Black Friday 2018 – The Best PC HARDWARE Deals!

all right so I can finally stop
searching all the deals have been loaded make sure to check out our best gaming
peripheral deals video and published yesterday but today is all about
hardware and other miscellaneous things and of course everything will be linked
in the description below with our Amazon affiliation thank you very much
so we have gone through a little pricing confirmation using price tracking just
to make sure that we are actually getting a good deal and it’s not just
you know the price has been slightly bumped up before Black Friday and then
it’s bumped down so that we perceive that as a sale within some some form of
discount but everything that you’ll see here is actually like in the lowest
plane possible for the last 6 to 12 months all right so let’s begin with the
msi radeon RX 580 8 gigabyte version so it’s $220 plus $20 mail-in rebate for
$200 this actually usually sells for around $230 so $200 bucks is not that bad
for this nice cooler as well now moving on there is a slightly cheaper version
of the msi RX 580 as well the 8 gigabyte version for 180 so a $20 premium but the
cooler on here is not that great just one fan so your are two options for
the RX 580 and here i’m bringing up the Auris RX 580 again a gigabyte version
which is $50 more expensive than the other two cards so the msi version is a
pretty good deal mandemus is on some sales street but check this out the RX
vega 56 a gigabyte OC $410 you mail-in $20 rebate $390 for the Vega 56 not that
bad at all moving on the air Vega 64 now five hundred and ninety dollars it’s a
little bit more expensive probably not the best deal but if you’ve been looking
for a Vega 64 now is your time unfortunately I could not find any GTX 1060’s or GTX 1080’s on sale or on good sales however we found some GTX 1070
this is the EVGA superclocked gaming ACX 3.0 so an amazing cooler I think it
comes with RGB $420 and it’s usually around $500 bucks which is you know so
what $80 off pretty nice but check this out the gtx 1070 TI many in gigabytes
from ZOTAC so this is the TI version for the same price
$420 amazing you know this is the mini version so the cooler on
here is pretty capable and it’s awesome for small compact builds but check this
out the 1070 TI from EVGA as well it’s
slightly more expensive it’s 20 bucks extra but I think this would be slightly
beefier cooler so you can push the card a little bit further in terms of
overclock and also ZOTAC has a response to that as well with a $450 gtx 1070 TI
amp extreme that is one gigantic card will definitely cool and overclock well
and if you’re really into the higher higher and the rtx 2080 amp from ZOTAC
as well is on sale not too much 70 bucks off from you know
840 so if you’re been considering getting an RTX card right now this is I
mean some money off moving onto some motherboards man MSI’s on the streak $90
for the z370-A pro for your coffee like CPUs going for a budget bill for your
i5’s or i3’s not bad at all the gigabyte x470 or its ultra gaming is on sale 25%
off so you’ve been contemplating doing that Ryzen and build now is the time
previous on board with some I don’t think this is RGB illumination but look
at this Ryzen 5 2600X is on sale this is the
price of a regular 2600 the non x version so a pretty decent deal here for
the processor that comes also with a spire cooler and this is kind of the
usual price for the 2700 250 bucks $50 off that’s kind of the usual price but
those are your two options for Ryzen second generation CPUs for that X470
motherboard for our ThreadRipper options we have the Asus prime X399 so
this thing actually sells for $300 standard so we have 30% off $90 off
which is an excellent deal 200 bucks for this massive amazing motherboard I love
the prime series from Asus that’s what I’ve been using with my coffee like
processors not bad at all moving on to some ddr4 memory the Corsair Vengeance
lpx 16 gigabyte kit everybody needs a low
profile kit like that for larger coolers and this is actually the lowest price in
the last 12 months which is awesome 125 bucks if you want to bling it up a
little bit we have the same price of $125 for the teamgroup
again it’s a 16 gigabyte kid it is like this lower 26 hundred megahertz instead
of 3,000 on that lpx memory but with nice low voltage and beautiful RGB
nation and that white dim if you’re trying to color match now if you go in
for something a little bit more fancy we have the Trident z RGB from g.skill so
this one’s a 3000 megahertz pretty fast Ram again 16 gigabytes but an absolutely
beautiful kit this is something that I have in my system right now for some
extra bling in the storage department we have the teamgroup Delta RGB 500
gigabyte SSD for $90 so the price point is actually pretty decent given the
price per gigabyte but it’s also a really unique looking SSD with that
whole RGB illumination on the interior it looks pretty awesome
however the Samsung 860 Evo one terabyte wins the show for the best deal for an
SSD it’s one terabyte $130 really nice price there for price per gigabyte and
it’s a really nice solid state drive pick it up I couldn’t find many case
deals but here we have the Corsair crystal 460X RGB so it has three RGB
fans in the front full tempered glass front and the side and actually a nice
enclosure in terms of power supply shroud and on the interior for 110
dollars 32 percent off pretty good now I normally not recommend the Corsair carbide 275R because the side panel mount is absolutely ridiculous you have to use a
hex screw to unscrew it and there are no pegs to hold it but for 50 bucks the
airflow is pretty decent it looks nice got tempered glass the
interior is actually quite capable so if you’re going for a budget build the 275R for 50 bucks I would actually you know not skip
moving on the EVGA supernova 750 watt power supply which is gold efficiency is
pretty awesome it is also fully modular as you can see all the cables are
detachable and it is half off basically for $70 for a 750 watt power supply this
this I want for some mobile stuff we have the Microsoft Surface go which has
been receiving a lot of praise for its mobility and its performance and all
that stuff $50 off not bad for both capacities as for gaming notebooks we
have the AC then in light although it’s not exactly
thin and light at five pounds and almost an inch thick but in terms of specs it’s
pretty good I5 GTXx 1050 gigabytes of ram one terabyte sshd so it’s like
combination between hard drive and SSD so in terms of performance it should be
pretty decent for $700 not bad moving up the notebook game we have the
msi ge62 so a slightly better GPU the gtx 1050 ti
full HD display it comes with Intel opt in as well it’s still serious keyboard
and a nice cooler for $800 at $100 off but then let’s move up next tier for
notebooks this is something that Eber actually uses a fantastic notebook the
gigabyte air 15X not only is it super slim and cool and quiet with a
really good keyboard it’s got 144 Hertz IPS display nice CPU gtx 1070 max-q
which is insane 16 gigabytes of RAM 512 byte PCIe SSD it’s awesome and it’s
currently five hundred and forty dollars off so while this almost 1800 dollar
price point is expensive for this machine it is awesome but then we have
the HP omen so it’s similarly priced at $1,800 right now with the same basically
specifications 144 Hertz g-sync support but it’s got more RAM and basically all
the same specs at $1,800 the arrow 15X versus HP omen both of our fantastic
machines for mobile users gain productivity and everything else and now
let’s finish off with some miscellaneous things in the technology space
here we have a webcam from large tank 50% off so 50 bucks for 1080p webcam I
actually have this one it’s amazing then we have the Panasonic Lumix GH5 this
is a camera that I currently own and it’s currently $500 off for the body
itself I want the second body I don’t need it but that is an amazing price
you’ve been considering getting yourself the gh5 however look at this price $900
for the a7ii it’s a full frame body I just have the a7iii a7ii for $900 $500
off an amazing deal if you want to get into photography and just that whole
full frame look a7ii awesome and so those are my Amazon deals
that I think are worth it pretty decent options there for memory
for GPUs for storage and for some motherboard options in there too but now
for our Canadian audience we have the Canada computers flyers and immediately
something that stands out to me are the motherboard selections over here for $40
to $50 off for the Asus MSI azrog some nice options and as you can see again
the same sort of discounts for those Ryzen processors – then we also have
the gtx 1070 TI super clock from EVGA on sale $220 off we also have the Trident
Z RGB memory which is awesome but one door crasher so you have to be in store
is the GTX 1080 Turbo OC from gigabyte and $550 this is the I think the MSRP for
GTX 980 but that is in Canadian dollars so that is awesome alright so those are
all of our deals that I think are worth it happy shopping let us know what you
pick up on Black Friday happy Thanksgiving to our American
friends as well all the links will be linked in the description below is
always it helps us out because of that affiliation thank you so much I’ll see
you you

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    GPUs: 0:39
    Motherboards & CPUs: 3:00
    Memory: 4:06
    SSDs: 4:54
    Cases: 5:27
    PSUs: 6:09
    Notebooks: 6:26
    MISC: 8:08

  2. Living in Germany makes it pretty hard to get good deals, but one of my favorite shops had some insane offerings. I got an 1TB MX500 for 120€ and the 16GB Corsair kit from the video for 110€ (should mean, it was below 100$). Really happy with this, also bought a 2700X with a Asus Prime X470 Pro for my new build 🙂

  3. Some of these deals are laughably bad. You can get Vega 56 and 64 for $340 and $400 on Newegg, no rebates. Recommending a $600 Vega 64, really bruh? I never dislike vids, but I had to dislike this video because of the awful research that went into it.

  4. Newegg has some good parts deals going on right now, especially if you are on their mail list.

  5. In the Philippines where I live there's great deals on ROG strix Vega 56 and 64s. Got my Vega 56 for 16,200 php = 310 usd.

  6. buy a used 1080 this week??? or save another 1-2 weeks for the rtx 2070? someone help. Upgrading fro ma msi 1060 6gb

  7. The 1070 prices are a scam! They go for 300-350 sometimes.

    Source: r/buildapcsales

  8. So… No 2080TIs going down to around $800???
    Need a lower price to risk it on a card that might crap out itself or lock it's clock to ~1350MHz, just saying…

  9. My local micro center had a 1080 fe on sale for $322 usd….I snatched that thing up as soon as I could.

  10. I got my rx vega 56 for 339.99$ before shipping it was the only one with that cheap of a price

  11. i was gonna post the link to my 570 8gb for 200 CAD but it sold out, u can still get the 570 4gb for 190 CAD NEWEGG

  12. Newegg has the "intel 545s 2.5" 512gb SSD" on for $80 CAN too, i picked up one because i didn't wanna spend more for the 1TB SSD in the video

  13. I know you aren't showing Newegg but I got a vega 64 reference card for 535 CAD plus 3 free games

  14. There are 1070ti's for $379.99 on Newegg (was on Amazon too, sold out a couple days ago – I still think the price is nothing special) and RX 580's for $199.99 on both Newegg and Amazon. which is a solid deal.

  15. Sir Please reply only u hope.
    I am facing in some games bottleneck. Here are my build

    1. Asus prime B360 Plus LGA 1151(300 series)
    2. Corsair VS550 550 Watt power supply 80+ bronze certified
    3. Intel i3 8100
    4. 1TB WD Blue hard disk 7200rpm
    5. Corsair veganace 8gb 2400mhz
    6. Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB g1 gaming
    7. Zebronics Keyboard, transformer Mouse
    8. UPS= APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS
    9. MONITOR 1080P Full HD IPS Display
    Asus monitor vz229
    10. CC-9011107-WW Carbide Series SPEC-04 Steel Red LED Mid-Tower Gaming Case (Black)

  16. 1:49 dude that is an awful deal. Look at the Evga 1070 ti Ultra Silent. It actually cheaper than this 1070. Please do your homework before making a video.

  17. I purchased a Gigabyte Vega 56 Gaming OC 8GB for, in total, € 354,95 from a webshop here in the NL today. Never thought I would see the day a Vega would be at or below MSRP 😀

  18. So I just got an ad that was a movie for free. The movie was the LEGO movie. Lol who else got the whole LEGO movie as an ad

  19. Disappointed by the deals presented here… Ryzen 5 1600 going for $130 and the Ryzen 7 1700x for $150. GPUs such as the RX580 8Gb going for $200. The RX570 8Gb going for $180. 16Gb 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance going for $100. Newegg has much better stuff!

  20. r5 2600 at 145 on amazon is hell of a deal. Overclock it to get basically 2600x performance.

  21. I've been able to get a strix vega 64 for just 435€, quite satisfied with that deal.

  22. Next time you do a video like this please could you increase your monitor scaling? In the windows display settings, it will make all the text a little bigger. Simply because watching this on a phone is a little difficult to read the on screen text, and my phone has a 6.1inch screen…
    Edit: Before anyone asks yes I was watching in 1080p

  23. I'm surprised nobody sells a stick-on RGB SSD top. Seems like a cheap and easy product to sell.

  24. My BF haul was, r5 2600x, 16gb Corsair 3000 ram, MSI X470 gaming pro performance, 1tb Samsung 860 Evo SSD and a 600w psu with the msi armor mk2 rx 580 8gb to match with the motherboard

  25. Two days ago the 1070 ti ultra silent from evga was going for 399 that was a better gpu deal.

  26. I splurged a little (a lot) this year.

    Sapphire Vega 64 – $400 US w/3 games (2 I wanted, 3rd I was considering) so basically I got a V64 for $220
    EK Acetal block for V64 – $108 ($160+ everywhere else)
    CM H500M – $170
    Samsung 970 M.2 – $120

    Then I got a bunch of water cooling stuff to finally get into making my first own custom loop. Now i'll have a good enough setup to properly push my 1440p 144hz Freesync panel I bought earlier this year.

  27. The EVGA 750 G3 also was on sale last year's Black Friday, same $70 price, bought it and until right now, still an amazing bargain, I would definitely pick that one up if I were you.

  28. If you are lucky enough to have Newegg they have way better deals when it comes to hardware, GTX 1060 EVGA SC under $200 GTX 1070 $300 to $320 GTX 1070Ti $350-$370 RX 570 $140 comes with 2 games that comes out next year =$120 RX 580 $180 comes with 2 games, Nvidia gpus come with Monster Hunter with some cards also coming with COD black ops 4, motherboard, cases, monitors, PSU, CPU are also cheaper, SSD and RAM are around the same price or cheaper on Amazon

    If you were going to buy two of the three games offered with the RX 570 and 580 for $20 more you get an RX 570 or around $60 to $80 more you get an RX 580 to play them with on highest settings

  29. I dont know who found these deals for you, but there was a vega 64 for $400 on Newegg… and your showcasing a deal for $500 for the same card??? not a good deal

  30. I just bought a zotac 1080 amp for $430 us, i5 8600k for $230 us, and 16gb trident z rgb 3200 mhz for $130 us. Im working on a complete build rn. Getting the thermaltake lvl20 VT and an asus rog Strix mini itx z370i 300 series next week. Can't figure out a decent aio tho. Any help?

  31. I purchased a 1TB wd blue m.2 ssd for 127 pounds. I saw it up on newegg as well. Guess you didnt look at higher capacity ssds

  32. i was contemplating whether i should change my motherboard, i’m not really sure if it affects performance much and I only have an i7-6700 not k 🙁

  33. Corsair 275R- $50
    Corsair cx450M- $20
    Msi B450 mortar- $70
    R5 2600X- $175
    Asus RX580 (8gb)- $185
    Team Group Vulcan ddr4 3000 (2×8)- $100

  34. I’m just a french curious about american’s prices, they seem pretty similar to europeans but do they includes taxes, and is it canadian or US dollar ?

  35. These "deals" are gross lol. Vega 56 for sub 340 on Newegg. As well as Vega 64 for like 420….

  36. Anyone remembers if boxing day/holidays has better deals than black friday for components? I always find it confusion in these 2 months, would be shitty if you buy something now to see it with bigger discount couple weeks later!

  37. Hey i notice the Evolv X in the background has the Noctua stuff in it. Where is the video for that rebuild?

  38. Ok, an important question: Does anyone know where i can buy a Fred? Or somthing similar?

  39. I had the Ryzen 5 2600x in my Amazon cart for 169, continues shopping for another hour….when I was ready to check out, the price went back up to 240! -_- I ended up buying the regular 2600 for 149.

  40. been looking for canadian deals on hardware and i found a canadian hardware channel! subscribed !

  41. I don't think I got any kind of deal but I ended up with a 4GB 1050 Ti Low profile from Canada Computers. It was just south of $300 when tax and shipping were added in. That's end game for my small form factor machine and I expect to migrate it to the next machine I end up with.

    Techsource Canada had 240GB SSDs for $45 and I added two of those to the Black Friday loot list. All in all, more than I have ever spent on black Friday. Boxing day is when I usually log in to RL and go on spending sprees.

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