Box Office Black Panther 3rd Weekend vs Red Sparrow

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  1. It could also be that a lot of JLaw's fans are still comprised of Hunger Games fans and they may just not be into her newer movies (different genres, different tone, different JLaw).

  2. Well, I was unable to buy movie pass on the web site or the android app. So if it's failing, guess the bugs saved me.

  3. Black panther is overhyped and overrated. The only reason it's a success is due to white guilt and black racism.

  4. Hey Grace! I have been watching your channel since the first rumors of incredibles two (like the very first rumors years ago)! Can you do a live reaction to the newest ready player one trailer "Come With Me". This trailer gave me major goosebumps, it's amazing! Of course I'm a fan of the book but I showed it to some friends that have not read the book and they thought the same thing. I would love to see what you think of it, I think it will really change your mind and thoughts on the movie! Anyways thank you and have a great day!

  5. Red Sparrow isnt even competition….and jennifer lawrence is overrated as fck…she getting that much and cant even deliver at the box office….bulshit

  6. wow great episode 🙂 as usual very entertaining comments as always 🙂

  7. Stop it with the " every women deserves an Oscar nomination". Mother wasn't a good movie. Passenger wasn't a good movie. Red Sparrow isn't a good movie. And that's why they flopped in the box office.

  8. Black Panther is 2 weeks behind Internationally compared to most Marvel Studios films. So percentages of balance aren't comparable.

  9. I forget, is the MCU (or superhero movies in general) popular in China?

  10. This is another proof that there is no such thing as a movie star believe me It's a good film or not

  11. …is China so averse to the Black and African actress and actor that they would fully cover the star of the film? Did he not recently win some form of favourite actor award in China?

  12. I loved Salt and i love Angelina. With the exception of Silver Linnings, Jennifer hasn't shown us that she's anywhere near as talented as Angelina

  13. Thor Ragnarok (3rd Thor movie, Hulk added) did a lifetime business overseas of $426M (excluding China) and Black Panther so far have done $398M (excluding China). I don't think it is underperforming at Overseas. Infact it is overperforming in The US.

  14. I think that very few people go to movies because of the stars. They go because of the content/appeal of the film. None of the people in "Black Panther" were stars with box office appeal – the film is successful on a set of other considerations.

  15. Is it Jennifer’s fault if the movie has a bad script? I’ve heard a lot of criticisms of Red Sparrow but jlaw’s performance isn’t one of them.

  16. I disagree with some comments here that says actors don't attract audiences anymore. I'm sure some still do, but at the same time I also think all this political talk everywhere all the time when you see them put people off. So, like Grace says, actresses like J.Law is not doing herself any favors by constantly being political. Sometimes people just want to see a bloody movie.

  17. And domestic counts most. They'll never recoup 50% of ticket sales in Russia, China, India, Japan and Brazil because those countries regulate TIGHTLY how much ticket revenue can be taken offshore. Which is why Disney builds properties in so many countries — you just move the numbers around. And that's why Fox got out of the movie business — there's no money in it for them through parks and toys. (X-Men toy sales went to Disney.)

  18. Dear Grace, STOP!
    Red Sparrow earned 43.5+ WW opening weekend! That's pretty nice!

  19. And Passengers made 300+ (million ofc) worldwide. And it did fine on streaming etc!

  20. Glad to hear that people are seeing Peter Rabbit. It's a good family movie.

  21. She was right about wearing that dress, though…Harpies be gone! lol

  22. I think people saw the black widow comparison and they are willing to wait for a black widow movie instead of seeing this

  23. So… it's good to bankrupt a company because wage gap?

    If we keep thinking like that Western Society won't last much longer. But… societal take down is the end game with all of this nonsense anyway, isn't it? OK, have at it!

  24. Patiently waiting for your reaction to the Lost In Space Netflix original series trailer.

  25. I haven't completed my first month of MoviePass. I have seen eight movies on it. I hope it lasts at least one more month – tons of good stuff coming out from mid-march onward.

  26. The point of Mystique IS she that she doesn't want to hide her true self = blue and naked… I miss Rebecca Romijn. In the minutes she was on screen she was able to get that key characteristic of Mystique across, unlike Jennifer Lawrence, who just looks like she doesn't want to be there.

  27. I remember grace saying the Chinese don't support black actors… Then she shows the Chinese poster, with Black Panther in a full face MASK…. It's a pattern (remember Finn)

  28. I love JLaw. She is GREAT. Her movies are good. 900 million for Black Panther is AMAZING… Who knew? GREAT MOVIE.

  29. I happy for Black panther, but Red Sparrow I just knew this movie would not do well.

  30. If anyone should have gotten nominated it should have been Rosamund Pike from Hostiles

  31. This whole review disgust me, blaming the actress for soft sales when the movie is just another rendition of Salt, Atomic Blonde, type of cliche movies. Then Grace turns around and praises the writers of fresh new movies for their sales. When she knows it's the writers and a weak concept that's killing Red Sparrow.

  32. black panther was something new and long awaited, all these other movies are movies we seen already!! although they are women, they are still white, which is the norm in hollywood!!

  33. didn't Grace doubt Black Panther!!? she only praises wonder woman!! that movie was not ground breaking like black panther was!!

  34. Hmmm….maybe actors don’t sell tickets, who knew!

    Look I really don’t care who acts in a film, if it has a interesting idea and strong direction, a movie can be built with on unknown actors.

  35. Thank you Grace for telling me that my all time movie Avengers infinity war is slated to opening at the total so far of any weekend right now is at 215 million dollars, 3 only to the 2 star wars movie of last year and 2016. I will be watching it 5 times and i will tweet to you everything good and awesome and excellence about it when i win tickets to the advance screening of MARVEL'S AVENGERS INFINITY WAR

  36. Did you see in Jlaws vanity fair lie detector interview where she couldn't even list 3 or 5 X-men characters?!?! I thought that was absolutely unacceptable for someone participating in the role of an x-men movie, it really shows that she doesn't care about being in that franchise and I think It's time to get someone else Rebecca Romaijn level in that role

  37. Grace…its not that she is bad….its because most movie goers eather go for action male or superheroes block busters when it comes to this genre.

  38. Passengers was a good movie though. I feel like all of the Superhero movies are ruining the box office power of artistic movies.

  39. Maleficent was a horrible movie. Angelina Joe Lee was always overrated.

  40. Im calling it wrinkle in time is gonna bomb. Not Tomorrowland bomb but it will not do well.

  41. I despise her "mystique" and am not really a fan at all..Mother..was the best I've seen out of her ever!! red sparrow was a black widow knock off anyways ..smh

  42. I seen Jaws and the exorcist up there!! yayy 2 of my all time faves!!

  43. Once again we're back to the problem of Grace's "company first" philosophy. Two of the three films she highlighted as gamechangers are still within the template of incredibly safe tentpole formula films.

    So really if the pinnacle of the progressive movement is to say, "See? Women and Black people can do superhero films too!" that speaks to an incredibly unambitious goal that isn't in any way pushing the art form, and a sadly time honoured tradition of the outsider simply replicating the establishment with their success. At least Lawrence is taking chances. (And I loved mother! )

  44. J.Law love her Work But She is A Little Overrated As an Actress Have You Seen her play her X-men Character. MEDIOCRE.

  45. Jennifer Lawrence is overrated and overexposed. I thought she said she wanted to take a year off from the film industry

  46. $17M was amazing for Red Sparrow – bad reviews, bad release date… etc.

  47. Jlaw is over fucking rated she was amazing in winters bone she should of won an oscar for that and she really earned….silver linings playbook she deserved cuz she was amazing but being nominated for Joy? I enjoyed that movie but she didn’t deserve to be nominated…..I think she fucked Harvey Weinstein

  48. Grace do you still think Black Panther is comparable to Roots? Yeah lets have you talk about that.

  49. All these female movies like Red sparrow and atomic blonde are just ripping off the Black Widow.

  50. "Princess Diana" I almost thought you were talking about Wonder Woman

  51. Jennifer Lawrence should take less money if shes gonna take chances with these roles.

  52. Grace nails it on this one. However she missed a great criticism of JLaw movies. She needs to pick better scripts. The movies that she does well in are well written movies. She is a good A-lister but she is better in good moves that are written really well.

  53. I think Game Night was also hurt by the R rating because there is a large segment of the population here in the midwest that won't see an R-rated comedy when movie dollars are tight & choices are plentiful…

  54. It looks like Black Panther will challenge Jurassic World's total of $650M domestic. This highlights again how much of a failure The Last Jedi was, since it had the months of December and January all to itself beside Jumanji.

  55. It's interesting that for the China poster that they have Black Panther have his mask on.

  56. If they would show the Black Panther movie at many theaters like they did for Star Wars it would below Star Wars out. Also, for some reason some theaters closed for the showing and had technical difficulties the Black Panther movie.

  57. People are tired of your Fifty Shades of Grey Illuminati pervert movies

  58. Yes, but what Kathleene Kennedy has done with StarWars isn't so special really – you could put a hula-hooping kangaroo wearing PJ's in charge of a juggernaut like StarWars , and very good money would still be made.

  59. Black Panther is a good, entertaining Super hero film – why can't people see past all this Black – non black blah .

  60. Good point about so many competitive options for that theater movie dollar , this week Black Panther is scheduled to be out at RED BOX May 15th.

  61. 1.  Why compare Jennifer Lawrence with Angela  Jolie?  Jennifer "can't hold a  stick" to Angela.     They can push her all they want,  plenty of people have been pushed.  But star quality is determined by the public.   2.  As far as Black Panther's  standing,  we will have to wait until all the excitement dies down.  You can't compare them to past block buster standings.  It's too soon for an ultimate standing.     BP hasn't finished its run yet.

  62. Lol opens as the 3rd highest Marvel film in China behind ultron and civil war Grace says its underperforming. Opens with a higher Friday in China than the force awakens Grace says its underperforming. Makes over $500 Million internationally Grace says its not doing well lol can you be any more obvious with your blatant disregard for Black Panther? I wonder why you feel that way tho, you need some BBC ✔️

  63. Oh Grace you're opening: "like wakanda technology" LOL! WAKANDA FOREVER. I saw this movie 5 times already. Black Sparrow? Bye girl… JLAW aint getting no money from me. She sucks.

  64. Black Panther has crossed the $1 Billion.
    I have lived through the election of Barack Obama, Black Panther and a biracial American will marry Prince Harry (I am British).
    Times they are changing!

  65. In one of your earlier videos you were not sure if BP could have repeat business after opening weekend. Welp clearly that concern isn't warranted. The question is if BP can go 5 for 5. Keep the vlogs coming

  66. Ryan coogler can write. His movies all match up. Most others have poop connecting the good moments. Coogler should be over the story and character development scripts of the mcu. movie

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