#AskGaryVee Episode 189: Employee Poaching, Nervousness & YouTube Influencers

– On this episode, the last
seven minutes dominate. (hip hop music) ♫ Gary Vee ♫ You ask questions and I answer them ♫ This is ♫ The #AskGaryVee Show ♫ – Hey, everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is the ask,
you threw me off, India. – [India] Sorry.
– No, this is the, Hey everybody, this is Gary Vaynerchuk and you’re watching? – [Staphon] This is episode,
you’re watching episode– – [India] No, and, oh my gosh. – [Staphon] Hello everybody
this is Gary Vaynerchuk. – Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk, and this is episode 189 of The #AskGaryVee Show, and clearly we are in a very, we are clearly in book mode right now. This is the night before
the big day tomorrow. It drops like it’s, I was gonna say like it’s
hot but I didn’t like that. It drops tomorrow, I’m very, very proud. The early reviews are in
and it’s widely considered one of the great literally example, literaler, literer, what is it? – [India] Literary? – Literary examples of
business in modern time, according to Tamara Vaynerchuk,
mother of Gary Vaynerchuk. But more importantly, the vibes are good. We’re sitting here, I’m
gonna be on CNN tonight, so a lot of you can
comment after that aired and you can talk about that. I’ve got Good Day New
York, local New York, Fox tomorrow, I’m heading
to St. Louis tomorrow night for a big event in St.
Louis, then Atlanta, then Boston, then Austin, that rhymed. I’m feeling really
good, India, but this is 189 ofThe #AskGaryVee Show. – [India] That’s true
– That’s the #AskGaryVee book. – [India] Mm-hmm. – Do you love the book?
– Yeah, I really love it. – Did you buy, like, 40 million copies? – Yeah, I bought 40 million copies of it. – Did your mom and dad buy the book? – My mom bought a book. She doesn’t understand half
of it, but she bought it. – Did she like it? – Oh shit, she’s gonna
watch this and be like, “I understand!” – Yeah, India. Why are you making that voice? It’s unfair, don’t–
– That’s true, she’s much cooler that. – She’s much cooler than you.
– She is cooler than me. – Can we get your mom to sit here and take your spot for an episode? – She would love that.
– Done. – She’s gonna be in New York in April. – Done, done.
– Oh, shit, I’m so excited. That’s awesome–
– Alright, India. Here we go. You know, it’s funny, I don’t
know if you’ve seen this I’ve sort of, on the book tour started, and I’ve had a couple people last night. Did you see anybody do that last night? Were you there?
– The show? Yeah – Yeah what I’ve been doing with them on selfies and stuff, the
show, it’s cool right? – The show, yeah it’s like a thing. – Let’s do it official right now. 189. Ready, Let’s – Get into – The show! Alright let’s do it, I’m feeling good. I feel like a couple of people mentioned this is a new golden era. I do feel it the last four or five, have been really tight,
Staphon got a little head nod that means it’s been tight. Buy your book, buy your book. – [India] From Kyle,
how are you balancing– – I feel like we should
do something special for the book. Like if you buy one, if you tag somebody. Oh I like this tagging idea. Especially in a Facebook game, I know some of you are watching on YouTube but we’re going to do something with. Don’t let me forget. Actually, let me do it,
because I’ll forget. Tag somebody that you think is not aware of all of this that should get the book. And I’m going to pick five people, because five is my lucky number of people that were tagged that responded to the comments. So you tag somebody, they jump in and be like, “What are
you talking about Ricky?” I will pick five of those people that actually respond to the tagging and send them a signed
personal copy to them. Now I know you’re thinking, “Now wait a minute, I love this show “and I want a personal–” Well sometimes you need to give. – [India] Give to get. – Give to get. – [India] Kyle.
– Kyle. – [Voiceover] Kyle Reed asks,
“How do you balance saying “no to good things so you
can say yes to great things?” – You know Kyle, you’re talking about decision making and time management and opportunity costs is
a tremendous question. Who gets to decide what is good or great? Is first and foremost. What may be good to me may not be great to you. For me if I can meet Ric Flair for dinner that would be great, for India, are you excited about having
dinner with Ric Flair? – Yeah, totally. – Do you know who Ric Flair is?
– No. – Exactly. Now name one
of your favorite bands. – I don’t know. You know who
I really had dinner with? Jeff Bridges. – I don’t know who that is, the actor?
– Yeah. – I know who that is. Give me a band that you love right now. – A band that I love right now? – Follow me here. – This is really scary. – Just say it, stop being scared. Some random. – Grimes. Grimes. – Good, I don’t know
anything about Grimes. I never heard of Grimes. And you’d be like, Hey the lead singer of
Grimes, it’s a singer? E-mailed right now and said,
“I want to have dinner” I’d be like, delete, like
I don’t even know, right? And so who gets to decide
what is good and great and that’s why I’m answering this question with that little skit. Which is you don’t know until you do it. And so, Kyle. Kyle, too many people
crippled by this question. And I’m going to get
serious now for a second. You won’t know if something is good or great until
it actually happens. Some of the greatest things that ever happened to me in business
look terrible on paper. Wasn’t somebody fancy,
wasn’t fancy, you know? It just was kind of like, oh wait, and then that person knew
and then I connected them. Meeting Blaine Cook, the original CTO of Twitter for a taco
at South by Southwest on the dawn of South
by Southwest this week. That didn’t look like one of the greatest meetings of my life, but it turned into one of the greatest meetings of my life. This happens all the time. Too many people are crippled by the right hire, by the right meeting. I say work harder, work more efficient, make more 15 and 30 minute meetings that leave you more
time to do more things. And create more opportunities and don’t be crippled by choosing the right opportunities or not. So the answer is, nobody
can answer that for you. Normally you can’t answer it upfront. I did a bunch of podcasts that I never heard of the people before. And I think some of them
have been paying dividends. And I did a podcast
with Shaq that is going to air shortly. On paper it looks like Shaq is a greater thing than good. But I think we’re going
to sell more books, from some of that good because I didn’t realize the
audience that person had. Be more efficient with what you do to allow you to do more things. Then you don’t have to worry about the subjective and non controllable like knowing what’s good or great. That’s the recap. – [Voiceover] Nathanial asks, “Gary, you’ve said YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, “and Instagram are the big players. “What’s your opinion on Vine?” – I think Vine has taken a secondary spot. I still think there’s
a real community there. I think Instagram and Snapchat took a lot of those Vine celebrities. There’s still plenty of
stuff going on there, I’m spending less time on there. It’s now in the niche and young category. I look for mass and older category. That’s where I’m betting on those things that I brought up. So I think that Vine has a place. As I’m talking right
now I’m going to look up where Vine is in the
rating system right now in the app store. Which is always a great
indicator on where things are. But to me, I would rather pay attention to what’s
going on MusicAlly right now. By the way Snapchat is number one in social networks, three games, then Snapchat, then Facebook messenger, then Facebook, then
Instagram, then YouTube, the next thing that pops
up is Pinterest at 18. Which is interesting. What’s App at 21. MusicAlly at 25, Twitter at 27. Look at that, MusicAlly above Twitter. And I keep pushing MusicAlly and everyone is like, ehhh. Kik, very under the radar, very big with younger demo, that’s 34. As of this moment. There’s that Wish app that
I’ve been telling people about. Periscope at 49, real player there, right. Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go. Tinder at 75. No Vine yet by the way. And Vine has been slipping. and I feel like Vine’s been, Tumblr is at 108. You know I’ve been down on that. GroupMe at 122, LinkedIn at 140. No Vine. And so that’s, that’s kind
of how I feel about it. Just looking, triple checking here, maybe I missed it, because
that could be the case. No Vine. So let’s go to categories real quick. So I look at data, and I go by vibe and right now in social networks, Vine is– Is it even categorizing in this? I got to find it. It can’t be this low. I don’t even know where it is right now. I don’t know, anyway, that’s how I think of it, India.
That’s the bottom line. Cool. Go ahead. – [India] Video from Benjamin. – Benjamin. Vine where are you. I feel like I’m missing it somehow. Go ahead, play it. – Hey Gary, Benjamin Holmgreen here. You said you wanted some more interesting videos for the show so I
went by this busy street in the big city and
wanted to ask a question. The question is, how do you
feel about employee poaching? Taking employees from
someone elses company and bringing them to work for you, good, bad, or indifferent? Thanks Gary. – I think this is a very
easy question to answer. I think people hire from other people’s companies all the time. This isn’t nursery school, this is business. And if you can steal somebody from another competitor or another company that you think brings
benefit to your company and you’ve got recruiters. I mean, we have, seven, nine,
10 full time recruiters here at the VaynerMedia. They’re just pounding, hitting it, and trying to find the
right people for us. So I think in big
business, this is just part of the equation. Poaching? Poaching makes it seem bad. You mean employee recruitment? You guys, I’m sure you’re getting e-mails from recruiters, from
LinkedIn all the time. And it happens all the time. That’s why I try to build a really, I’m very proud of our turnover. Voluntary turnover here is incredibly low, and that means we’re building culture, people are going to
believe in me as a CEO, believe in Vayner, and so you need to focus on building a good business so that people are unpoachable as you say. But I think that’s common practice, I don’t think there’s anything. If there are shady practices where people are under contract, but normal every day recruiters trying
to find people for jobs. That’s like asking, what do you think about having an accounting department? Or what do you think about having an office for your business. That’s table stakes, that’s oxygen. That’s normal business behavior. So I think you’re eluding to something that I guess lends itself, I love how you how
you hacked the video. I guess it’s lending itself to like, Hey you stole my developer
or you stole my CTO well build a great product so that nobody is stealable. Build a great culture,
so nobody is stealable. I don’t own India. This is voluntary. Build something great that
people want to be a part of. You want to be a part of this, India? – Yeah. Cassandra. – Cassandra. Why did I, why did that happen? Okay. – [India] I read somewhere
that being nervous– – Staphon, did you buy a book? – [Staphon] I can buy a book. – This is unbelievable. Can you believe Staphon, you
didn’t buy a book either. Oh my God, I saw it directly in your face. Guys can you please buy one copy tomorrow? That would matter to me. Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is a big day, where like I do the three book giveaway
and the super eight. We did free book give away, which is going to be exciting, everybody took advantage
of that on instagram. Made the right decision
because that 55 dollars is going to turn out to be gold. But tomorrow is a big day for me, tomorrow is a day, it’s release day. Above and beyond. I’m asking, I’m going to
hit up everybody I know I’m going to fly into
St. Louis and be like just one, just one today,
can I count on you guys for one copy? Now here’s the real big question. Can I count on you for one
copy from a random friend? Which means you’d be in for two. – [India] Like buying it for them? – Well I don’t want to spend your money, could you convince somebody to buy a copy for themselves because
it will be good for them? Alright. You felt very
confident, you felt shady. – [Staphon] I have a couple
of friends that would like. – You’re going to say it like. – [Staphon] They know who you are. – Do you think they bought a book yet? – [Staphon] No. – Yeah, what the, please. Cassandra. – Cassandra. – Let’s remember that anytime we have a Cassandra let’s do that. – Cassandra. – Cassandra. – [Voiceover] Casandra asks,
“I read somewhere that being “nervous is a good thing,
do you agree or disagree? “Do you ever get nervous?” – Sure I get nervous. I mean, everybody gets nervous. I get nervous not that often. Because I’m not putting myself in nervous positions anymore. I don’t have to feel nervous about hitting on a girl anymore. I don’t jump out of planes, that would make me very nervous. Trying to think of the
last time I was nervous. Maybe a heights thing, even that I’ve gotten better about. Did I see like a snake that scared me? I think I saw a snake somewhere, a big snake. I’ll tell you what makes me nervous, I don’t know if it’s nervous, when I see Xander almost falling and almost hitting his head on a rock. Is that nervous, or am I scared, what is that? – I think that moment
that you see him fall you get nervous. – A consistent nervousness. I don’t get nervous
before I speak or do TV. – You’re not always
nervous about kid stuff. – Right right. Nervous is a trait,
people should get nervous. I believe that you do not get nervous. I get a weird nervous energy before I speak or go on TV. But I’m not nervous, I’m so jazzed up that I feel like insane. So it’s like a cousin
of nervous, that moment. I feel like, if you were
a competitor you’re just going to get that feeling. Like I’m not really nervous when we’re shooting five on five. I’m thinking, I really want, I really hope that AJ is on my team because I might get nervous that I’m going to get into a fight today. If we’re on opposite teams. I don’t tend to get nervous, and I think if you’re,
this is a business show, so if you’re asking about, I think being nervous in
a business environment is a bad sign, I do. I do think that it means
you’re not prepared, it means you don’t have it yet. That it factor. I do think you have interesting energy. Nervous energy. But like flat out nervous I think is a tell you
don’t have A-list stuff. That being said, some of you may be nervous and crush it every time I have a little bit of that. I don’t want to call it
nervous because it’s not. It’s adrenaline. But I don’t think nervous is bad, I don’t think any emotion is bad. I think it’s human. Fear. Look do I think like, anger or cynicism are there things I don’t appreciate, or things that I think are a
waste of good energy, sure. But I don’t think any of them are bad. They’re just natural.
We’re all human. We all got our stuff, you know? That was it? That was the show. – [India] Oh no, there’s a question. It’s another video, It’s one of my favorites, I think. – Wow, really. Wow look at this. – Hey Gary, it’s Eric and
Dave Rhoden from Arizona. – Hey Gary
– Father and son. We have a YouTube channel where we teach people how to
make signs like this. Got over 300 videos. We post 6 videos a week. The name may sound familiar because I got ten signed books from
you on the super eight. About 25 minutes in. You pulled my name and almost
threw it back in the bin but thank you for not. I appreciate that. Thank you for all you do. Our question to you is, We’re all over facebook,
we post to facebook six times a week, and I’m using facebook darkpost so we’re getting really
good reaction there. But we want to grow our brand,
we want to grow our name, grow our audience, what
platform do you think is best to go to next? Our demographic is
somewhere between 45 to 65 years old and woodworkers, obviously people that are interested in woodworking. So you can tell me, tell
us, the next platform that we should go into. That’s really what we’re looking for. Appreciate your time, Gary. Thanks for all the great
stuff, love you man. We’ll see you later.
– Bye Gary. – Bye. – Bye Gary, that was so awesome. That was awesome. What are their names again? – [India] Dave and Eric. – Look, I think when I was looking, India saw me, I was looking
at your YouTube data. Kind of making some assumptions
on your facebook data. I think that everybody, this is great, this is a great question
because I can answer for so many of you. Everybody is looking for the next thing before they’ve really won the last thing. I think there’s a lot of
work to be done, guys. On your, let me give you
a huge piece of advice. I would make those signs. You should, here’s what
I’d like you to do. I’m going to give some real
tangible advice right now. – There’s their channel. – There’s their channel, so
Dave what I’d like you to do is I’d like you to make
these amazing signs for 50 to 100 influencers on YouTube. I want you to make these amazing signs for 50 to 100 of these other
YouTube influences. Look at what you did here, and you just got exposure on a bigger YouTube channel
by asking this question. You’re hacking. I would actually rather you cut down from six episodes a week to three. And take all that energy and time and e-mail out, search here for whatever, the genre you think your world is, and reach out to all these other hundreds of thousands of YouTube providers that are producing great content that might be in your demo. And don’t go from Michell Phan,
with a billion people, go to people that have
100,000 subscribers, 200,000 subscribers, they
haven’t made it big yet, and reach out and say, “Look I’d love to make a sign for your “around your logo for your YouTube show.” They’d be pumped because
this looks incred– I mean these guys are
clearly good at what they do. And so what you need
to do is more collabo. The real thing that people
are missing is collabo. Like, there’s a lot, if I was on DJ Khaled’s
Snapchat right now, I’d be like, big shout
out to my boy Gary Vee. That’s another channel, I would grow 100,000, 200,000 followers in a heartbeat. Ads are great and you
should definitely do them but collabo, collaborations for all of you at home are
very very very important. And I think you are actually making stuff, so you can bring something, a real hand craft work. A bunch of people are going to forget you guys, I don’t care cowboy. But one out of every 50
people that you e-mail is going to say “That’s
cool, I want that.” Then they’re going to give you a shoutout to their 200,000 person, again, cowboy show, sign show, or just kids, it could be anything. And that is going to
get you much better ROI. I would cut down the
shows from six to three, this is actually tremendous advice for so many people. Cut down on the content creation and start working on distribution. Distribution my friends,
collabo and distro. That didn’t work. But collaborations and distribution. You need more awareness. What you did by getting on the show, by grabbing India’s heart was an absolute victory for you. Because there are
absolutely 50, 500 people who are watching right now that are going to subscribe to your channel. Follow you, buy a sign,
or whatever your KPI is. You need more distribution and awareness not more content, not the next platform. Facebook and Youtube is
exactly right for you guys. You just need to change your behavior to respect collaborations. Which are a gateway drug to distribution. You need more awareness within that ecosystem, that’s
what you need to be doing. Some good advice there on the show. Feels really good, that’s a very good way. Staphon, we’re going to try
to sneak in a show tomorrow? – [Staphon] Yes. – In the morning? – [Staphon] 10. – 10 AM? Guys tomorrow,
hopefully I’ll be able to put out a show, I’m a little worried that it’s going to be the big day and things might get tight and crammed and this and that, so if I
don’t get a show in tomorrow, 190, which I think is. Remember I wanted 200 to be the show that was going to be the day of the book. – [India] Yeah.
– And that makes sense, because we definitely slowed
down, and the DailyVee stuff and all of this, but you know what, I’ll just going to do it right now, because I don’t want to take the chance. I want to take a moment, in closing to thank you guys all so much. I guess 18 months ago or so, maybe almost two years ago. We started this journey around
the #AskGaryVee concept. And here we are on the dawn
of the book coming out, so much momentum and so much love. And I just thank all of you so much, tomorrow is a very big day for me. And I’ve so enjoyed everything that I have been providing to
you guys as a community and very honestly, and you
may know this about me, some of you really know this about me. I’m weirdly very excited
to get into May 1st where I’m kind of out
of this right hook zone. I really want to take
second to thank all of you for allowing me, giving me the permission to throw my right hook,
to have your support, to ask you for eight books. Of the same book? Yes, of the same book. You know I really appreciate this moment that you’ve given me to kind of at least ask for the cash in against all the up front value. I’m really looking forward to
getting it on the back end. The other thing is, Staphon I
want you to put it up here. Everybody, and this is
probably my biggest ask. Sure, I would tell you
to have one a and one b for tomorrow, one a
would be one more copy. Because I want the momentum, and like spiking to number one on Amazon would be amazing, and it comes from volume not from quantity. So anybody you know who needs this book, tomorrow is a day of like, you’ve already committed so many books, tomorrow is a day to say to one person,
like I did with you two, just one person, if all of you get one person to buy just one book. It changes a lot for me. But the one b is, and
put it up here, Staphon link it please on Facebook and YouTube and don’t forget, I’ll get really pissed. Is the Garyvaynerchuck.com/bookreview. Everybody who has an instagram, I have a page on my .com showing how I want an instagram review. Which is not a shout out,
like I got it, it’s awesome. No, when you read it,
to leave a long review on Instagram with a photo. That would really mean a lot to mean. Doesn’t cost you anything above and beyond it would mean a lot to me. I’m really curious about. I think it’s the right execution, I think the attention sits on Instagram. So that’s my one a and one b. Thank you so much for your attention which is the asset. Thank you so much to everybody
who came out last night. In New York City, 600 strong at 92nd street Y. Stephanie Rule, you crushed it. I enjoyed staying for two hours doing all those selfies and book signings. I’m looking forward to doing that in Atlanta, St. Louis, Boston
and Austin this week alone. Many more in the future. And so big ups, Dublin and London and Sydney, got a lot of stuff coming up. Really excited to meet so many of you, thank you so much for the love. This is an exciting journey. And tomorrow starts the next chapter of that journey, so thank you. Question of the day. Question of the day is you know what, I was going to say, are you’re
going to do one a and one b but that’s too self serving. Let’s go a different direction. Question of the day,
what’s your kind of story. Actually I need something to read on that 24 hours each way to Sydney. What’s your story? What’s your #AskGaryVee story. What’s your story,
what’s your kind of story on this journey together,
it may be a microstory from episode 109. The collective, maybe
you want to write it, one day I stumbled. Maybe it’s, I’ve been
getting a lot of emails from people getting results. What’s your story from this whole #AskGaryVee experiment? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering them. (hip hop music)

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  15. I think I can give you all the credit for getting me to do my Youtube channel πŸ‘
    So thanks!

  16. 2015 was my biggest year of professional growth. I'm 30 & I finally found the role I feel I was made for. (Sales Trainer) I learned about you through Chris Dessi & the Westchester Digital Summit which I demo'd my company's software for back in late 2014. The biggest thing I've learned through you is authenticity and self-awareness. I'm finally comfortable in the skin of my career and confident enough to say it. I'll be getting the book tomorrow for sure. I play 'The Most Important Word Ever' video for every class of new reps that come through. #TrueRespect

  17. Hey Gary, found you in the teen episodes, went back and watch the rest, and have been watching ever since. The advice you offer is super practical and translatable into many aspects of life, not only business. I have written the best quotes down from every episode and wrote a devotional around those quotes for faith based organization. I sent you a copy but unsure if you received it. It would totally work in Faithbox πŸ™‚ Anyway, thanks for all you do and here's to much success on your book.

  18. Ordered 4 copies of the book which will hopefully get here today! Gunna do some promo on social for it, too πŸ™‚

  19. Two things that punched me in the face:

    1. Be efficient at what you do so you can do more, not just so you can work less.

    2. Creating massive amounts of content without a plan for getting it in front of people is silly.

    Happy release day, GV. πŸ‘πŸ“š

  20. You always thank us but we thank you. I really appreciate the time hustle and effort you give us. Thanks for the inspiration and I'd be honored just to shake your hand one day. I live outside of the city. Thanks for your time Gary.

  21. Found the show from your collaboration with Casey neistat, now I am watching the show from the first one and already got into the 62nd #AskGaryVee show

  22. Congratulations for the book launch, Gary!!! Looking forward to seeing you in London and reading the book!
    I've discovered you recently by following Chase Jarvis and Casey Neistat. I've been watching/listening to all the episodes of the show at work 8 hours daily instead of listening to music..and I'm amazed by the constant quality of each episode. The story is that you're helping me write a great one. Thank you!

  23. #QOTD: My #askgaryvee story is one of learning, conversation, and mentoring.
    I have had 10 questions answered on the shoooooow. Each with a different thought, piece of advice, or wisdom.
    I have watched every single episode and have consumed every question. I have filled up multiple pages of a notebook with different answers and have applied several thoughts to my own business.

    The biggest thing for me has been your willingness to partner and mentor me through business. I usually end my days with an episode and it puts me in a good place to start the night shift, have a great night, and prep for tomorrow. The value you have given through all 189 episodes has been more than I could ever ask for.

    I feel like through each episode I have learned a little more about you and found a virtual mentor in the process. As someone who has followed you for 8 years now, I feel like this journey was my peek beyond a keynote or tweet and into how you think.

  24. Gary. Listen. I'm the smallest fish out there. Shit. I'm the plankton. The real power I have is knowing where I've been and making the decision to never go back. I'm an ex- addict. Opiates. Clean for 10 years on Dec. 11 2015. Once I got clean I decided to only live my passion. For the longest time I couldn't figure out how tho do it and monetize it. I stumbled across you on Periscope and holy shit! There was a dude that thought, spoke and acted like I do. Shit, you even rock the SB Dunks like I do. It was incredibly encouraging and set me off on a clear path of how to just do ME! I started picking up all of your books and as of yesterday, I was able to gain clients from Periscope, IG, Snap and Twitter. I'm an illustrator with the worlds smallest following but I'm fucking coming! My hustle is 24/7. If I'm not doing client work, I'm scheming. If I'm not scheming, I'm building relationships. I've given and continue to give away so much free work to small influencers that some of them are paying off. I'm super grateful that I stumbled across your shit! I've found a new fire and I'm ready to jab, jab, right hook all these mofos! I promise you will see me soon. I'm coming and I'm doing it my way. Big up, Gary! Ps. I got 5 people to buy Ask Gary Vee so I can borrow it from them but have options as to who and how I get it. I'm turning this book into my own personal networking and relationship building exercise!

  25. Those two could do viral videos just literally selling their product from those chairs. If that dad never said a word they would build a huge brand.

  26. My story: Marketing/tech geek. Have always had key roles within companies, leading digital/content transformation and strategy.

    I got laid off in November last year abruptly, with no warning after only being with the company 4 months. I was unemployeed for 3 months, aggressively interviewing and working on a startup on the side (yes on the side). While out of work, I got HOOKED when i saw dailyvee 001 episode and then started watching askgaryvee immediately, at around episode #160ish. Your videos kept me inspired and hungry while looking for a new gig and are continuing to inspire me in my new position. I now find myself needing at least some Garyvee each day, whether its a video or a blog post or whatever. You've sparked a lot of ideas for me and help to keep preaching content, digital, and social on anyone that'll listen.

    So much love for what you do! P.S. Can't wait to read the boooooookkkk.

  27. Gary, would you say that you get nervous before big Jets games? How about before the last game of this year vs. the Bills?

  28. My Story: Was selling beer and hosting parties for Molson, finishing my Marketing degree in Montreal, Qc.
    Decided I wanted to get involved in startups/tech, so I reached out to a few entrepreneurs on twitter in the area.
    Went for a beer with one of them, smart ex-classmate of mine, hit him up on Instagram after the beer, offered to intern for free at his new company (5by)
    8 months later, we were acquired by StumbleUpon. Moved to San Francisco, grew quickly.
    I was Director of content (we curated Youtube videos by category and served them to users based on their watch habits and mood), and I came across some of your keynotes. I subscribed to your channel, and watched almost everything you uploaded.
    We eventually made a deal with your show (collabo ;)), drove some awareness, views, subscribers, and tried some other aggressive strategies from a product level to grow our user-base. Some worked, some didn't, work visa expired, had people back home that took priority over Silicon Valley.
    I'm now back in Montreal, and still an avid fan of AGV, DailyVee, etc. working as a Product Manager for LuxuryRetreats
    Stoked on all of your content, thanks for everything, you've got biz-dev down to a science.
    Also, you're welcome for everything. 32$ CAD is a tad pricey, but I'ma buy it regardless because I know it's πŸ”₯.
    Keep crushing it.

  29. #QOTD Born in Venezuela, started my first company when I was 14 building websites. Engineer, started 2 startups with no success that made me understand the importance of the TEAM (I was pretty much the only one hustling). Started a Marketing Agency (2014) and got some big customers the first year. Struggled a lot in Venezuela because of the hostile situation there, moved to McAllen (literally running away to save my life) and currently working in a Data Center as a Marketing Consultant. Long story short: I'm fucking passionate about what I do and I know that I can do so much more. I've been programming for the last 15 years and fell in love with Marketing 4 years ago. Thanks so much for the energy, I'm much better since #AskGaryVee and I can't wait to read your book.

  30. Like wine? Want to learn more? I am doing a AskGaryVee Book Give away to four subscribers to my YouTube Channel!

  31. Interesting that you're using the App Store as data for popular social networks. So obvious when you were doing it and yet it never crossed my mind to do it!

  32. My story: I started working at a creative agency in St. Louis as a "Production Manager" in late 2014 – in summation, I produced content. Video, graphics, photo, copy. I produced social content for clients. However, I HATED doing social media or at least how WE did it. While parts of how we operated it made sense, others seemed contradictory to what works. There wasn't a lot of strategy, hustle, grind, etc. with social. It was: Produce content, pay to boost, assume people will enjoy it. Yes the content was good and engaging. But it wasn't built on ideas that brought true value or ROI to people. And it lacked consistency. It was built on ridiculous beliefs and theories that had to real explanation. Things like YouTube links to Facebook because "YouTube is the video platform, not Facebook". No other reason? Shouldn't we post native? No. YouTube. Because YouTube. Why not post native to both? No. YouTube. Bleh. After 8 months on the job, I was let go for "cultural differences".

    Somewhere along the way, I started learning REALLY how to curate growth on social media and dove into deeper research. I believe my discovery of YOU was in the "Native Video Storytelling" shorts you released nearly a year ago. THEY BLEW MY MIND. Why? Because there was ACTUALLY someone out there who GOT IT! And my growth addiction began. Watching your content more and more, my love for hustle and grind grew and my understanding and enjoyment in operating social became a fiery passion.

    Flash forward to now. Myself and a business partner are preparing to launch a new social platform in the coming months that will rock the landscape. Not a competitor to what exists. And we're not playing in the middle as you talk about in the beginning of your book. This is different. And it's AWESOME. We want to ramp up production and marketing but we have little to no funds. We are two guys – a creative and a developer – who have been as scrappy as it gets to make this happen. We need a team and we need more exposure. We have growth hacking strategies and we're moving to launch them, but we're looking for funds.

    If we can grab your attention for 5 minutes, we want you to see what we have and where we are going. So as for the current state of my story? Figuring out how to reverse engineer your strategy to bring value to YOU to grab YOUR attention so that we can get those 5 minutes which I know are precious to you.

    Your move.

  33. Very excited for ya bud! Big day today for sure. Went out and picked up a copy in the pouring thunderstorm. Felt it was important to get the book on the day of its launch. Safe travels!

  34. #QOTD: my story is that I used to be a CPA, and since 2008 I've been listening to you (and others). This self-education allowed me to change careers and be a much happier person. CANNOT BEAT THAT, dude! So I've said this to you before, but that's going to be your true legacy – the thousands of lives you've influenced. Who needs the Jets when you got us? πŸ™‚ Peace, and congrats on Book Release Day!

  35. You've said previously you don't do things you don't like doing. But do you you still put yourself outside of your comfort zone. If so what type of things do this to you?

  36. #QOTD: Just quit my job, April I'll be full time. I just purchased the book today, I already know most of the answers (watched every episode, and knew most of the answers then) but I wanted to support you since you're giving out all the free content. My story is moving from a world of corporate america from software engineering to a role in sales that I didn't like but learned a lot to a complete 360 degree spin and jumping into the cocktail industry. My interests changed over the last 20 years but one thing still remains: My drive to build my own empire.

  37. #QOTD Gary, I found you content about a year ago give or take. I found you really cool , kinda like a guy that had it figured out. Although,I would come and binge your content once and a while, I didn't subscribe to you till you grew a beard (Grow it back!!!! ). After that I started watching your videos religiously every week. I think your content has really helped me cement my dream to start a business (currently 17 ). Thanks for everything!!!!

  38. QOTD: My friend asked for a video intro for his vlog and used the shooooooooow as an example. That was episode 33, filmed in October 2014. I watched the video and took some notes about the intro and stuff. Some time went on and I got into a discussion with another friend about you. So I started to watch more of your videos. Then I decided I wanted to see all of them. I grinded all of them in a week or so and wrote you a looooooooooooooooooong post, which had some point about every episode. After that I've been following you closely, read all your books (listened TY Economy). This has been a wonderful journey together and I can't wait to have you here in Finland next fall. I never thought I'd buy eight copies of the same book, but did it in a heartbeat last week. TYVM Sir, you truly are the man.

  39. @GaryV

    How would you contact the You tube Influencers?

    I think, the AskGaryVee show, has made me assess and attack social media in a different light. In fact it has even made me assess and attack life different, well not just the askgaryvee show but the dailyvee show too.

    Can't wait for my copy of the book to arrive Thursday!

  40. #QOTD: My #AskGaryVeeStory

    November 5, 2015 I had shoulder surgery and was jacked up on Hydro and could not sleep for several days. Blah Blah Blah right? Well all of that no sleeping led to me watching you tube and I came across this guy Casey Neistat. After binging on Casey and seeing you and him together on an Aug. 7 episode the rest is history!!
    4 months later I fly to New York to see you at 92Y, Stalk/post endlessly on your twitter, and started using SnapChat at my High School.

    On March 16 I will be conducting a Social Media Professional Development session at my High School for the entire staff (my Principal thought I was crazy and called SnapChat Bullshit – and has since changed his mind)!

    I participated in Super 8 and am giving away some of your books to the VaynerNation and am MOST DEFINITELY giving one to my Principal tomorrow morning!!

    Thanks for revitalizing my drive to work hard and be the one to lead change

    Snapchat: hopewell-cte

  41. I would love any feedback from my story. Just recently joined the community head on and cannot wait for more interaction

    My story is that I graduated from Babson College last May. I knew that my passion would lie in investments where I have exposure to operations and can help the people I invest in and not just close my eyes and pray (ie: venture capital or private equity). I joined a start up private equity fund and we are currently in the last week before we are closing our first deal. Unfortunately the two founders of the fund are looking to just stick with this one singular deal and I am hungry for more opportunities so i am currently searching for a VC or PE group to join.

    The toughest part of my journey is that everyone from teachers to friends are telling me to go with the "proven" path of investment banking. I do not mind the hours but I do mind that I feel like I am not making an impact. Today I am here to continue learning about operating and hopefully will soon work my way into VCPE.

  42. My story: I have learned that I am not providing enough value and that I have way more value to offer!

  43. I've been watching from episode 1, intermittently, and I will self describe as a sold "lurker" – not that I didn't want to comment, the way I was watching was before going to bed, always on iPhone, and I like long form answers. (2 days ago I invested in an iPad and keyboard so hoping to be a non lurker). ANYhoo. Over the episodes, something I enjoy is seeing some answers repeat but after different questions. Really helps solidify concepts. Additionally, observing changes in answers which is a reflection of how quickly things change on the Internet. Personally I work full time for a company, and slowly chip away at my photography business. My biggest weakness is the business part, so as you mentioned in your book I'll either need to outsource the weakness, or kick it in the ass like you did with your fitness. Thanks for everything so far Gary, keep it up I love it!

  44. I bought jab jab jab right hook, looked up interviews from you, and found the askgaryvee show. I Have been hooked ever since!! Its awesome/funny how I almost felt bad not buying your book because of how much value you provide. Your the man and ill definitely try getting people around me to buy your book!

  45. QOTD: I'm a student, hustling on the side with my art and blog. Stumbled across you and the show after about a couple weeks from you starting. I loved the combination of honesty, passion, and practicality of your content and have been hooked ever since then. The biggest difference was basically finally hearing from someone all the flaws in my knowledge and lack of hustle, rather than the reaffirming voices around me. Thanks for bringing the much needed fire and the advice. Loving the audiobook and will try to get others to buy it as well. Thanks for everything Gary!

  46. Love the Come to Gary @21.50, Come to Jesus, Call at the end of the show wow some Pastors should take notes…heartfelt!!

  47. Gary I want to thank you for being the first example of someone who really hustles and isn't afraid to talk about it and teach it – you're almost like a father figure. For the first time ever I am beginning to finally hammer out these misconceptions about work and awareness that I've grown up with in order to become the strongest version of myself

  48. My story would be short – it's about starting my own YouTube channel and actually sticking to schedule. I wanted to start channel for more than a year and finally did it (your DailyVee kind of inspired me to finally start – because you show how many things there can be done in one day). And above all every time I feel down watching your show and your energy motivates me to do my stuff.

  49. really love the reminder that serendipity is STILL an important part of business

  50. I'm late to the comments, Gary, but here's my story of how AskGaryVee is helping to shape my business. I jumped out of the corporate world in July of 2015. I'm a software developer, but I love interacting with people and I love marketing. So I started a business that is helping local businesses in my city (Erie, PA) understand how to better market their business in 2016 using technology and the idea of building a community rather than just selling a product. We are far behind the technology curve, so there's a ton of education to be done. I'm not shy about recommending your ideas and giving you the credit. I bought 4 extra books to giveaway to great clients. 8 books wasn't in the budget this year, but it will be very soon. Since I'm new at this business, I'm essentially running each client as a case study and analyzing what works and what doesn't. AskGaryVee ensures that the information you're presenting is always fresh and relevant – more than any other material I've consumed. Thanks for the hustle. Thanks for caring. Thanks for setting a great example. Thanks for sharing the value of family. I have a wife and 4 kids to feed so the hustle is real and infinitely important. Just… Thanks!

  51. allowing you to right hook? Appreciate the thanks, but Gary…You have MORE than earned the right to right hook your new book.

    got my books yesterday. very excited.

  52. #QOTD: #AskGaryVeeStory

    My brother and I recently started Backcountry Lemonade as a refreshing alternative to energy drinks. We travel to remote places to share our drink with a community of adventure seekers. Your videos & books have been the foundation for how we operate. Can't thank you enough for what you've offered!

    I'm halfway through #askgaryvee and can't wait to get back and finish it!

    Instagram: @backcountrylemonade

  53. Any Hustlers between ages 15-25 looking for exposure, message/email me!

  54. Awesome show Gary! I've been following #AskGaryVee almost from day one. The knowledge I have learned has been invaluable and helped me so much in my business. Thank you for all you do and I love the new book!

  55. My story: I was first exposed to Gary through my friends chris Dessi and Jon Zanzarella during his closing keynote at the first Westchester Digital Summit. After Gary gave his talk I had a chance to meet him I even shook his hand. I should have asked for his business card because he had a potential project for my brother (kooberz) and his stop-motion animation skills. Not knowing who he was or how popular he was on social media I started seeing this show pop up on my news feeds after subscribing to his YoTube and Facebook pages. As a new fitness coach with Beachbody, Gary has brought a lot of value to my life, and his energy really is motivating for me to hustle with my own business.

  56. The Dave's sign bit was FIRE… Gary Vee thanks for dropping the science today I love this class.

  57. #askgaryvee and #dailyvee have become my breakfast content. I set up my phone and consume and get motivated for an hour or so every morning and I can't thank you enough for that gift. You're awesome Gary!!

  58. great to see that india is more confident these days. development into the right direction:D

  59. #QOTD my friend Chris introduced me to this channel. It would've never occurred to me seek out something like this, but it has completely reframed everything for me. 1 year ago I didn't know all the things I don't know, and now I'm learning so much and feel like I have more control than I thought I did. Thanks G!

  60. @AskGaryVee @vaynernation how would any of you go about making your soda brand synonymous with the word "soda" so every time people think of soda they immediately think of your brand of soda..

    annnnnd go!

  61. I really became a fan about 6 months ago and that was about 6 months into having started my first business which will launch officially on May 28th

  62. my story. frustrated and in a job I'm real good at but get no joy from, being super inspired and pumped by your energy to do something special. taking some time right now on holiday to take stock and work out my next upward move. you are so energetic and passionate I find it hard not to turn everyone onto watching ask gary vee and daily vee, love daily vee.

  63. my story. frustrated and in a job I'm real good at but get no joy from, being super inspired and pumped by your energy to do something special. taking some time right now on holiday to take stock and work out my next upward move. you are so energetic and passionate I find it hard not to turn everyone onto watching ask gary vee and daily vee, love daily vee.

  64. Hi Gary! Was really inspired by your keynote at ICON! Raw, honest, sincere and full of great insight! Excited about the book. Will read it asap!

    So… You've got yourself a new subscriber from Sweden. Keep up the good work!

  65. hey Gary Vee , DawnyV here and here's my story thanks for being such an inspiration to me. I can't find your book here so I hope to pick up a copy on my next trip to the UK
    enjoy ! β€œFRIENDSHIP, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND FEMINISM” @dawnismaximus https://medium.com/@dawnismaximus/friendship-entrepreneurship-and-feminism-cbe635f10c29

  66. I have discovered you thanx for Sara Diethy(?) and I loved your energy from the first moment. I think it's awesome that you're so honest in terms of self-behavior

  67. Hey India! Where can I get that cool "hustle" sticker? Anders, from Norway

  68. Listened to one keynote. And now I have listens to almost every ask Gary vee in a very short time.

  69. #QOTD :
    I have started watching you for about a month or so now. I saw you on Video Influences. Once I watched the first video I was hooked. I have a Makeup and Beauty YouTube Channel/ Instagram/ Twitter and now Snap Chat and Musically with your recommendations. Your advice goes past more than just entrepreneurs. Your advice can be used to improve ourselves as a person and that's what I love the most. I have a project that i'm working on that was inspired by something you said about long term goals. I am excited to get the word out about it but I want to make sure i'm ready. It is something that takes time. It doesn't stop Instagram content just slows it down. While I do that I'm getting out more content on You tube as much as possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

  70. The second when Gary mid-sentence realises India hasn't bought a book either, is defo my favourite mini-moment of the show!

  71. 2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway http://storage.googleapis.com/8249360376077/7851300343060.html

  72. Hey Gary,

    Thank you again for so much great content. It has been a huge blessing to me! I am 26 years old and I can relate to your story a lot. I came across your content over the last 3 months. I took over my dad's family business about 20 months ago. In 18 months I doubled the business, and have had a platform to learn and grow. I grew up not thriving in a school environment. I was 6 years old and turned every game with my brother into store. Supply and Demand made sense to me. I grew up in a family that ate from the food bank. Business was not part of my upbringing. I read my first business book at 14 and my dad bought a boat rental business when I was in high school. This summer I had the pleasure of buying a second business and winning awards with both businesses. I also was a finalist for a local young entrepreneur of the year award. I have always wanted to buy and sell business and have a team of experts to do it with. My dream is to own a lifestyle brand and I have heard you just this week talking about that.

    I have been learning two huge elements from you over the past couple of months. 1. I have learned and been paying a lot of attention to your talk around scaling up. Investing into people. Being People First. 2. I have been challenged a lot around sales. Currently I have been motivated to build a list of businesses in my community and I am starting to cold call them to offer their teams a great team building evening in our recreation business.

    Thank you again for giving so much I appreciate it! – Jonathan Strome a.k.a. @jtstrome on twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.

  73. #qotd I don't know how it started, I was just being myself, doing my things and there it was. Askgaryvee, so I watched an episode, I was interested in your style and so it came in my daily routine. Everyday I watch an episode and sometimes a dailyvee.

  74. oh man, i've learned so much whit you, specially washing plenty of wrongs i got in my head, a lot of "financial freedom" bullshit that is not working for me, so i'm on the rigth track, thank you

  75. Every content marketer can learn from the story of the #AskGaryVee book. You can write a book by publishing one little piece of content every day, and then compile all those little pieces into a book.

  76. as of march 29th 2017, Twitter is still at 29 but musicly is at 73😯😯

  77. QOTD: my story from the #AskGaryVee show… it has inspired me to start my own YouTube show. About to drop in the next few weeks. πŸ˜‹ thanks for the inspiration and the constant pushing @garyvee

  78. you seem to be a salesman who would tickle people balls, push your products, regurgitate other people success information, push your products, and have fools or tools praise you.

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