At Work with the Enneagram – Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile – ‘The Road Back to You’

so the other day I read an article and I think it was forbes or some or some other magazine that has virtually nothing to do with my life because it’s about successful people but it was in Forbes and they were like people it was nothing to do it right so it had a it was like the seven things that everybody needs to be successful in business right and I’m it goes from seven to one and I’m reading you know and I’m thinking yeah yeah blah blah blah blah blah and I’m I wasn’t knowing what you know what one was gonna be and it floored me it said self-awareness ah that the thing that’s so great you don’t find that art I have it it it just said the number one thing you need in business or in work is self-awareness and I thought man I got a future in this gig because you know if you don’t know who you are the capacity for empathy in relationship diminishes real quick and you know work isn’t just about competencies it’s about people right it’s about you know managing people yeah I want to talk about that because so often when we get when we I’m sorry to interrupt it’s often when we get called into work someplace or when we get called in together separately to do any ground work what people want is for us to help them manage their people that’s exactly the language they use and instead what we have to offer is a way for people to know the people they work with rather than manage them because we are unmanageable if we’re expected to be something that we’re not and to see in a way that we can’t see right so if we got rid of manage and talked about the fact that dealing with all these employees is taking up so much of my time how can I do this in a way that’s more effective and more honoring of them but also we gotta get to work we have things to do but and once you introduce the Enneagram into that work environment yeah then it’s kind of like I think we talked about it maybe when we talked about church there’s more compassion yeah so when you are about to clean up the break room and you’re aware that somebody’s probably come behind you and do it and you’ve always been kind of offended by that right instead you can just try to do an extra good job because you know it’s real important to them that the salt and pepper go back right where you keep

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