Boss & Employee Play Fear Pong (Nicole vs. Eduardo) | Fear Pong | Cut

– Okay. – Put your butt, you need to- (screams and laughs) – You are so heavy. – Alright, 20 seconds. – Oh, Jesus. – Okay ready? – Ready, and go. (yells and laughs) (music) – My name’s Nicole. – My name is Eduardo. – He’s my boss. – She works for me. (laughter) – Five months. – We’re interior designers. (Nicole laughs) – She might because I’ve
never played before. – Yeah. – Ladies.
– I will go first. – Oh man. (upbeat accordion) – Oh, what the heck! (applause) – That was your first cup! Oh my gosh. Let your boss give you a makeover. Oh. – Oh. (laughter) – Shit, okay, fine. – Hmm. Jesus. I want to do, like, Cameron Diaz. – From, like, “There’s
Something About Mary”? – Yeah. – That’s what you want me to look like. (laughter) – Ohh nooo. (applause) – I’m a fishy queen. (laughter) – You look like an idiot. – It’s a good distraction
for the rest of the game. – I know. – Yes!
– Awww! (laughs) – Let your employee massage your face with their feet for one minute. (groans) (laughter) – I’ll drink it. – Aww. – I hired Nicole because… – You liked my picture. (laughter) – …she’s organized. – Um
– Um (laughs) – I didn’t like that fleshed hamnet color you almost picked for Kathy. It was ugly. – Grr, ahh! (applause) – Take a shot for every
employee you have fired. – Oh, shit. He just fired somebody, – I had to fire, like, five people. – Like, five minutes ago. (laughter) – So let’s say it was
how many employees you’ve fired this week. – To my…support team. (laughs) I won’t say names. – Yay! (applause) – Oh. – Yes! – Oooo. – Let your employee pie you in the face. (gasps) – What?! (laughter) – Okay. – Thank you. We’ll dedicate this to the support team. (laughter) Stand still. – Oh, Jesus. (laughs) (applause) – Okay, now I really wanna win. (laughter) – Oh my goodness! Pretend to make love to
someone in slow motion for one minute as your boss. (laughter) – Have I thought about this, yes. Top? – Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. – Yes, I fucking called it! (laughter) (applause) – I’ll attempt it. (moans sexually) – Yes! (moans sexually) – Am I done? – Nope! (groans) – Stop moving! (laughter) – I’m the boss! I’ll show you who’s bitch! – That’s it. (laughter) (applause) – Sorry. – Awww. – Crack a raw egg in your
underpants for every time you’ve been late to
work in the past month. What would you consider late? – 15 minutes. – 15 minutes? Then, zero. I’ve been like, maybe five.
– Okay, five. (laughter) – You know what, I’m gonna drink the cup. I don’t wanna walk
around smelling like egg. – Drink it. – You grew up in Peru. – Mm-hm. – You have Sergio. – Mm-hm. – You have work. (laughter) – You’re drunk! – Dammit. – You’re so bad. (laughter) Cheers. – What do you- (laughter) – I’m drinking with you. Vamos. – Put your arm down. – Oh, shit, sorry. – It’s not even your turn. (yells) – Yes! Do that dare! – Oh my god. This is too long. – What do you mean? (laughs) Go live on Instagram or
Facebook and ask your followers, oh, I didn’t even finish. (groans) – Yes! – Ohhh, shit. (laughter) – Oh my. (upbeat accordion) – Oh, it’s my turn. – It is your turn. (laughs) – Did you do that? – No. – Oops. – Hey! That’s cheating! That’s cheating! – Give your employee a
paid day off if they win. – Yeah, of course. (chuckles) (groans) – Yes! (applause) Did you see that? Drink it. – Don’t do that. – I don’t have to listen to you. – Yeah! (cheers) (screams) (airhorn blows) – So what’re we doin’?
– I’m so sad! – I was gonna use that
for my student loans. (laughs) – Awww. – Yes. – Oh, really? I don’t believe you. – Cut that, cut. (laughter) Good job. – Yeah, you fuckin’ stripper, take it. (laughs) – I’m gonna let you promote it. – No you. – You’re the boss. Can I pie you? – Why? – Why not? – I won! Can I pie her? – No! (groans) (applause) – I won! (laughter)

100 thoughts on “Boss & Employee Play Fear Pong (Nicole vs. Eduardo) | Fear Pong | Cut

  1. If I had to play that with a guy/stranger he would have to French kiss me for half of the $200!!

  2. It´s obviously easier for her to work with him, as he´s gay! 😉

  3. Am I the only person that thinks this video was weird af? You can tell they want to fuck Lol Some where HR is shaking their head in disappointment 😂

  4. He has Vicko sticker on his broken hand (bandage) is it the ytuber vucko2000? That makes GTA videos?

  5. When she asked him if hes top , bottom or versatile im like "wait. Hes gay the whole time???"

  6. Props for being ballsy enough to do this with your boss after only 5 months! It would take at least a year for me, and that's only if my boss was really cool.

  7. dunno why but it feels kinda awkward in the room … no hate … sorry just a random opinion…

  8. you should definitely do a celebrity series! like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone!

  9. He is such a cool boss! I could see me doing that with my boss from my last job.

  10. I need him to be the love of my life. He is beautiful, that laugh is beautiful, HE IS A TOP, he's a business owner, I need him in my life like I need a pillow when I sleep.

  11. That "pretend to make to someone in slow motion as your boss" HER VOICE IS SO SWEET FOR ME!! WTF!!!!

  12. I love how he gave her rosy cheeks with makeup, and when she pied him, he got cherry cheeks 😂!

  13. I've never thought of getting a sugar daddy before but godDAYUM

    His voice and his smile and his laugh
    Absolutely delicious

  14. How the fuck did Cut went from Kids try food around the world, to "This" ?

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