Blood Diamond (2006) Official Trailer – Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

It came from the heart of the earth A stone so rare Men will do anything to possess it And all you’ve touched are left with blood on their hands The diamond is my ticket out of this godforsaken continent So are you a smuggler? No, journalist Sometimes you’re here to make a difference hum… And you’re gonna make a buck? You know, in America it´s bling-bling, but I hear it’s bling-bang Where did you bury it? The only reason you’re still alive is because you haven’t told anyone where it is You will find it for me My son… Papa!!! Where he is? My son!!! What if I help you find you’re family? That make us partners! I am not you’re partner! You’re using him! I’m using him, and you are using me and this is how it works Do you gonna steal his arm? I am his father I must go find him You gonna show where it’s hidden ? That diamond is the only change he has of getting his son back What if I wanna to go with you? I don’t give a damn what is down there, kill them all Give it that to me! Tell him where it is! Tell him!! My family, my home, I do lost everything I’ll find you If it takes my life

41 thoughts on “Blood Diamond (2006) Official Trailer – Leonardo DiCaprio Movie

  1. 2009 DiCaprio

    Academy Award Best Actor – Forrest Whittiker (The King Of Scotland)
    fuck off

  2. Such a powerful movie. Djimon Hounsou`s performance was unforgettable. I wish he had an Oscar that year.

  3. Underrated film that shows the affects of greed and what it does to men when they're forced into difficult positions. Also, the cinematography is brilliant!

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  7. In the movie says god left Africa and I found it very upsetting I try not to believe it because I love god

  8. DiCaprio deserved the Oscar for this performance. Such a powerful film. One of Edward Zwick's best along with "Glory"

  9. Can I make portuguese legends also? Pt pt of course. I made the English too

  10. Underrated gem and a meaningful movie unlike marvel and feminist movies now a days.

  11. This film is hands down the best film ever… unbelivebly strong and heartbraking and full of action and has true events…. brilliant

  12. Painful to watch Leonardo DiCaprio straggling to look as a tough man trying to smoke cigarettes 🙂 One of the worst of his performances ever.

  13. I didn't think I would like the movie because I saw this trailer first. I decided to watch it and it was great.

  14. What is called the soundtrack? I could not come across with the track in the soundtrack album.

  15. For SuperSmiley Boy Vicar JhBoy Gonzales in His World Celibacy Mission Fight!

  16. Wt a mind blowing acting DiCaprio… Such a expression… Class and mass huge respect from India…your die hard fan….

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