Beginner Chapter 3 : I am a Student.

this lesson we’ll learn about occupation. let’s start now means student please repeat after me next means Policeman Now please repeat after me next Which means doctor Now let’s combine with people’s pronoun in beginner chapter 2 which mean She is a student Let’s repeat after me next Do you know what does it mean? Correct. It means father is a policeman let’s repeat after me next which means mother is a doctor let’s repeat after me you can also add nǐ in front of the last sentence this time you try to translate it yourself very good It means your mother is a doctor Next we’ll learn about family member means younger brother once again and Means younger sister once again next Means father’s brother or uncle once again now We’ll try to combine Let’s say he is my younger brother How about she is her younger sister That’s right now Listen carefully and then you translate it once again Correct and one more once more Correct And next we will learn about Which means no or not is placed before the predicate for example let’s watch our next animation which means I am not a policeman I am a student how about try to translate it yourself Correct My father is not a teacher You may often the shì word means is,am or are So when you combine with means “is not” now the last word at today’s chapter is is a question particle that is used to turn statement into yes/no question All you do is put “ma” on the end of the statement and the statement become a yes/no question Let’s see some example.The statement is and then you add one and it becomes a question if yes you can answer or if no you can answer now try when you add “ma” What does it mean? Correct Is your father a policeman? You can always try to combine them yourself Check out this animation Thank you for watching Please like share and Subscribe our video to help us to continue making this free lesson Next chapter we’ll learn about asking name

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