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– Today, how to cut your cable
costs to under $20 per month. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite, welcome to your one-stop-shop for savings. Every day I find huge deals
right here, none of these are ever paid products. All the items I feature
located right under this video screen. Whether you know me from
your local TV station or USA Today, the ironic part
is I work for a TV station and I’m going to tell
you how to significantly lower your cable bills. The average cost for cable
bills these days, over $100 and today, how to get the
best of live TV through a couple of contraptions, a great antenna, which we’re gonna get to in a moment, your equipment, which is under $40, one-stop-shop unless you
already have some type of streaming service, and Sling TV. Before we get to Sling TV,
which I’m doing a new review and demo of since I’ve
last profiled it about a year-and-a-half ago. Click the subscribe button you
see on your screen right now if you are not yet signed
up for my deal alerts. I give away all sorts of freebies. My next video we’re giving away Dysons, we have some free Fire TVs in the mix coming up in about a
week, and I should say I actually cut the cord
almost 10 years ago. I haven’t paid for a cable
or dish bill of any kind in a very long time. There are amazing ways to cut the cord for $8 or $9 per month,
but they don’t give you live television. For those that want to
watch events as they happen or the number one request,
live TV, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, which I love,
don’t deliver those options. Sling TV gives you ESPN 1,
ESPN 2, and then a bunch of what I would call premium
channels that are often bundled as part of these
horrendous cable packages that often run $80 or $90 per month. You can add stand-alone services like HBO, and for under $20 per month, enjoy it on all sorts of devices. If you don’t even want to
use equipment like Fire TV, just use your computer or a smart phone. Now for my demo, I just want to show you how quickly you can get live TV right now. I’ve hit the Sling app and we are on live right now. TBS, quality programming,
Married with Children, if I wanna watch what’s
already on right now, I simply click the channel, watch now, and live television right
here on my smart phone. As you can see, it’s
connecting and here we go. I love this, again this is full-speed, we are using a regular
internet connection right now and there we are, it’s
on HGTV, so it’s playing, sort of, there we are! Some of the TV shows
are available on-demand which I do like so you
can choose shows that you can watch right on the spot. A little bit like Hulu which is good, you get two episodes
available, for example, of Buying and Selling,
and there are other packs that you can add. So, you have all of your
channels which you can watch in full-screen, very
simple, you click watch and then all of a sudden, it buffers, let’s crank up the volume, and there we go. You cannot skip the ads, they’re there, but you do have the ability to
pause and then go back to it on some channels, here we are, You want to go to entertainment,
you want to go to news. Now, as I mentioned,
Sling TV is not paying me to talk about them, I wish they were. But, if you are interested, I
have a link to a free trial. If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber,
you can save 30% per month which would be around
$14 instead of $19.99. A link to a Fire TV stick for
under $40 which is a great way to enjoy Sling, and if
you’re looking for other live channels which
aren’t provided on Sling, I highly recommend an HD antenna. I’ve got a link to a couple
of my favorites right under this video window. Thank you so much for being here. We’ve got more upcoming
deals along the way. One of the things I’m
testing is a carport charger that also tracks your vehicle. This is amazing and one of
the upcoming deals I have well under that $60 price range,
and at the end of the day, I would be absolutely nothing
without you being here so if you’re not yet
subscribed, thanks for watching and I hope I see you on another video, and if you are subscribed, I love you. For free stuff, click the
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and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go, you are awesome, thank you so much for watching.

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  1. I work in cable, and I have been a Cord Cutter for a year now.   And I love it.  I'm be coming a pro now.  Haven't missed a single episode of any of my shows yet.    Keep up the good work matt.

  2. Wow thanks sooooooo.much Matt, I always wondered about sling boxes and they come in a variety of sizes.
    But yes I need to cut that cord ! 😛 Thanks again Matt and the crew!

  3. great video. you & your teams research pays off again. with this the average person could save about a thousand dollars a year.. keep up the awesome work..

  4. It's going to be very temting not to get caught in school watching Cartoon Network on my phone hahaha 😀 Awesome work Matt as always!

  5. I liked sling it was pretty awesome. But having that , Hulu and Netflix was kinda expensive. It's great tho I'd recommend!

  6. Thanks Matt for showing the Sling TV! I have been thinking about cutting the cord. Hate paying the outrageous prices to watch TV.

  7. GREAT Savings ! And DEALS Always ! Thanks for the EXCELLENT Information and BEST savings SOLUTIONS ! Love ya Matt !

  8. This type of video ! IS Always my favorite's Providing SAVINGS and a GREAT Demonstration of the service and explanation of how it works ! and Actually see what it is like ! PLUS FANTASTIC savings and SOLUTIONS ! to stretch your dollars ! And conserve / and keep on a budget ! ! ! ! Thanks Matt ! – all of the SAVINGS, and COST Cutting, always goes RIGHT BACK in your WALLET ! or Purse ! Excellent Information ! And DEALS ! Love ya, David

  9. matt awesome video!! cable will be gone before you know it…it's already on it's way out. we all know this though.

  10. Blessings Matt, keep up the great work. We're listening and taking notice ! … (+)

  11. I have been wanting to cut the cable for a long, looong time! Maybe this is the solution!

  12. My cable and internet are bundled together on Time Warner. Any deals for cheaper internet? Then I'd dump the cable AND internet!

  13. You can cut the cord which is great. we're stuck in a contract for now (about 6 more months) but using HD antenna's is great to get FREE over the air TV. And it can even be in HD. Sometimes better than your cable provider would get you. Always great deals Matt, thanks for all the research you do.

  14. Matt!!! Thank you for today's deal! Also for making it more understandable on how to be cable-free! I didn't know there was a product that allowed us to watch current "live" shows! You've saved me many dollars in the past and look forward to what you have yet to offer!

  15. Definitely a good deal. I stopped paying for cable a long time ago as well and just pay for Netflix and have a HD antenna that I installed using the already installed DISH frame brackets installed on the roof. All my rooms get free HD channels. Matt, what kind of phone did you use for the display? Really good picture.

  16. Hey Matt, Yet another awesome deals, Ive also been needing a new TV antenna the one i have now doesn't really give me that great reception or I cant see all HD local channels…Ill also have to give sling tv a try…Thanks for these awesome deals

  17. Wow def need to look into. Gave up cable over 5 yrs ago. Something to check out. Thanks for sharing

  18. Maestro, I'm with Michelle…I have very little clue when it comes to internet streaming for television. BUT Sling TV seems to be so simple to use that even my neanderthal brain could grasp it. AND Sling TV is graciously offering to assist in pummelling the overly-priced cable bill. I believe in my area the cable and internet are bundled together so it would be hard to seperate the two. ALSO, my apartment complex doesn't allow satellite dishes to be placed on the building or in the ground. (If it wasn't for my phone and laptop you would think I was living next to the Flintstones! :-D) HEY, (what's with the all caps at the beginning of sentences?) another GREAT DEAL for a GREAT PRICE! Thanks again for "streaming" the love…take care!

  19. BIG HUGs from Team Bagnasco. We LOVE the positive energy coming from your daily videos!! God bless You, Your Family and your entire Team!

  20. Matt, I am glad you did this video to help spread the word about Sling. I too am not a paid promoter of Sling, but I started using it about 9 months ago when I got fed up with my cable bill. Best decision of 2015!!! I am a sports guy so losing live sports was a reason I never "cut the cord" in the past. When I saw that Sling offered LIVE ESPN and ESPN 2 along with TBS and TNT (for some MLB and NBA games) it sealed the deal. In fact, here's a tip for sports fans with Sling… The WatchESPN app available on Roku, Fire Stick, etc asks for a provider to access. Sling is an authorized provider, so by logging in with your Sling account you can access what is considered ESPN3 content that is not shown on network cable. I could have chosen about 10 different college basketball games to watch last night.

  21. Great video. New to all this cord cutting technology. Don't understand it all yet but learning so that I can get out from under the cable bill. Thank you for all the info.

  22. sounds great. we are paying almost 200 per month. Great savings. we need to cut expenses every way possible.

  23. couple of questions:1) where is the channel list so I can see what I get with slingTV?2) will I need a TeVo to record shows I can't watch live?3)if I have 2 TV's do I need 2 chromecast sticks?

  24. I don't understand.. where is the "deal" this week if all of these things are priced as they are normally?

  25. I really need help, need to buy new router and streaming Blu-ray device, don't know what brands are most reliable

  26. Does sling work with apple tv? what about using a smart tv in order to run sling tv? can the sling and the HD antenna be hooked to same tv?

  27. I've talked to everyone in the house and we've all agreed that we are going to sling tv. thank you Matt.

  28. Hi deal guy,
    Do not have a smart TV but is HDMI ready. Do I need to get the Fire stick or box converter?

  29. Summer's coming, have you ever found deals on mountain bikes or 10speeds? and their accessories?

  30. Sling TV sounds like a great option, My biggest question is how to watch local sports (browns, cavs, indians) and OSU Buckeyes football. Is there a way to do that, even at additional cost?

  31. I really need to try this. I also need to get a good pair of Beats for my Nephew for his birthday. I bought him a pair off of here in December but they already quit working . Will you have some good beats soon?

  32. I have sling Tv after cutting the cord a little over a year ago. And while it's ok it's not great. The channels often buffer and drop out several times during watching a show. Then theres the lack of channels while they have a few good channels theres not a ton to watch. Then theres the problem of you CAN'T record anything to watch later you have to watch on slings schedule . I wish they had more channels for the $20.00 I pay each month.

  33. We discovered Sling recently…..prior to watching your video. Read a ton of negative reviews online. But then meet someone who had and liked Sling TV. So we took the leap of faith and signed up. By paying for three months in advance you get a free Roku 2. Very cool service. And thus far I cannot say anything bad about Sling TV. We use a HD antenna to pull in 22 free local stations, in HD. Sling offers my wife and I the stations we basically watched on cable but paid a ton of money for. I like a deal, and TV is worth about $20 a month to me. So Sling is perfect. Get the word out. Cable has ripped off the public for decades and its time people get smart. Cut the cord…think outside the box!

  34. I am new to this, do you have to have a fire tv box for each tv in your home? Then you get the sling TV? How do I set it up for my whole house I have 4 TV's. Any answer would be great. I want to cut the cost of watching TV and the internet a pay each month. Thanks for an answer ahead of time. I sure appreciate any recommendations.

  35. I need to check this out more! I'm tired of paying Dish prices. Despite what the advertisements say, it's expensive. Three Joeys, a DVR, local sports, and a protection plan later, we're nearly $125/month.

  36. do you know if there internet is good i really need home internet bùt i live in country an not many come out here my options are hugesnet are sling i dont thing any others come out here help thanks your the best

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  39. i bought channel master antena for $10 and get up to 30 channels for free . depends on local broacast channels reception are vary.

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  44. Yea, but streaming quality will be bad if you have a slow internet. I had a guy in a store once told me about this.

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  46. i am looking for a smart card reader. This is for my son that is in the military. I'm not sure if one is better than the other. Here is a link to an example of what I am looking for. Stanley Global SGT111 DOD Military USB Common Access CAC PIV FIPS 201 Certified TAA Compliant Smart Card Reader

  47. Been using sling tv for awhile now since dropping cable and I love it! I would never go back especially since I’m saving all this dough!

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