your life. My household and I will worship the Lord. Amen!

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  1. This is awesome!👍
    The LORD is good!🙌🙌🙌
    Thank-you Jesus 🙏

  2. Ευχαριστουμε Κυριε. Δοξα στο ονομα σου.

  3. Thank You Jesus Christ. I am also a street market seller and I experience the grace of Lord and Savior . 💖💕💖💕👐🏻👐🏻


  5. God bless you all for this encouraging testimony for the glory of God.
    The All Mighty Lord will continue to provide His protection and blessings for all the Thessalonician Church through 2020. Thank you for the French subtitles.

  6. o κινέζικος koronoios σε πρόλαβε… κάνε άλλη δουλειά

  7. Beautiful beautiful congratulations, when God's servants speak an instruction from God, obey & do, your life won't remain the same.Emmanuel

  8. What a wonderful testimony! Indeed with God all things are possible.

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