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– I saw him and he just drove away right when I was about to get in the car. I’m like, so you don’t want my money? (upbeat music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven, welcome back to another vlog. This vlog is already starting off a little unknown, a little hectic. I wanted to kind of, just take you guys through, where is the light in here? Take you guys through
my weekend festivities that I got going on. Today, is a Friday, it’s about 8:15 p.m. I have an interesting weekend planned, something new, something,
kinda, different. Basically, I just got
back from L.A. last night, Literally got back at 1 a.m. And then I had a video to work on, so, I stayed up until 5:30, in the morning, filming a video then I slept for a few hours and then I woke up today,
had a bunch of work to do, My personal assistant came over, which, by the way, I don’t
think I’ve ever like said on YouTube that I have a
personal assistant now. So, she comes to the house, we work together, we get stuff done. So, she was here all day
today working with me. And then, I had to start getting ready for what I’m about to do right now which is celebrate my
friend Sadie’s birthday. You guys know Sadie because she was in the followers road
trip video that I did. If you guys have not seen that video, I can link it down below. I met her as a
subscriber,through that video, I wanted to hang out with some of my subscribers here in town and we’re gonna go out and
turn up and have some fun and also, just so happens that my little, second cousin is having a birthday party, a family
birthday party out of town. So, since I was already out of town and there was a family birthday
party going on out of town, my parents took Ziya to the
birthday party out of town, so, that’s where Ziya is right now. And then Sadie’s birthday is tonight, which I’m really excited about. I really don’t go out that much, it’s usually just for special occasions. ‘Cause you know, mom life, work life. So, right now, I am finishing
gathering up my stuff. We got a hotel room for the night. I’m kind of running all over the place, because I wanted to
Uber over to the hotel. So, I called an Uber to come pick me up, he came to the house,
I literally was walking out the door to get in the car and then he canceled the ride. I saw him and he just drove away, right when I was about to get in the car. I’m like, so, you don’t want my money? Okay, so then I had to call another Uber who is now 10 minutes away but the reason why I said that this vlog is gonna be
a little bit different or I’m like doing something new is because on Sunday, I have
a speaking engagement which I normally don’t do stuff like that, so, I’ll tell you guys a little
bit more about that later. But for now, I’ve got to
finish getting my stuff ready, so I can head to the hotel. (knocking) – (laughter drowns out Raven) – Oh my God. – [Raven] So you can get all your snacks. Your little treats. – Thanks, babe. I love you. – [Raven] You’re welcome. Happy birthday. – Thank you. (upbeat music) – [Raven] Wait, look at
the birthday girl. Yes. Oh, girl. (laughter) – You love it. – [Raven] The whole vibe. – It looks like a shot of penis. – [Raven] And Tanisha got her
booty pants on. Poke it. Yup. This is from O’Colly.
A little two piece set. Something slight and I’m
just wearing clear heels, cause I didn’t know what
shoes to go with it. So when in doubt, just wear clear. We bout to head out in a
moment. Moms’ night out, because Sadie has two children,
if you guys didn’t know. So it’s a moms’ night out. – [Sadie] Moms’ night out! – And Tanisha is an honorary
mom, because she just is. (upbeat music) – [Raven] We are now at Kerbey Lane. Morning after the turn up. But you had fun last night, right? – [Tanisha] That looks so good. – [Sadie] I know. – [Raven] It does. What is that? – Um, something. – [Raven] What’s the name of that? – [Waitress] Francisco. – [Raven] Francisco. It’s Francisco. (Upbeat music) So after this- wait are we still going to? Are we going to get piercings? – Well, I’m a little nervous.
I’m in a lot of pain already. – We were supposed to
get piercings as like, the finishing touch of her birthday. We should still go. She’s
nervous. I’ll check in later. See if we follow through. Okay, so we just finished
eating at Kerbey Lane. – We’re full. We’re fed. – Yes. Closer than later
is a good tattoo parlor. I looked it up. It has good reviews. It’s called Diablo Rojo. So, Sadie and I are getting something special pierced as well as our ears. (laughs) – Something special. I’ll let you guys decide
where you think that is. (upbeat music) – Okay guys, so it is the
next day. Today is Sunday. I didn’t really vlog the rest of, like the day after we got our piercings done. But I wanted to show you what I got. So I had my nose ring switched
out to an actual gold hoop. I had a silver hoop in there at first. And it had like a ball closure on it. Which was really annoying. You guys might have noticed
in some of my vlogs, the ball would always flip around
and it would look weird. Like I had something in my nose. And I also got a little
extra third ear piercing. So, I already had two. I’m not wearing an earing
in the first one right now, but I put a little stud
for the third hole. I eventually want to have a
full ear of all different types of piercings cause I just
really like the way that looks. Those are my piercings. Ziya
is here with me right now. We’ve just been chillin’. My parents came back in town with her like right when I got home
from getting my piercings. They came back. So I’ve been with her
spending time last night. And right now I am about to do my makeup and fix my hair and everything, because today is my speaking engagement to whatever you want to call it. I am going to be speaking
at a Jack and Jill meeting. If you guys don’t know
what Jack and Jill is, I actually used to be a
member when I was younger. Jack and Jill of America it
is a membership organization for- It was started by
African-American mothers, who wanted to bring black kids together, bring the youth together to do, like volunteer activities,
leadership building events. It’s just like a positive organization to help black kids grow up to be great. That’s kind of like the
main purpose behind it. Now, my local chapter, I guess
has actually asked me to come and speak at one of their events. To kinda just talk to the kids
about being an entrepreneur, following your dreams. What are you doing? Don’t bang on that. Hey, Ziya. I’m serious. Ziya always
likes to be in here and mess with my makeup and stuff
when I’m doing my makeup. But there’s certain things I
don’t want her to mess with. So, yeah, their having me
come and speak to the youth about kind of what I do and
how I got to where I am. And just answer any
questions that they may have. So it’s kind of a cool, like
full circle moment for me. ‘Cause I used to be a
kid in this organization. I remember going to, um
hearing people speak and stuff. And now I’m speaking at the event so. Um, I think it’s gonna be a
pretty casual like setting. Like nothing super big or scary,
so I’m not really nervous. Also, because I do feel more
comfortable talking to young people versus talking to
people who are older than me. It’s just easier to just
talk to young people. This is just real simple. Just
me telling them about myself. And tell them my story. So, I feel pretty confident
that I know what I’m gonna say without writing a script or anything. ‘Cause I have not prepared a script. I’m like I think I know my own
life. I think I can do this. While I do that, papa is gonna
come over and have a little play date with Ziya and
watch Ziya while I do that. I talked about this milk
makeup. What is it called? The Flex Foundation Stick, on my Instagram stories awhile ago. But I’ve been really liking this. Especially when you’re trying
to kinda do your makeup fast. You can paint it on. I would not recommend something like this if you have active acne though. ‘Cause that could be like bacteria. But, if your skins doing
pretty good, you can use this. Draw it on and then it blends
out really nicely and easily. I’m looking kind of orange
on camera right now, but I feel like this
color matches my body. My face is always way way
way lighter than my body. Also, because I do fake tan sometimes. And I do have a tan on right now. And it has good coverage too. And it doesn’t feel heavy
at all. It’s very light. Okay, also I wanted to show you guys how I’ve been putting on on my lashes. ‘Cause this is just way easier for me. Maybe it’ll help you guys too. So, first thing I do after
I finish my eyeshadow, is I draw eyeliner just in
the inner corner of my eye. And I like to use eyeliner
like this, like a pen. So like the Venti Beauty Pen. And this one is the Beauty
Bakery Liquid Liner Pen. ‘Cause it just fits perfectly
just to draw the inner corner. The reason why I do that is because I just feel like my eyes look weird if I don’t continue the line. Like if I just have lashes and the inner corner is kinda
empty it just looks weird. And my eyes are far apart, so I like to do whatever I can
to bring them closer together. So, I’m gonna be trying the
Nicole Guerriero Eylure lashes. I’ve actually never
tried these surprisingly. Even though I’m a huge Nicole fan. Two things you need: you
need the lash tweezers thing. Which you can probably get
these on Amazon or whatever. Mine are from Your Lash Bar.
Shout out to my girl Taylor. You can use regular
tweezers, too, probably. But these just really work. And then you need the glue that actually has like a paint brush on it. So this has almost like a little
eyeliner type brush on it. And the reason I use this is because what I do is I literally
paint the glue onto my lid as if it was eye liner going across. Go all the way across from end to end. Well that is almost like getting
tacky. I take my mascara. I apply mascara also to kind of get the glue off my lashes a little bit. Do just a light coat of mascara. Take your lash tweezers, make sure your tweezers are not sticky. ‘Cause sometimes then the lash wants to just stick to the
tweezers and not your eye. A little hack I do for that
is actually spray it with setting spray so that it’s
like wet and not sticky at all. Hopefully that makes sense. Then you perfectly get
your lash on like that. And you can literally pop on your lash. It literally just pops
on. Adjust the corners. Make sure they’re stuck down. Squeeze your lashes with the
false lash using these things. Squeeze. Having the mascara
on your lashes already, helps to like stick it together. And boom! Wallah! Super
easy lash application. And it stays on super good too. That’s what I like about it. Okay, so let me finish
makeup and get dressed, because I’m about to be late. How many minutes do I have? 30 minutes. – [Host] So please, let’s give Raven a big round of applause. (Applause) – Thank you. Well thanks
for having me. (mumbles) I am a full time social
media content creator. This was not always my full time job. I started posting on social media, I would say heavily back in high school. So for me that was like
2007. A little while ago. I shared posts about
my outfit of the day or DIY projects I was working on at the time. And I really didn’t think anything of it. It was just what I loved to do. I was always into fashion
and beauty and hair. So, posting that online just
came very natural to me. (upbeat music) (applause) – She’s so beautiful. She’s successful. And she was a Jack and
Jill member just like you. – Yes, I remember being
where you are right now. – Yeah. She’s famous. She has
a lot of people following her. This is a big treat for us, for her to share her own personal journey. And thank you all for participating. I hope that you continue to watch her and be inspired by her. And to take the lessons defined
and to do your own passion. And your own journey. Whatever that is. – So I just got home from
the Jack and Jill meeting. It went well, but yeah. It seemed like the kids
were, you know, interested. They were listening. They asked a bunch of questions and stuff. And it wasn’t like awkward or anything. – [Ziya] Mommy. Mommy, are
we going to a restaurant? – Yes we are going to a restaurant. So, I’m back home now. My
parent’s are still downstairs. Like I said, papa was watching her. I’m gonna change Ziya’s
clothes real quick. – [Ziya] Where’s that skirt? – And we’re probably gonna go just somewhere casual for dinner. A lil family Sunday dinner. You wanna just put a skirt over that? – [Ziya] That’s dirty. – This is too small. How bout we just change
your pants altogether? – [Ziya] No, I don’t
wanna change my pants. – Here, we’re gonna
put this skirt over it. – [Ziya] Yeah, but I don’t
wanna change my pants. – Here, put that on. You
can leave those tights on. Ziya is obsessed with these
thick tights that I got her, because she’s obsessed
with footie pajamas. She likes to have her foot enclosed. She just likes to be cozy. So, I’m like you can’t
wear pajamas all day. So, then she goes and puts those on, ’cause it’s the closest thing. Yeah, anyway I was just
saying, the thing went well. They gave me flowers and a little- which I still didn’t even open my gift. They gave me really pretty
flowers and a little gift. Oh, a candle. Ooh. Candle
and a card. Really sweet. So that was nice. (upbeat music) – [Raven] I got a strawberry margarita. My mom got a nasty martini. – [Mother] It’s good.
Mexican martini’s tequila. – So we’re home from dinner, now. Now it’s just me and Ziya
doing our nighttime routine. I’m about to run her a bath. The last few days have been
a little bit much for me. I’m feeling rundown. I’m feeling tired. I’m feeling like I just want to get a very very good night sleep. Tomorrow’s Monday. So it’s the start of a whole nother week. Whole nother set of things. My little introverted self is like, “please, stay home and just go to sleep.” Because so Wednesday, went to L.A. had dinner with Stephanie. Thursday, had a photo shoot
all day. Then went to lunch. Then came back home and stayed up late, filming a video til 5:30 A.M. Woke up on Friday, worked.
Went to Sadie’s birthday. – [Ziya] Mommy, the kitty’s
almost going in the bathtub! – Came home. Ziya said Boujie’s
tryna jump in the bathtub. He knows better than to jump
in there. Boujie, eh! Stop it! Boujie is extremely
wild, curious, playful. He has a fun personality,
but he’s like mischievous. Like you gotta watch him. Anyways, Saturday hung out
with Sadie and them before coming home super tired.
And then today’s Sunday, and you obviously saw what I did today. I’m like I need a good
night’s sleep tonight to prepare for Monday
and the upcoming week. But it was a fun weekend. It’s good for me every now
and then to kind of just do different things and get
out more and socialize. So, I’m not complaining,
but I’m just tired. So, I’m going to get
Ziya ready for bed and I’m gonna go to bed. And we’re gonna get back to
the daily grind tomorrow.

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