15 thoughts on “Berkeley Small Businesses Struggle to Survive Coronavirus Downturn

  1. Wonder how this'll affect Postmates Fleet over the weekend in Berlekey?

  2. If that lady has had a restaurant on Shattuck in Berkeley of that caliber for 10 years she should definitely have some money stuffed away. Still feel for her… but, how about all our most of her employees who probably have enough money for the next few days or week…

  3. Good I now have the Bars and restaurants to myself, don't gotta look at you psychotic nutjobs.

  4. Weren't these leftists hoping for an economic crash so that Trump would not get re elected? Well, they got their wish on the crash! Bawahahahhaa!! Hope they suffer!

  5. what people with money didnt save up money for a rainy day? maybe they should bring a bag lunch or cook at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I avoid Berkeley like a plague anyways. I don't wanna get infected by their ultra far left liberalism.

  7. Well is the news was not screaming THE SKY IS FALLING, then they would not be struggling!!!!!!!

  8. Why are so many small businesses struggling in the smartest place on earth? I am sorry, Bill Mahr asked the question, why are so many small businesses in feer of going belly up after only a week of being closed. Maybe it is because they do not charge enough? What happens to their workers if they have a natural catastrophe? Maybe if the business got paid more and the workers got paid more they would have more of a buffer. But you never know? The rent might just keep going up. With nothing to regulate it.

  9. I think delivering food would helped a lot for the restaurants ๐Ÿ˜ž using door Dash and the other delivery companies

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