#AskGaryVee Episode 181: The Future of Instagram, Employee Turnover & How to Make Money as a Teen

– On this episode, Staphon, India, and I wear the same clothes,
I talk about drinking, and where Instagram’s going. (hip hop music) You ask questions and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee Show. Hey everybody this is
Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 181
of the #AskGaryVee Show. Had a good solid episode yesterday. It was good to get back on the saddle. First time we’re going
back to back in a minute. What’s up Periscope? Good to see the Aussies in the house. Looking forward to our
interview in a few minutes. Good to see the actual book. This was the galley I kept showing you. This is what you send to people. I guess it’s not the fully corrected book. The actual book is in place now. Look at this. Casey’s– DRock, you must love this. Casey’s in the back cover. And my favorite part– Did you get it DRock, you good? Good. My favorite part, the Jets
t-shirt is on the binding. I gotta say I mean this is a– I actually wanna see if we can pick up– Can we like find the Thank
You Economy and Crush It! I’m curious if this is bigger. I feel like it’s bigger
than both of them combined. By the way the index I just looked at, I like that yik-yak is on
page 155 and 171 to 172. Oh Zucks made it, page 170. How about this? – [Everyone] The crossword. – This is gonna be interesting. First person to fill out the
crossword puzzle correctly and take a picture of it
and get it to me wins. Something. India you well? – Yeah I’m well. – What’s been going on? – Nothing much just working
on this giant Twitter article that’s coming out later today. – Is it? – Today, today. – Wow you made me eat my words. – I did I was really excited about that. – You feeling good Staphon? You contributed? You got some video action? Alright good. I’m ready for the show. I’m feeling really really good actually. Yeah. – Here’s one for Patrick. – Oh by the way Boston
looks locked and loaded. March 10th I think it is. Then March 9th? Actually you’ve got my phone. Give me your calendar. You can get into the first question India. The 11th is Friday so I was right, right? Yes March 10th. It’ll be the night of March 9th. March 9th, Boston, locked and loaded. We haven’t locked and loaded it yet. I’m 100 percent doing a book event there. Just gotta find the person
that’s gonna pony up 5,000 books to host me. Or 3,500. Or beggars can’t be choosers. It might be 2,700, we’ll see. But it will happen Boston. I’m coming, I’m wearing a Jets
jersey and I’m ready to go. Alright let’s do it. – This is from Patrick. – Patrick. – Hi– – By the way India, wait a minute. What. what? – Wait, wait. – Look at this. Oh Staphon get in here. What? – We’re wearing maroon. – This is a maroon explosion. I’m very proud of us. We didn’t even text each
other in the morning. – We didn’t like we usually do. – Like we always do. 181 is the maroon explosion. – What are you wearing on the show today? – Alright let’s do it. – Alright Patrick. – Patrick. – [Voiceover] Patrik asks,
“Hi man, what do you think about “Instagram in the next 2-3 years from now?” – I think that Instagram will be easily one of the top two social
networks in America and globally will be a major force. I think that Facebook and
Snapchat are the only two things that compete with it. And I think that anybody who right now isn’t spending a
disproportionate amount of time trying to figure out the hashtag culture, the Instagram ad product, the
organic Instagram posting, working with Instagram influencers
is making a huge mistake to not set their business off properly in a 2018-2019 world. So massively bullish all-in. It’s one of the biggest
reasons I think all of you whether you can only afford one
share or a thounsand shares. I think Facebook does extremely well because of the revenue that we haven’t even seen the real revenue
come in from Instagram yet. It’s a beast. It is the current social
network of the moment for 28 to 40 coast Americans. 22 to 35 other parts of America. And I just think it’s an
incredibly important platform and I’m very very bullish on it. And as somebody who daytrades attention, by the way we have to write
my daytrade attention article. It’s time. I think it’s massively important. I’m buying it now. I don’t predict for two years
but that’s my intuition. And by the way here’s a good
time to chop this in DRock. Show this. Facebook acquires Instagram. Oh Staphon. – Gary Vaynerchuck who’s the
co-founder of VaynerMedia back in January predicted
the purchase of Instagram by Facebook and today Facebook
founded by Mark Zuckerberg shelled out a billion dollars
for that very service. That was when I was on the
Piers Morgan show on CNN the day Facebook bought Instagram. I made that comment,
and everybody on Twitter said I was an idiot because
Instagram’s only 500 days old. But Zucks did– Instagram’s probably worth
50 billion dollars right now, maybe more. So when you buy it for one, you did well because those are billions. You know it’s not just a 50x. When you 50x eight bucks, it’s nice to have 400 bucks. When you 50x a billion, that’s 11 Jets teams. – Patrick two, another Patrick. – Patrick also. – Also named Patrick. – Okay Patrick. – [Voiceover] Patrick asks
“If TV is the radio and phone “is the new TV, what is
the desktop computer?” – I’m not sure. – Next? – Yes. – I mean you know I can’t just give those kind of answers on the show
because there’s so few answers ever in history and who knows if I want to
do an #AskGaryVee book two. The desktop computer. I mean I think you
know, the TV, the radio. What’s the desktop computer? I don’t know like the biggest magazines and print articles. You know the Wall Street
Journal, New York Times, Sports Illustrated and
Time magazine in 1992. It was a major thing. But the phone is just
a proxy to the internet It’s the delivery mechanism. so really you know what,
actually I got a much better one. See this is why I took it. The desktop computer or the laptop was the black and white television. The mobile device is
the colored television. Because they’re both
delivering the internet. It’s the internet that is
what I’m talking about. The phone just happens to be the you know. – What about the other way? – India this is not the ask India show. You can go do this with
everybody else after. You can do what everybody
else does, ponders. We don’t do that. – I was wondering if that’s what he meant. – Oh one more time. Well we don’t wanna screw up the question. – TV is the radio, and phone is TV. So what is the next desktop computer? – No I think he was asking for historical. – From Will. – Will the thrill. – What do you think is the best market– – Do you think that Will at home is like oh he called me the thrill and now he’s gonna get his
boys to call him the thrill. – [Voiceover] Will says
“Hey Gary what do you think is “the best market for a teenager
to start selling things?” – Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram is really happening. I mean there are kids
on Instagram making bank selling sneakers. Like tens of thousands. Do you know how much money I would make if I was born during this era? If I was 13 now. I used to have to go to the store and I didn’t have a license. Like and buy shit and then
flip shit three weeks later on a Saturday. If I had real time marketplace dynamics and I could buy stuff. UPS and Fed-Ex guys would be my homies. Stuff would’ve been coming
in and out like ridiculous. So Instagram and Snapchat because that’s where other teenagers
are spending their time and I do believe that most teenagers best opportunity to sell shit
is to sell to other teenagers. Of course they can sell to other demos but I think the biggest up side is there. And I only know this. The only reason I answered
Instagram so quickly is I know dozens of kids,
which is a lot off the top of my dome of kids making
thousands of dollars slinging sneakers. And that’s just sneakers. I’ve seen the video
games because I like that for old school video games. There’s a lot of oppurtunity. Instagram is a beast for selling stuff. – [Voiceover] Phillip asks “When
you go out for some drinks, “how many do you have and
still stay productive “the next day?” – Phillip I don’t drink that much. Though it’s funny I actually
said this the other day in a conversation about my life which was I don’t think I
would’ve ever drank alcohol, just like a lot of people
reacted to the fact that on the show the other day, or somewhere. DailyVee or whatever
I said that you know I’ve never done any drugs, I’ve never even smoked a cigarette. I don’t think I would’ve
ever drank alcohol. I didn’t have my first
beer until I was 19. And I probably drank like 20 of them. Like I used to, talk about
milking a beer at a party. Like when you were 20. My shit was like not warm,
it was like a hot spring. Like I don’t really love alcohol. I learned to love wine. I weirdly started liking
really well made mixed drinks. Like the bartender culture
of New York helped that. So like bourbon, things of that nature. But I don’t love alcohol. What was the question? How many drink? You know what actually does get me drunk? The last few times I’ve been drunk. Sake. I love sushi so much. It’s in such little portions and usually when I have
sushi, for some weird reason it’s usually a Friday or Saturday night and I’m usually with Lizzie
or very close friends so I’m more relaxed and I go. And sake gets me twisted. But besides that I don’t know. By the way, right now
I’m on a hardcore diet. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I’ve lost a good 5 pounds
in the last three weeks. Have you noticed a little bit India? – Yeah. – Thank you. And so yeah I really have
to say that nothing really gets me excited about drinking alcohol. It’s not really something
that’s part of my culture so I’ll drink a glass of wine or two when I’m not in this hardcore diet stuff. And it’s super easy to be productive because I grew up. From 22 to 30 I was
tasting 100 wines a day. My tolerance is stunningly
through the roof because of that. So yeah that’s it. – It’s probably also
stemmed from drinks meeting, drinks meeting, and you
have like 10 a night. – Yeah they’re all drinks meetings but last night they were all
seltzer with lemon and lime. – Last one from Matt. – That’s it?
– This is the last one yeah. Four?
No, I did five. There were two people named Patrick. – I know that thank you. – [Voiceover] Matt asks,
“What are your thoughts on “employee retention in the
digital marketing industry? “Is the high turnover normal?” – The reason there’s high turnover in my industry agency life is because most companies are
owned by holding companies who are required– So there’s four major holding
companies in advertising. They’ve consolidated and
bought up all the agencies and they are these big
billion dollar conglomerates. And I don’t know everything about it because I haven’t really studied it but they’re big holding
companies which tell companies like VaynerMedia, great
companies like 72 and Sunny, Great Digital shop and TV Shop. Like Jeroga 5 just got
sold, great company. 360 I. Carrot that got bought by Vice. They’re owned by holding companies who tell their CEO’s, usually the guy or gal that looks like me that’s sold the company for a lot of money to get up front but then
you have to earn it out. Then you’re locked in
because half your money’s gonna come after four years. So you gotta keep the
job, golden handcuffs. Google it if you don’t know what I mean. And so they tell them you
have to run your company at a 27 percent gross margin or 23 percent gross margin. You know if I had to do that tomorrow because I wanted the big cash out I’d probably have to fire 100 people. And then what happens
is the inevitable thing that looks like this. You know you have a superstar youngster that’s growing up within the organization. And you guys have lived this. So many have gone from making very little to making more and more and more, right? You inevitably don’t promote
them for a year or two because you can’t afford
to because the only rule is you’ve gotta make 23.7
percent gross profit. The only rule. And so the reason there’s huge turnover is because the best people
don’t get compensated fast enough. Nobody who’s running the
company has long term ambitions. Because they’ve already sold out and they’re trying to stay
there for 3-4 more years. And maximize their bonuses and their money so they’re making the decision. And so like anything in life
everything stems from the top. That’s what I always say on the show and what I said yesterday in
front of the whole company. Everything is my fault. And that’s true in these scenarios so this has been a huge
advantage for my company. I’m able to do what I’m doing because I want to build and
evergreen company forever. So I’m able to treat– I’m able to deploy meritocracy. And if that comes in my expense, it comes in my short term expense. But fifteen years from
now out of happiness and financial, I’ll win. So that’s why that’s happening. And because they don’t want to pay and because they run a margin
they do a lot of things. They don’t compensate people properly. They leave. They burn good people to the ground. You know what goes on here. You’re in the trenches. If somebody’s on a hardcore
account that’s tough you know we usually get them
out of there a year later because they’re just dying but those companies don’t usually do that because they need to maximize. And they’re actually
incentivized to let you quit. Because they’re gonna
replace you for less. And you know so that’s that. So the question was? – What are your thoughts,
is high turnover normal? – Yeah it’s normal. Becuase most of the companies
are vigged in a game that creates a scenario for high turnover. So in general I’m trying to
push you guys 181 episodes deep if you’ve been along the ride or if you’re 20 episodes in or
if this is your first episode the concept of the show is to
always level up the thinking behind business and entrepreneurship. This is an insight to
why it happens, right? Everything stems from the top. Always and forever, I promise you. Your manager who sucks crap. The fault of that situation is the CEO. That’s it. Always blame the CEO. Because it’s the CEO’s fault. Cool. Question of the day. Do you like your CEO? You keep asking questions. I’ll keep answering them. What’s Andy doing? – Being a creepo. – What’re you doing? – Trying to get face time. – Trying to get some food with Alex? What you need a buddy to get lunch? – No. (laughter) (outro music)

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