Benefits of 3d printing for business by FELIXprinters

Are you working with the 3d design on your computer? You could easily turn your design into a
3d visual object. Convince your customers or boss, and exchange views on improvements. Discover the benefits 3d printing! Most companies still order 3d objects the
traditional way. However, this process takes a long time and it costs a lot of money. From choosing the best manufacturer. To the ordering process. Then there’s a waiting for the production. Until distribution… After waiting for weeks. Your ordered object is delivered and can finally be used. You can forget all about this long traditional ordering process. Because with a 3d printer it doesn’t
take weeks. It just takes hours. How does it work? First the design is created. The software makes printable layers. The 3d printer then melts the material and
stacks the layers on top of one another. All ready to use! How about that! You can exchange views on improvements to a prototype. Make that one custom made component. Or show your customers a scale model. And all in just a few hours. Whatever you want to use 3d printing for With Felix printers your idea becomes
reality. Visit our website. And discover how your
company can benefit from the 3d printing.

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