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Hello everybody, welcome to our new video about Work Etiquette with Francesca and Bryan. The topic of today will be how to be flexible at work and why. Being flexible is an important skill because it means that you are open to new ideas and concepts. It is also a good way to show your motivation at work because if you are flexible, your supervisor will notice it. He will see that you can adapt yourself in every situations when it is needed. It’s also useful at the work place because dynamism is needed during work. So, if you can face the problems when it’s needed and adapt yourself by being flexible, it’s a good point for you. Actually, it will also help you to face the difficulties in order for you to gather more skills. This also means to have success at work because you will able to solve problems in a creative way. You will adapt yourself to new situations to learn the tasks but also to create a good working environment in which employers and employees can check the work and help each other in a balanced way. In this way, everything at work will be fine and nicer. I think you understand all the points listed but try to be flexible, don’t stay in your own department and don’t say ” I won’t do something else”. Because that is good for your career, good for yourself but also for the company you are working for. And don’t forget to have a PMA, it’s really important. Yes always, so try to have some wills but also to put yourself in a positive attitude and try your best. Smile ! Thank you for your attention, I hope it was useful. Like the video, subscribe and put some comments if you have others ideas or questions. Bye !

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