Appreciating Our Remarkable Employees

[ Music ]>>I have been working here
for a-year-and-a-half.>>Two years.>>Fifteen years.>>Thirty-two years and still loving it. [ Music ]>>Twelve years.>>Twenty-six years.>>Six years.>>Two years.>>Everybody’s just so flexible with making sure
that I’m able to be a mom and also be a nurse.>>They believe in here about teamwork.>>One year.>>Thirty years. [ Music ]>>I’ve been working here for 40 years.>>First day.>>I like working at UW Hospital
because I really like their emphasis on patient-centered care and
everything is about our patients.>>Nine-and-a-half years.>>Two years.>>Thirty one years.>>Two-and-a-half great years.>>Year-and-a-half. [ Music ]>>The best part of working
at UWHC is the diversity. It’s diversity and inclusion. I’m excited about that, how they embrace it.>>Twenty-eight years.>>Five years.>>Twenty-five years.>>Four years.>>It’s an amazing team.>>The atmosphere. The people. It’s fantastic. [ Music ]

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