Anorexia Recovery Symptoms and how I deal with them

hey friend today I’d like to share a
quick video with you in which I talk about anorexia recovery symptoms and how
I managed to deal with them because most of them aren’t that pleasant the first
one I’ve noticed and read about is night sweats they happen because your
metabolism speeds up very quickly because it was slowed down your
metabolism is kick-starting again as it’s been slow as it’s been slowed down
when you were restricting calories to stop excessive calorie waste basically
because you don’t have that many to like get you going throughout the day the night sweats how I deal with
them is I keep my bedroom very cool I sleep naked I haven’t ever done that
like before I had anorexia I never did that but once I had the night sweats it
was impossible for me to sleep I would just sweat so much everything would be
drenched in sweat and I would usually just shower in the morning
and I’d have to change my bed sheets more frequently what really helped me in
the summer was getting ice packs and just putting them in my bed you know
make everything cold abdominal pain and other issues like diarrhea constipation nausea
vomiting stuff like that your body has problems you’ve been starved and it
doesn’t really know how to deal with food that you’re feeding it and it needs
to learn how to do that again because of the damage that has been done to your
gut and your stomach lots of microorganisms and bacteria have been
eradicated have gone down in numbers all these things need to build up again
before your body is completely good with eating again I get nauseous very very
frequently I’d say every day after lunch and dinner I get nauseous for a good one
to two hours and I just have to wait till it’s over
if it’s very bad I’ll lay down or I’ll get a heat pack or like a hot water bottle
sometimes what’s helped me and this was sound bad and sexual but hear me out when I
play xbox when I had stomach cramps for example and the controller is vibrating
and I’m holding it against my stomach I’ve noticed that that really helps kind
of loosen up the things in my tummy it helps the gas that’s trapped in there
that’s making me be in pain to distribute and get farted out so I
sometimes play games on a console deliberately they can help me distribute
the flatulence in my intestines also the organs have
shrunk now that they’re filled with food again it’s probably a little too full
for them for the smalll shrunken down size they have you tummy wont rupture or
anything it will be uncomfortable and make you nauseous and have belly aches but
this is something that will pass quite quickly things that have also happened
to me in anorexia recovery was food intolerances
I couldn’t eat lactose for two and a half years and then it just vanished
once my gut was completely healed food intolerance has come can come and go
over time they might not be permanent forever you will probably be quite
bloated in anorexia or ed recovery in general I’m just always saying anorexia recovery because
that’s what I’ve recovered from so that’s the one I feel comfortable
talking about and sharing my experience with because I don’t have have never had
another eating disorder than anorexia but I’m assuming that many of these tips
also health help people that suffer from other similar eating disorders you will
probably have bloating this is some of the time due to the increased release of
gases from the intestines now that they’re being filled with food again and
sometimes it’s because of water retention your body holds on to all the
water can get once you feed it more the bloating is actually quite painful for
me the thing that helps most with that are heat packs or hot water bottles or
massaging my tummy and my mom always said you have to do them in a clockwise
fashion maybe that’s how you have to do it maybe it isn’t I’m just gonna keep
doing it in a clockwise fashion another symptom for me was acne I got a lot of
acne when I recovered I tried to deal with it for about a year with like
hygiene and stuff like that but there is nothing you can
do as your hormones or trying to balance themselves out again and go back to
normal because you’ve screwed them over there’s not much you can do so I went to
a dermatologist after a year and I have been on acne medication for about two
years three years now and that’s the only thing so far that’s helped my acne
another symptom in recovery that I got was hair loss it came out in bunches
for me I used to get bald patches here I’m actually it’s supposed to have here
you can see the baby hair I have it’s like that’s all my only tip for this is
that you brush your hair a lot because it’s not as obvious that you’re losing
hair everywhere I used to sit in class and just go through my hair like this
and I used to get like this thick strand of hair just coming out I just threw it
on the floor in a classroom I always felt so guilty because there was so much
of my hair just on the floor so I started brushing it a lot so at least
the head will get stuck in the brush and I wouldn’t notice it that much another
symptom my hat was increased need for sleep and that’s because your body is
repairing itself it’s healing that is exhausting it the only thing you can do
is with that is give it the rest it needs and my last symptom that I’ve
always attributed to anorexia recovery but I’m not so sure actually whether
its anorexia recovery or just my body fucking up aches usually in my
my knees and calves bones and the thing that would help me either warmth like
rubbing my hands and maybe putting it on the knee or ice and those were the two
things that helped that but you know that might not be anorexia recovery but
ever since I was a weight restored I never had those things again so I’m
assuming I hope this helped you I hope you are having an amazing day & maybe I’ll see you in the next one hello *kiss* are you just gonna lay there? yeah looks like I’m having a bat mask in
my video you’re the star of the show sweetheart do I really have to move my
setup now you’re just gonna follow me I love you

2 thoughts on “Anorexia Recovery Symptoms and how I deal with them

  1. Thankyou for sharing. There are so many parts of recovery that are really hard, and physical, and confronting… beyond what goes on inside your own head. Recovery is in many ways almost as lonely as when you are in the midst of it all. I'm really glad that you are continuing to heal. Please take care of yourself… life is hard, but the fight is worth fighting.

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