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(whistle) – Hi, welcome to Ask Barbie, where you ask, and I answer! Today is all about dream jobs! NotAngeLans asks, Barbie, if
you could own a restaurant, what would it be? Huh, that sounds like a fun career! (whistle sliding) (pots clanging) (air whooshing) – I’ve got two orders of noodles, four orders of noodles,
and an order of noodles with a side of noodles! – So just a lot of noodles? – Yep! Oh, there’s more people coming in! (air whooshing) – Okay, noodle maker, do your magic! (upbeat folk music) (noodles oozing out) – Order up! (feet pattering) – Thanks! And we just got two parties of 20! – 40 people?! Oh my! – And they all want lots of noodles! (air whooshing) – All right, time to get into gear! Activate rapid mode! (intense music) (noodles oozing out) (feet pattering) (air whooshing) (noodles oozing) (feet pattering) (air whooshing) (noodles oozing) There’s too many orders! I’m not a robot! (gasps) Wait a minute! (upbeat folk music) (remote beeping) (Foodboto squeaking) Thanks for coming so quickly, Foodboto! – I was in the next room, frosting cakes for my bakery pop up. – Oh, right! I forgot! – Barbie, I approve
that you requested help. I revel in helping friends. – Me, too! Now, I’ll make the noodles– – And I shall handle the rest. Rapid mode, activate! (Foodboto squeaking) (upbeat rock music) (knife chopping) (air whooshing) More food orders, please! – Everyone has food! – Oh, that is disappointing. Well, my work here is done. – Thanks for helping me out, Foodboto! I hope I didn’t put you
behind on your cakes. Ha ha. Ha ha. That is cute. I will never be behind. Rapid mode, reactivate! (Foodboto squeaking) (both laughing) (whistle sliding) – RustyWonderCat asks, “Can
you help animals, Barbie?” I love helping animals
of all shapes and sizes! (whistle sliding) (cat meowing) (feet pattering) – What’s on the docket
today, Nurse Chelsea? – We have a kitten from the pet shelter who’s not feeling well. Hi Barbie! – Hi Chelsea! You work here? – Volunteering! I love animals! Come this way! – What seems to be the problem? – When I saw her at the shelter, I noticed that she wasn’t
eating, and has the sniffles. (cat meowing) – Don’t worry, we’ll
find out what’s going on. Let’s check her out. (gentle music) (feet pattering) She does have a stuffy nose, and her eyes look a little cloudy. Let’s take her temperature. (cat meowing) – 104 degrees! – Cats have an internal
temperature of 101 degrees, so 104 means that she has a fever. – Oh, I’m glad I brought her in! (feet pattering) – I’ll prescribe some antibiotics
to keep her fever down. All you need to do is
keep her nice and warm. – And some fancy tuna won’t hurt. – You got it! Thank you, Doctor! And Chelsea. – I’m glad I can help! (all laughing) (horn honking) – El La Nor says, “I like
paints and art. Barbie do you?” (gasps) I love art! It’s a great creative outlet for me! (air springing) Welcome to Art Class 101! I’m your teacher, and
I can’t wait to share my love of art with all of you! – I hate art! – Whoa, hey, easy there, Tiger! (laughs) What’s going on? – I don’t know what to draw! I’m not good at art! – You wanna know a little secret? Art can be whatever you want it to be! – Really? – Yeah! That’s what’s so fun about it! Look, here! (brush squiggles) What does this look like to you? – A worm? – And now, it’s a worm! – Oh, that’s so easy! – What about this squiggle? (brush squiggling) – A mountain! – (gasps) Great! Now add more to it! (brush squiggling) (gentle music) – Thanks, Barbie! – You’re welcome! This is why I love teaching! Art is important, and I
want everyone to try it in their own way! – [Chelsea] Like this? (Chelsea knocking) You said art could be anything! – (laughs) I did, didn’t I? (all laughing) (cymbal twinkling) (upbeat music) JellyKelly says, “I want
Barbie to play tennis with me!” Ugh, that would be fun! I love all sports, and
tennis is one I’m learning! Thankfully, I just met a pro coach! (horn honking) (gentle music) – Hi Barbie! Are you ready to improve your tennis game? – So ready! And I hear you’re an amazing coach. – Oh, that’s so nice! I love coaching alsmost as
much as I love playing tennis. We work hard, but we also have fun. – Well, I love both of those. How do we do that? – I like to sing my instructions. ♪ Do you want to learn to play ♪ ♪ Tennis in the correct way ♪ (Barbie laughing) – That is fun! I can’t wait to play tennis now! (racket hitting ball) (ball whooshing) ♪ When you serve the tennis ball ♪ ♪ Make sure your elbow does not fall ♪ – Good note, and now,
it’ll be stuck in my head! ♪ You must aim within the lines ♪ ♪ When it returns ♪ ♪ It can bounce one time ♪ ♪ Now I know the rules with ease ♪ ♪ Let’s play tennis ♪ ♪ Serve me please ♪ – You got it! (gentle upbeat music) (racket hitting ball) (ball whooshing) – Whoops! This is a little harder
than singing about it. – It’s all right, it’s all about learning. And I’ll go slower this time. (Barbie laughing) (horn honking) – Thanks for watching “Ask Barbie!” I love that there were so
many possibilities out there for me and you, from teaching to medicine, even starting a business! – Hey, wanna join my babysitting
business sometime soon or maybe, I don’t know,
right now? (laughs) I could really use a hand or two! – (giggles) Looks like
another career is calling! Remember, you can be anything! Bye bye! (all laughing) (upbeat music)

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